Best Cities to Meet Beautiful Vietnamese Women

A country that is continuing to climb the ranks as far as digital nomad hot spots is Vietnam. While it’s certainly famous for it’s food, and the infamous Top Gear Vietnam special, this country is often overlooked in favor of Thailand or Indonesia.

Which is a real pity, because the country has a lot to offer. But today, we’ll be focusing on the women here, mainly the best cities in Vietnam to meet women as a foreigner.

I have to say from the beginning that many of Vietnam’s beautiful cities are completely untapped. Sure, Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City is quite well known – but what about the rest of them?

Top 4 Cities to Meet Vietnamese Women

Truthfully, there are plenty of cities where you can meet beautiful Vietnamese women – so let’s take a look at those that I consider the most important, or at least the best choices for foreigners/travelers and digital nomads.

Of course, no matter which city you choose, make sure to visit Vietnam Cupid. This is a premium service that will get you in touch with women who are already looking for a relationship and it’s plenty of them from all over the country.

1: Saigon

Saigon ho chi min city

Yes, I know. Captain Obvious here. Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, is Vietnam’s biggest economic center and is really well known amongst traveling expats and DNs alike.

There’s over 10 million people in the greater Saigon area, and showing no signs of slowing down…

While not as developed as a place like Bangkok, Saigon still has a lot to offer – including millions of beautiful Vietnamese women. Literally! There’s plenty of ladies here, and even though not as easy as Thailand’s capital, it’s still an advantage if you’re a Westerner.

Saigon is everything you hope it would be, and more. It lives up to many of the stereotypes of the typical Asian city:

  • Motorbikes everywhere
  • “Massages” everywhere
  • Thousands of food options, most very delicious

On top of it all, it’s becoming increasingly good to westerners are more and more of us head to Saigon. Make sure you check it out – you won’t regret it!

2: Danang

Danang wow

One word about Danang: WOW!

I mean, just look at that photo above. It’s absolutely stunning.

In any case, Danang is a bit smaller than Saigon (only about 1 million compared to Saigon’s 10), but what it lacks in overall population and size it makes up for in nature.

You can buy a motorbike and ride through the jungle. Up and down the coast. Have all of the adventures you desire. Breathe in the fresh air.

That is the one thing that comes with living in large cities, like Saigon or the next one on this list, Hanoi.

You lose track of who you are as a human.

On top of it, Danang is flooded with beautiful Vietnamese women, some of which have never met a person from the west in their entire life. This makes up for lacking the sheer quantity that a place like Saigon offers.

When you have dozens of beautiful Vietnamese women who are very intrigued by you – guess what?

You’re in paradise… and in more than one way, in the case of Danang.

3: Hanoi

Hanoi beautiful viet girls

This city is actually the capital of Vietnam, though Saigon usually is what pops into people’s heads.

In any case, Hanoi is a rich combination of Chinese, French, and of course, Vietnamese influence.

It’s got a large population, too, of around 8 or so million. These means there are plenty of beautiful Vietnamese women available to you on Vietnam Cupid (which is the best site to meet Vietnamese women, no matter the city you’re going to visit).

Among expats though, Hanoi is simply not as popular. They tend to be a little bit more “anti-western” in the northern parts of Vietnam. You won’t have quite the warmth as you would down South in Saigon.

The general consensus amongst myself and other travelers is that Saigon is much more happening than Hanoi, though most of us can’t really put our finger on it.

It could be that Hanoi is the political capital of Vietnam. Therefore, it’s just not as much… fun?

Much like how most people prefer to party in New York City, Miami, or Los Angeles versus Washington DC in the United States.

Politics make people unhappy, miserable, and rude. For that reason, I would recommend setting up base in Saigon in most cases.

I wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone they could live there for three months and be plenty entertained by both the city and the beautiful Vietnamese women in it. However, I’d caution anyone against spending more than a month in Hanoi.

But, it has many charms, not all of them related to the ladies (amazing views and such, that’s what I mean!)

4: Haiphong


We’ll stay in the norther part of ‘Nam and talk about Haiphong next. Careful not to get your Vietnamese cities too tongue-tied. It’s quite easy to do so: Danang, Haiphong, Hanoi… you get where I’m going with this.

Don’t buy the wrong plane ticket. 🙂

In any case, Haiphong is quite close to Hanoi, so if you’ve visiting one, you might as well see the other.

Of course, I say “close,” but keep in mind that sometimes in Southeast Asia, things are never on schedule.

Roadwork happens, major rainstorms, etc. So keep in mind that although it’s only about 120 kilometers between the two cities, sometimes they’re anything but “close”.

With that being said, Haiphong is an old-school kind of place famous for it’s industries – namely fishing. You’ll find plenty of seafood to eat here, that’s for sure!

While Haiphong is a beautiful place, it’s just not on the top of my list for places to meet beautiful Vietnamese women. It lacks the nightlife of Saigon (which is excellent), and doesn’t have the warmth of the southern cities like Danang.

Of course, Haiphong is also quite famous for the Haiphong Bay, which basically resembles a scene straight out of the Avatar movie.

In conclusion: again, go if you have the chance. But don’t commit to setting up shop there for too long without taking a test drive first.


I’ll be diving deeper into other smaller Vietnamese cities in the very near future. What’s important to remember is that Saigon and Hanoi are definitely tier 1 type cities. But, I wouldn’t really consider Danang or Haiphong to be a full on tier 2. More like a 1.5.

For that reason, it’s hard to go wrong in any of them. Most people seem to prefer Saigon and Danang, but your mile may vary.

And if you really want to go all in with this, you can as well go for a smaller town that’s off the beaten path. You can find some real gems there!

But if you have suggestions regarding other cities where travelers can easily meet amazing Vietnamese women, don’t hesitate to share the recommendations below.

If not, do remember on thing: Vietnamese ladies are more of a challenge than others in SEA, so it’s a perfect place to practice or hone up your skills.

You can continue reading more about this in my article comparing Vietnamese girls vs. Thai girls.

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  1. What exactly is excellent about nightlife in HCMC? The clubs and bars are full of working girls or girls who work for the bar but appear to be normal guests (so you can buy them expensive drinks).

    Clubs are usually table only which makes mingling difficult and biggest one Vietnamese people in general go to bars and clubs in groups and not to meet new people.


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