Aruba: A Scuba Diver’s Dream Come True

Aruba is a small Caribbean island which helps to form 1/3 of the ABC islands along with Curacao and Bonaire. It is snuggled around fifteen miles off the Venezuela coast, and is just a bit over two hours from Florida, making a spur of the moment vacation very possible. Aruba is a scuba divers dream with more and more tourist flocking to the area each year it really is a paradise on earth.

Aruba attracts millions of new tourists each year for the beauty and serenity that it has to offer. While many of the individuals who choose this majestic place as their tropical vacation destination for the luxury accommodations, guaranteed good weather or gorgeous beaches many others choose it because of the scuba diving that can be found here.

There are nearly 40 different Aruba scuba diving areas with many of them being situated off the very sheltered South Western Coast. Since there are many local dive operators available they have the ability to offer tourists a very memorable experience.

There are many different reasons why people choose Aruba for their scuba diving destination including the hopes of finding shipwrecks. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of scuba diving in Aruba know that most of the captivating images can be found under the water. Thousands of normal people are fascinated at the chance to explore shipwrecks and will travel thousands of miles to do so. With the added marine life that can be found underwater the scuba diving experience is beyond what you could ever imagine. The coral formations are simply impressive, encircled by a variety of vibrant colored tropical fish, lobsters, octopus, turtles, moray eels, stingrays and even barracudas.

Whether you are scuba diving for your first time or just looking to expand your adventure to what Aruba has to offer you will not be disappointed. The diving companies that will be taking you out to your location for diving will describe in detail how things should proceed from start to finish. For the most part you can rent all of the gear that you will need while scuba diving and if you are uncomfortable about going out alone many of the providers will give you lessons and even send someone out with you the first few times.

If Aruba is in your plans for the near future you should definitely consider scuba diving while there. There are so many places to dive and experience an adventure that may be a one in a lifetime chance. The price that you pay to scuba dive in Aruba will vary depending on the site that you choose, the equipment that you need and any additional training or needs that may be required. You can scuba dive close to the shore if you are new and just looking to explore under the water or you can choose to go with a tour group that is going further our and exploring many of the shipwrecks that can be found at the many different locations.

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