10 Things You Must Know about Dating Georgian Women

Georgian women might be pretty and smart, but there are also some cultural particularities that you should be aware of. And today I am here to share my opinion about the top 10 things you should know about dating Georgian women.

First of all, I would like you to encourage reading my previous article about girls in Georgia. I did my best to offer a complete overview of what they’re like and you should get deeper into the topic after reading my tips below.

So here are 10 things you should absolutely know about women in Georgia when it comes to dating. It’s not the entire story, but it will give you some pointers on understanding the way they are and behave.

1. How Do You Even Meet Georgian Women?

Between the conservatism and the tightly knit communities, how do you find Georgian girls that would want to date you?

For me, online dating is definitely the best choice here as it usually solves one big problem. Women on dating sites already want a relationship, so there’s no more guess work involved.

Sure, you still have to convince them that you’re the right person for the job, but at least you know that’s she’s open & looking. And the best place to find Georgian women online is International Cupid:

Women on these sites have already expressed an interest in foreigners. In the real world, some Georgians are suspicious or downright rude toward expats trying to get with local girls.

On the Internet, you have those weeded out. It also has the added benefit of dating even before you get to the country. And that is also an added bonus, especially if you’re not going to stay for a long time in the country.

The other option is if you have any common friends.

Spending time with Georgian women in a group setting is the best way to evaluate her interest (and your own interest, too). A friend of mine got a Georgian girlfriend in less than three days this way.

girl relaxing in Georgia

She was working on a photoshoot he and his friend did. It was a small, indie sort of gig and everyone knew each other. Within two nights of hanging out, she decided she liked him and on the last day they got together.

It’s a happy ending story, too: though he’s not in Georgia, they are perfectly in love and happy in long distance. I think they might even be taking things to the next level soon!

2. They Play “Hard To Get”

Georgian women are generally told to guard their modesty. From a very young age, a girl’s purity becomes a central topic of discussion, especially in more traditional families.

It takes very little to ruin a reputation. In some areas of Georgia, as much as going on a date with a stranger could get a girl in trouble. This makes them seem to be playing hard to get.

Though Georgia is a modern country and equality is here more than it was several yeas ago, people are still pretty conservative.

Outside Tbilisi, which is the country’s capital and most liberal city, you can hardly tell if a girl is interested.

things to know about Georgian women

She might be head over heels for you and still reject you multiple times or not show it at all. This cat and mouse game seems to be the rule in Georgia – no girl wants to be perceived as easy.

This doesn’t mean that you should start being pushy and needy towards the Georgian women. It’s not something that will be appreciated, nor something that will give you real results. You’d be surprised at how far politeness (while still persisting) will take you instead.

3. Hospitality (Even More than You Expect)

Georgian women might be somewhat conservative or even seem prudish but they are still extremely hospitable. Your foreigner status alone could be enough for meeting and dating Georgian women.

Use this information however you want:

There are no Georgian women that would refuse to show you around.

Of course, it’s all innocent and you shouldn’t expect anything more getting into this, but it could be a great icebreaker that could lead to more serious things.

Georgian culture is all about hospitality. So much so that she might not even let you pay if you go out. But you should insist. If you are not paying, it means it’s not a date.

Yes, many people actually believe this, so don’t hesitate to insist on this matter.

4. Georgian Women in the Kitchen

On the plus side, Georgian women are amazing at cooking. Since this is a relatively conservative country, many young girls are still raised to become housewives.

It is seen as unnatural, if not completely shameful, for a woman not to be able to cook. Which of course makes no sense, but again – it is what it is.

As for men: nope, they are absolutely not expected to. Most guys would say they can’t even make eggs. Why would they: first their mom cooks and then their wife!

I’m not encouraging you to be like these guys. Acting entitled won’t help your cause. Instead, make sure you always compliment her dishes (it’s not hard when they are THAT tasty – Georgian food is incredible).

Georgian cuisine

Tell her a disastrous story about your own culinary skills. That’s how you encourage her to keep taking care of you and keeping you well fed! But don’t hesitate to do some cooking yourself. It will be appreciated.

