Perast Holidays: Great & Cheap Summer Destination in Montenegro

Tiny Perast in Montenegro might not be your top choice when it comes to visiting the country, but it should! It makes up for its lack of size with truly breathtaking views of the Kotor Bay, as well as lower prices for a perfect vacation.

If you’re looking for ideas for Perast holidays in Montenegro, you’re at the right place as today I will share my experiences with this amazing village.

We first visited Perast several years ago when we were on a very strict budget, and we chose it exactly for this reason: it’s perfect for a “shoestring budget”. And offers a ton for the money!

Getting to Perast in Montenegro

Perast bay area during the summer
Perast, the beautiful place where the mountains meet the sea

We drove all the way from Romania to Perast and the 12 hour drive was uneventful.

My tip to you is drive through the night especially during the hot summer months. It’s more pleasant for everyone concerned, definitely recommended if you have children who can sleep in the car.

It’s also a bit faster, since it’s not as crowded – but make sure you have the driving experience to do this, because there are some steep turns and climbs in Montenegro which might be better suited for day driving.

As we got closer to Kotor Bay, we were treated to some outstanding scenery. The bay is circled by towering, forest-clad mountains which nearly meet the sea.

There are some lay-bys to stop in if you wish to take some photographs and to marvel at the natural beauty around you.

If you arrive into Tivat airport through a package deal, you will also be treated to the same views as you are transferred to your accommodation.

Where to stay in Perast, Montenegro

When it comes to accommodation to choose in Perast, you have a few solid options. This is what I recommend for families traveling here (although I am sure couples and even single travelers will find these places great too):

Sunny Port Apartments – Best Budget

Sunny Port Apartment room with a view

This is what we chose, since we were on a budget. But, despite the lower price – and despite the fact that it wasn’t a full-fledged hotel, our stay here was really amazing.

You get to stay in truly spectacular (and fully equipped) studios with amazing views over the sea. The building itself is right on the sea, in a good area, while the rooms are – as you can see above – rewarding you with an amazing design.

I strongly recommend this if you are on a budget (but the quality is still high!)

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Heritage Hotel Leon Coronato – Best Overall

Heritage Hotel Leon Coronato View

Now, if you are not on a limited budget, you have a few amazing luxurious options in Perast and Heritage Hotel Leon Coronato is the best choice in my opinion.

Located right in front of the sea, with amazing views over the bay and with rooms that perfectly blend modern touches with exposed brick walls, this hotel is really a delight.

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Hotel Per Astra – Great Alternative with Pool

Hotel Per Astra pool and view

While you do have the sea nearby, Perast doesn’t offer much in terms of beaches. This is why having a pool – like the one offered by Hotel Per Astra can be considered an amazing bonus.

The pool is small, that is true – but better than nothing. Plus, despite being a bit of a climb up from the sea, the hotel offers amazing views over the Kotor Bay and the rooms are large, luxurious and clean.

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Perast, Montenegro Impressions & Things to Do

nice weather in Perast

Walking or driving around the small village of Perast is nothing short of spectacular. The place is small, but packed with history and amazing buildings.

It’s very touristy, so you have plenty of hotels and bars and restaurants… but the sea views and the nearby mountains are the icing on the cake.

The town has a wonderful Mediterranean feel to it, with its quaint narrow streets, old world cafés and restaurants which line the promenade.

There are also two small stores selling local produce if you want to self-cater and also a few attractions like a few charming piazzas and viewpoints over the sea.

The quayside is where you will find the sun-worshippers and those enjoying a swim in the warm, clear blue water.

There is also a small pebble beach which is organized with showers, a café-bar, and an ice cream stall, but it’s a bit outside of the town (but still you can walk to it).

It’s maybe not ideal if you were looking for a long, sandy beach but I soon realized that the location far outweighed this minor annoyance. But if you want them, I have an article dedicated to the best beaches in Montenegro, too.

Two places are worth a special mention in my opinion. My family loved both and I am sure you will enjoy them too.

grilled octopus

Firstly, the restaurant called “Konoba Skolji” is one that specializes in locally caught fish dishes.

Even though I am not a fish person, I really liked the food and especially the vibe: local music accompanied our meal, and the views from the terrace were, again, breathtaking.

Konoba Skolji is located in the center of the village, on the Promenade – I’m marking it on Google Maps for you, but it’s impossible to miss.

Second, we have the over the top, extra-touristy “The Pirate Bar.” It’s open 24 hours a day, just west of the town. You’ll find it on Pencic beach. It’s a great place to unwind in an informal setting whilst taking in those unbelievable views.

It’s also right on the beach and many of the people bathing there will actually have a seat reserved at a bar. Take a dip, get back to a cold beverage and repeat. They also have tables in the sea for a complete experience.

Has to be tried – and since this one doesn’t appear predominantly on Google Maps, I’m marking it for you here.

Don’t miss the experience of a boat trip!

No visit to Perast would be complete without taking a boat trip (leaves regularly from the quay) to the islands of St George and Our Lady of the Rocks. They both have a chapel and are the ones you see from the shore:

Our Lady of the Rock Island and Church in Perast

Legend has it that Our Lady of the Rocks was built after some sailor’s found a picture of the Virgin Mary on a rock in the middle of the bay. It’s the only man-made island in the whole of the Adriatic region. A must see!

Final words

I am not sorry we came and spent our summer in Perast and we still managed to have heaps of fun on a budget.

There’s plenty to do for all ages and even though the beach situation is not perfect (since you don’t really have many options in terms of sandy beaches), it’s still good.

Sure, Perast is low-key and not too lively but this means that it’s perfect for recharging your batteries – which is exactly what I needed then.

The main reason to come here is the breath-taking scenery; it is out of this world, unforgettable. This place has character, charm, and a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere which may draw you back year after year.

I would choose Perast again, for the price, the accommodation was cheap and mixing some self-catering with eating out will keep you well within a tight budget.

If you’ve been here or if you have additional advice for fellow travelers planning to visit this hidden gem in Montenegro, let us all know by commenting below.

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