5 Best Cities to Meet Indonesian Women

Oh, Indonesian women! Where to start? Indonesia is an amazing country to explore. You have stunning beaches, solid surf, wonderful culture attractions, and beautiful women looking to meet a foreign guy just like you.

Many a “bule” has had the time of his life meeting Indonesian women. However, you need to know where to find the best girls in Indonesia. The country has a population of nearly 250 million people. A number of these people are highly religious, mainly Muslim.

If you don’t go to the right areas, you’ll be hunting for Indonesian girls for some time before you get lucky.

Instead, I did the guesswork for you. After spending a substantial chunk of time throughout the country, I’ve found the five best cities to meet Indo girls throughout the country.

Do note that these are the best places to meet Indonesian women. Other areas, like the Gili Islands, are fantastic for meeting foreign chicks. Not so much Indo girls.

Understanding Indonesian Cities

Now before we go too far, we need to make one thing crystal clear: when Indonesian women and hot times are concerned, there are really only two cities. Jakarta and Bali are by far the best cities to meet girls in Indonesia.

I will detail three other cities and why they can be good for meeting chicks in the country.

However, first-time visitors to Indonesia should certainly start in Jakarta or Bali and only venture out after thoroughly exploring these cities and regions. Which will take a while, but at least it will be extremely fun!

Now let’s check out below the top five cities in Indonesia for meeting foreigner-friendly girls!

1. Jakarta

beautiful Indonesian woman in Jakarta

If you want to date Indonesian women, then Jakarta is your best bet. Make no mistake about it – you’ll meet some stunning chicks in this huge city. You just need to know where to look.

The nightlife is world-class, and the girls are up there, too. To make the most out of the city, you’ll need a three-pronged attack.

Online dating, night game, and macking at the malls should all be a part of your strategy in Jakarta. And make sure to bring your best going out clothes. Suits and blazers play well here.

Logistically, you’ll want to stay near the Grand Indonesia Mall and/or Thamrin Residences. Grab an Airbnb or hotel in this area.

The city is huge, and this allows you the best chance of getting girls to come to you. You’ll be near a number of malls, bars, and nightlife areas.

P.S: The best online dating site in Indonesia is, in my opinion, Indonesian Cupid. I recommend checking it out – you’ll be extremely happy you did!

2. Bali

Bali street

For most foreigners, Bali is the only city in Indonesia that matters. “Bule” flood the place year in and year out, especially Australians. The Island is packed full of backpackers coming for the cheap cost of living, stunning beaches, and unique culture.

While you can definitely hook up with girls around the world in Bali, we’re talking Indonesian chicks.

Around Bali, you’ll typically have two types of girls from Indonesia. You have the local Balinese chicks and the girls visiting or living from Jakarta.

Both of these girl-types can be stunning, but the game required can be different. For local girls, they may be a bit more worried about their reputation. The Balinese have a traditional culture, and this will play into how you mack.

If you meet a nice girl from Jakarta in Bali on vacation, then you have hit the jackpot 😉 Most of the time these girls will be in Bali to have a good time and party. With party meaning hook up with white guys.

Make sure you stay in Seminyak to get the best of Bali. The area features the beach, nightlife, and a lot of beautiful girls.

However, you won’t have to deal with as many Australian Bogans rolling around – and less competition, of any kind, is always preferred.

3. Surabaya


Now we’re getting to the second-tier cities in Indonesia. And the best second-tier city to meet girls in Indonesia is definitely Surabaya.

The city has over 3 million people and is home to a number of universities in East Java.

Many describe Surabaya as a smaller, less-populated Jakarta. And that’s a fairly accurate assessment.

Just like Jakarta, you’ll want to use online dating and night game to meet Indonesian women in the city. While day game at the malls can work, the English levels in this town aren’t as good as in Jakarta.

You’ll want to stay around Tunjungan Plaza. This area offers amazing logistics, as the plaza is the largest mall in the city and there’s nightlife nearby.

While starting in Jakarta is recommended, basing up in Surabaya for a month or two could lend hand to excellent dating opportunities for digital nomads.

If you want to learn more about the city and the tons of opportunities it offers, make sure to read my previous article talking about it in depth.

4. Semarang

Semarang Indonesia

When we’re talking Semarang, we’re really getting off the beaten path in Indonesia. While the city isn’t unknown, there aren’t many foreign men going there to meet girls. You’ll be pretty exotic in this area, especially for well-dressed, in-shape foreign guys.

The city is smaller, which means you’ll want to attack every online dating platform you can.

Day and night game may be fruitful, but it’s typically more of a “right place, right time” type of situation.

That being said – these situations can be more common than one would think. You’ll have a lot of value in Semarang.

There are two decent areas to stay in Semarang. Try to find an Airbnb or hotel near Paragon Mall or in the Simpang Lima area.

5. Bandung

Bandung Indonesia

While Bandung is not a great place to meet Indonesian women, you can still have fun in the city and strike lucky. With a population of 2.5 million people, you won’t really end up walking the streets and finding them empty.

There’s a ton of universities here and lots of young women looking to mingle. The issue is most of them have never considered dating a foreign guy because there are so few of them in the city.

Some claim the hottest Indo girls come from the city, but I haven’t seen that with my own eyes.

Overall, the city is fairly average and doesn’t offer a lot of value over the aforementioned cities… although a resourceful person can really score nicely here.

If you do choose to check out Bandung for yourself, we suggest following the Indonesian strategy. Online game hard, day at the malls, and nightlife. Try staying around Trans Studio Mall.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to meet some of the thickest Asian girls, then Indonesia may be the country for you. You’ll find a number of stunners throughout the whole country.

Jakarta will be your best bet with Bali being a short step behind. Every other city in the country is second-tier. You can meet amazing chicks in these small cities, but nothing is “guaranteed” as it is in the main two cities.

Wherever you decide to go in Indonesia, keep a few things in mind.

First, make sure you hit up Tinder (I strongly recommend this book to become a Tinder expert) and Indonesian Cupid before you go.

Both websites will have a plethora of beautiful Indo chicks looking to meet guys just like you on it. Also, make sure you enjoy the nightlife. Partying in Bali and Jakarta is amazing.

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