Or at least do the dishes if she does the cooking!

5. Expect Mom to Call Often

Another one in the series of “Georgian women are conservative”. Not only will most of your dates be double or group dates, most Georgian women still live with their parents.

Halfway through the date, you can expect that call. Her mom is checking if everything is fine and asking when she will be back. Yes, it happens to girls way out of their teens.

In my experience, Georgian women just laugh it off. Parents will be parents. But they would not stay out too late anyway. Laughable or not, her parents’ rules apply as long as she is living under their roof.

6. Religious Beliefs

Georgia was in the USSR before it crashed, and officially atheist. In a little over 20 years, the Church has won over the hearts and minds of the nation.

Everyone crosses themselves when they pass a church. Most people go to mass. Even young people don’t dare stray from the rules of the Church.

Of course, this is changing and over the years more and more are becoming somewhat agnostic to say the least, but religion still plays an important role here.

And since Christianity plays such an important part in Georgian women’s lives, be open and honest about your own beliefs from the very beginning. I don’t think that your beliefs will change things too much, but it’s good to discuss it.

7. Sense And Sensibility

Georgian women can be very sensual. They would never put emotion over sensibility. No matter how much she like you, if she has decided to stay a virgin until marriage, she stays a virgin until she’s married.

If her family doesn’t like you, this might be another huge deal breaker. Georgian families are very tightly knit and very involved in their children’s love lives. In a way, it makes sense: if you are a good person, there’s nothing you should worry about anyway.

view over Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia: just as beautiful as Georgian women

Girls know that no happy and lasting relationship can be built if her family resents you. And, since she does put sensibility over how “in love” she is, that is game over for you.

Which brings me to another point:

8. The Crazy Older Brother

This is a stereotype, evidently, but it’s also somewhat true.

Georgian guys are tough, alpha-male types and they are very protective of their sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces, and all other female family members.

Don’t think that your girlfriend’s brother is joking when he warns you. That is another great reason to try and impress him.

The good part is that Georgians are actually very friendly. As I said – as long as you are a good person, there’s nothing to worry about! You’ll be welcomed into the group/family and you will be treated as one of their own.

As long as you respect them and their culture, it isn’t hard to win a girl’s family over. But don’t you even think of playing tricks on her! Not only will no self-respecting Georgian woman fall from them, but if she does, her older brother (or any male relative) can go ballistic!

9. Bad Habits Persist

Georgian woman smoking

This one might not be super attractive to many men out there, but it is what I realized when in Georgia: most women there smoke.

Families are ok with smoking inside and young people start this nasty habit at a really young age. It’s something very popular here, so if you really don’t like it, your chances of meeting an amazing women are diminished greatly.

It is worse with guys. Smoking is perceived as the normal, “masculine” thing to do. But though women might smoke less (and skinnier cigarettes), most are still smokers. It is how it is!

10. Georgian Women Are Amazing

It might seem that I highlighted many cons above, but the truth is that women from Georgia are truly amazing. In the end, it doesn’t even matter that you had to work a bit harder to get her. It’s all going to be worth it, in the end!

Once you start dating a women from Georgia, you should expect to be in heaven. Just like other Eastern European Women, Georgian girls are beautiful and great to be around.

They treat their partners with respect, are VERY loyal (but also expect the same from you). Many of them are still a bit old school and conservative, sometimes seeming outright shy, but they’re all, in their hearts, amazing, independent and strong women.

You will get to realize that only after you get to spend some quality time – and longer term – with your girl. But trust me when I say it: you won’t regret going through all the trouble of trying to make her accept you.

Wrapping up

These would be my top 10 things to know about women in this beautiful country. I did have to go with generalizations more often than not and I know that they’re not all the same.

But for the most part, I think that my tips above will come in handy.

Other than that, enjoy your time in this beautiful country. Remember to take tons of pictures, try all the food, and stay respectful toward the culture.

If you learn anything new about Georgian girls, let us all know in the comments below! We always love getting educated!

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