5 Off the Grid Cities to Meet Beautiful Romanian Girls

If you happen to be in Romania, you know for sure that beautiful Romanian girls can be found everywhere around the country.

But the truth is that in Romania, as it probably happens all over the world, it’s the larger cities that suck in most people, leaving the smaller cities and towns relatively dry.

However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be in one of the larger cities to increase your chances of meeting a nice local. Quite the contrary!

Romania is a huge and picturesque country. If you’re on an “Explore Romania, find girls (optional)” sort of trip and you really want to explore dating throughout the country, you should go off the grid.

Some of these off-grid cities still hold some amazing secrets – both in terms of attractions, as well as the beauty of the locals, and the truth is this:

These are amazing cities that get very few visitors. Romania has a population of beautiful people. Those beautiful people will be more approachable in off-the-grid locations because they, too, have fewer options. Besides, your foreigner status would be an advantage. 

Which brings me to an important point:

The Reverse Numbers Game of Meeting Romanian Girls

beautiful woman holding a free hugs sign

When it comes to meeting beautiful Romanian girls, your priorities should always be quality over quantity. Does that go against what I said three paragraphs ago?

Absolutely not.

The reverse numbers game is basically the quality > quantity applied to the dating world.

Let’s compare Bucharest to Timisoara (we’ll talk about Timisoara in this article, by the way). Both are relatively large, both have a rich history and plenty for you to do.

While Timisoara is not completely unknown to foreigners, it receives significantly fewer visitors. That means your foreigner status would still be a novelty to at least some of the girls.

Now, with international travel and the EU, it’s not realistic to say that foreign always translates to “Wow, I’ve never met anyone like this before” for Romanian women.

What I mean is that the small town girl mentality is still present in those off-the-grid places.

For these Romanian girls, small-town girl mentality means a couple of things:

  • More traditional outlook on life.
  • Looking for a steady relationship.
  • Has not received as much attention from foreigners.
  • A smaller community where reputations matter (a.k.a. slimmer chances of a holiday fling but much better chances of a steady relationship)

The trick is that this only works for cities, not actual small towns or villages.

It would be much harder to penetrate the social circle of a true small town girl. What’s more, those tend not to speak good English and the language barrier will truly get in the way.

The sweet spot for playing the reverse numbers game is going off-the-grid but still in fairly large cities.

Best cities to meet Romanian women

With that in mind, let’s look at some options. I promise these are awesome places anyway. So even if you don’t manage to meet a nice local, you’d be leaving with some great memories anyway

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Timisoara: The Artsy One Of The Bunch

Off The Grid Cities to Meet Hot Romanian Girls - Timisoara

A typical girl in Timisoara is well-travelled, well-read, and with a fascinating ethnic background.

I think that’s a part of the reason why women in Timisoara have such a particular and exotic beauty. They usually have very prominent features, big eyes, puffy lips, an olive tan, and curvier bodies.

For eight decades of history, Timisoara had been a part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and finally – Romania.

It’s a melting point of people and cultures. That’s immediately visible in the people of Timisoara.

When in Timisoara, make sure you take a stroll around the center – the beautiful Unirii Square, the Cathedral, and the historical center.

There’s a museum dedicated to life during the communist era that holds some fascinating items. If you’re a history geek, check it out.

Expect women here to be different than most traditional Romanian or Balkan girls. The locals are usually blonde or at least with lighter hair color and have more of a Western feeling than not.

Plenty of students here though – and also a growing expat community – so chances are you will find anything you could expect to find in a larger city like Bucharest, but on a smaller scale.

Deva: Communism Meets Old School Romantic

Beautiful woman in a restaurant in Deva Romania

Deva feels like two separate cities blended in one. You have the cobble stone streets of the old historical center.

Then, as you move toward the outskirts, the grey communist-era buildings increase until it no longer feels like the romantic town with the tiny, nostalgia-filled streets.

Deva was also a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That’s why the most prominent architectural influence you’ll see is Austro-Hungarian.

But this is really a small city with barely any tourists because, well… there’s not much to do or much to see here. But it’s an important city in the region nevertheless and you’ll get a chance to meet more locals who are really happy to mingle with foreigners.

After all… anything new in a relatively boring city is welcome, right? Bonus points: Deva is incredibly cheap, so your dollars (or Euros) will go a long way there!

