Best Cities in Denmark to Meet Beautiful Danish Women (Besides Copenhagen)

Beautiful Danish women are not just hanging around waiting to be found. If anything, there are now quite a lot of foreigners coming in, looking for that Scandinavian model-like dream girl of theirs.

But while they would be focusing on Copenhagen (as most foreigners do), we are giving you seven alternatives: the best cities in Denmark to meet beautiful Danish women… beside Copenhagen.

Check out these off-the-grid destinations to meet some gorgeous Danish girls, but also places where you would get to experience Denmark the way a native does.


The central Denmark city of Aarhus is known for being the oldest in the country (established back in Viking times) and also for its epic student parties.

The University of Aarhus is the center of higher education in the region. It draws students from a very large part of the country, not to mention more and more international students are coming in as well…

This means that younger crowds are present here, and young Danish people are extremely open minded, just like they are everywhere in the world. But the girls here really know how to live their life!

The university is the largest one in Denmark and it is a very respectable institution as well. You would expect super smart people to be less of party animals but it is the opposite, actually. The nightlife is nothing short of legendary!

Speaking of nightlife, Aarhus is actually known to have one of the best live music scenes in the country (if not in Europe as a whole). It has always had an incredibly young population, hence it has also always been the center of new and exciting music.

In the 1950s, the jazz clubs started springing out and they are just as popular as they were 60+ years ago. Rock and metal were all the rage in the 70s and 80s, and naturally, Aarhus became the capital of those as well.

Today, you can find all sorts of clubs around the city center and beyond. There are also some amazing festivals happening every year. Needless to say, all of these offer great opportunities to meet beautiful Danish women.


Although Horsens is significantly smaller than Aarhus, you can almost say there is more happening there. Aarhus would be the center for Danish music and culture, while Horsens is where all the international performers go.

The Horsens New Theater has welcomed Madonna, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams and so many more. Needless to say, the party doesn’t stop even when there are no big celebrities coming in.

The population of Horsens consists of a bunch of party people, which includes some seriously beautiful Danish women.

If the party scene is not your thing, Horsens is also home to some nerdier get-togethers. (Said with all of my love for nerdy things, by the way!) Every year, the Horsens library holds the Krimimessen, literally the ‘Crime festival’. Literary crime is celebrated with all sorts of fun events and there are always a bunch of famous authors visiting.

Finally, let’s talk about the Medieval festival! Yes, it might sound like that middle school even that nobody wanted to participate in, but Horsens’ Medieval festival is not an event you should miss.

People take dressing up really seriously but also drinking and partying (with little of the Medieval morals involved in the latter). The atmosphere is really fun plus you get to learn a thing or two about Danish culture, which is always a good thing when traveling.


Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth biggest city and a large part of that population is, you guessed it, university students.

There are more than 17,000 students enrolled in the Aalborg university and there are several smaller colleges as well (well, relatively smaller anyway). Aalborg is truly a city that never sleeps. Even outside the school year, there are a bunch of festivals that attract people this way. You will not be bored.

If you are looking for the best time to visit Aalborg (and meet some beautiful Danish women), try to get yourself to the Aalborg Carnival. It is one of the biggest music festivals in all Scandinavia.

There are easily over a hundred thousand people coming in for the week-long extravaganza. With a bunch of events, DJ parties, internationally famous bands coming over, the Aalborg Carnival is the place to be if you are in Denmark in May. Need I say more? Party on!

Aalborg is also the place with the happiest people in Europe. I am serious, the European Commission said it – the citizens of Aalborg are the most satisfied with their city in whole Europe. If that does not convince you that the place is worth a visit, I don’t know what will.


Herning might be smaller and less party animal-filled than other cities on this list, but it is a surprisingly great place to find beautiful Danish women.

The thriving economy (Herning has the largest trade expo center in all Scandinavia) attracts many international business representatives. You will find the crowd in Herning to be more grown-up, with a lot of the girls you meet being senior professionals in their respective fields.

Granted, the clubs might be less fun but there are a bunch of jazz bars that you definitely want to pay a visit to. Also, fine wine and dining are much better developed in Herning. There will be no shortage of impressive restaurants to bring your date to.

So if you’re looking for more mature women and you have your business suit around, make sure to check this place out. You’ll be surprised to see how many successful women haven’t found their match yet!


Here is a fun fact about Odense – that is where Hans Christian Andersen was born, the guy who wrote virtually all of your favorite fairy tales (well, the ones that he didn’t write come from the Brothers Grimm).

A lot of things are H.C. Andersen themed around Odense, including the marathon and the airport. Plus, the beautiful Danish women are out of a fairy tale as well!

Odense is also a commercial hub and a notable shopping district. This might be the place to score a sugar baby or just some more… financially motivated women. No, but there are also a lot of decent, non-gold-digger girls around.

And, of course, there are also a bunch of universities, so you will not suffer a shortage of college-age cuties. Although house parties seem to be the norm in Odense, bars are still a fun place to meet new girls (and so are dating apps and websites).

In short, you would not struggle to meet beautiful Danish women in Odense, not to mention that they are significantly more than the guys (a.k.a. you have a statistical advantage).


Esbjerg is a seaport city but it also boasts some pretty cool beaches (if you happen to be here in the three days per year where the weather is actually beach-appropriate).

Esbjerg can be a fun couple of days trip from Aalborg – it is just over 160 kilometres away but the drive is short (Danish freeways are pretty good).

Esbjerg is also significantly cheaper than other cities in Denmark, even smaller ones. Since your pursuit of meeting beautiful Danish women might end up pretty expensive, that would be a welcome break from all the big spending.

If you are wondering if the nightlife and girls are worth it – yes, totally. A pub I could recommend to start off the night is Paddy Easy Go. Head over to the Dronning Louise – Natklub or to No. 31 for some cocktails and a lot of dancing (also a lot of beautiful Danish women).

Oh, and I also must mention the Rustik. It’s a dance club with some pretty amazing DJ’s coming in every weekend. But more importantly, it has been designed to look like an Eastern European factory. And the cocktails are weird and amazing, as well.


There is a lot more to Vejle than the iconic windmill, as you can easily see in the photo above. This Danish town is known for the beautiful medieval architecture with 900+-year-old buildings sprinkled around the center like it were nothing.

In terms of nightlife, it is significantly calmer than the university cities on this list. You would not find a shortage of amazing jazz clubs and quirky cocktail places, though. Vejle is the perfect place to meet those beautiful Danish women, but it is also refreshingly authentic.

There is very little tourism (although the city definitely has a lot to offer, it has always stayed off the grid) and even your foreigner status alone would give you extra points with girls. Just make sure that you know how to take advantage of it!


So there you have it. Seven lesser-known cities to actually meet beautiful Danish women and not just other tourists. I have to warn you, though, Danish girls are not the easiest to get.

Half of the games we usually play (we as in ‘guys and girls alike’) they see right through. You would do best to stick to being yourself.

Cliche, cookie-cutter advice, I know, but Scandinavian girls are so no-BS that this is one of the few strategies that will always work.

Do you agree with our list? Have anything to add (as in tips or fun stories) on the topic? Have anything to share that you just need to get out of your system?

Head over to the comments section bellow! I would love (love, love!) to hear from you.

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