Constanta: Vitamin Sea

beautiful girl at the beach in Romania

Constanta is one of the largest ports on the Black Sea and one of the main summer destinations in the country.

This is where Roman poet Ovid spent his last days. It’s also where thousands of amazing Romanian girls (among other tourists) flock in summer.

Although Constanta is hardly the best beach resort in the world, you don’t really get a lot of choice in Romania. Consequently, you have the entire country’s youth concentrated here during the months of June, July, and August.

Constanta can offer all the usual perks of a seaside city. You have the beach, the numerous clubs, the day drinking, and especially all the women willing to jump into a summer romance.

The tricky thing is that short-term summer flings are not really the norm in Romania, at least not with people you weren’t friends with before.

One way around this would be Tinder. The downside is that a lot of the women are time wasters – which is sometimes the price you pay with younger girls.

You could try day game on the beach, younger girls tend to be more responsive to that. Or definitely hit the clubs where you can easily work your magic.

Be mindful of the boyfriends, though. Romanian guys and girls get paired up and start serious relationships very young.

Oradea: Baroque and Art Nouveau

Off The Grid Cities to Meet Hot Romanian Girls - Oradea

Yet another place with a lot of Hungarian influence. A quarter of the inhabitants of Oradea are Hungarian and they speak Hungarian.

Expect signs in Maygar all around you. On the plus side, this means a truly unique mix of cultures and genes.

Think Hungarian beauty meet Romanian bombshell. That’s how the best girls of Oradea look.

In terms of things to keep you busy, the city doesn’t disappoint either. For the centuries leading up to World War I, Oradea was an Austro-Hungarian city.

It got the best of what the empire had to offer. Most of the city center is filled with Baroque and Art Nouveau gems just begging to be photographed. Oradea could easily pass for a tiny Vienna.

If that weren’t reason enough to visit, consider that Oradea is also one of the key spa cities of Romania. The thermal water springs fill up hotel centers throughout the region. It makes for the perfect romantic get together!

Suceava: The City Of Kings

Off The Grid Cities to Meet Hot Romanian Girls - Romanian Girl

Suceava was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia for about 200 years and it still has a royal vibe to it.

You can tell older buildings were constructed with luxury, not practicality in mind. Make sure that you don’t miss the two fortresses of the city – the Set Fortress of Suceava and the Scheia Fortress.

Also, visit the Princely Court of Suceava and the Bukovina Village Museum if you have the time.

In Bukovina, you can learn about the traditional way of life in Romanian villages through an interactive open-air exhibition. It’s one of the best museums in the country to help you learn about Romanian culture and traditions.

As for the beautiful Romanian girls of Suceava, they are the most small-town out of all on the list – maybe except for Deva.

Most come from lower-middle-class families (the living standard in the region is not very high) and simply want to get married and have a nice and comfortable life. They have been raised as nice girls, the sort that you’d be happy to introduce to your grandma.

But do have in mind that many Romanians claim that the most beautiful women come from this region (the Moldavia region) and they seem to be correct. Many of the best known Romanian models, for example, are from the area. So… a good start for sure!

Clubbing in Suceava might actually be among the best ways of meeting hot Romanian girls. It’s a very show-offy party scene but provided that you put some effort in your look, night game works well.

Just one tip: ditch the pickup lines. I know, I know. They are a comfortable place to start from.

The thing is, any smart girl would recognize you as a smooth-talking foreigner (which isn’t the best image for you and you know it).

The women who fall for them either don’t care about their reputation, or are foolish enough to actually find them great.

Either way, not the best pick for a relationship. Since most Suceava women are relationship-minded anyway, those who will initially fall for the lines are very likely to back off later.

And this, guys, is why you make actual conversation instead of using the “Ten lines that 100% work”.

Well, whatever you decide to use, I hope you have all the luck you need and meet tons of beautiful Romanian girls during your trip.

Final Words

I decided to stick to 5 large-ish cities in Romania where you have high chances of meeting local beauties who are probably easier to impress by your foreigner status.

There are plenty of other similarly-sized cities in Romania (as well as larger, more popular ones), but I sure hope that you will find these recommendations useful.

If you have additional recommendations, comment below and let us all know about your findings!

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