Best Hotels Close to the Bratislava Airport

The Bratislava Airport is relatively close to the old city center, so choosing a hotel near the airport in Slovakia’s capital is still a good idea even if you plan to explore the city itself.

Located about 25 minutes of driving away from the center, the Bratislava Airport (officially named M. R. Stefanik Airport) has a few great hotels nearby and we’re going to talk about them all in today’s article where we’ll share the best hotels near the Bratislava airport.

One thing really struck me about these hotels is that they rarely offer an airport shuttle, which I consider a must have anywhere in the world, no matter how close the airport is to the city!

Just one hotel on our list offers an airport shuttle at the moment of writing this article, but hopefully more will follow suit and offer this vital feature to their offer. (In case you’re wondering, SET Hotel has this offer)

The lack of an airport shuttle shouldn’t really be a big con since taxi rides or Ubers are usually cheap, but I still prefer the safety of having something certain booked in advance and no reasons for extra stress, wondering if the driver is trying to scam me or not.

But it seems that this is how things go in Slovakia so we have no other option than to accept it…

With these in mind, let’s find out which are the best hotels close to the Bratislava airport below.

We’re listing them first in case you don’t want to go through our reviews and you just want to open them all in a new window and book your stay to the one you like the most (since they’re all really high quality choices, you can’t go wrong with any!) If you want to find out more details about each of them, read below for our reviews!

Aviator Garni Hotel Bratislava
BNC Hotel
Aston Hotel
NH Bratislava Gate One
Hotel SET

Now let’s find out more details about each of our recommendations!

Aviator Garni Hotel Bratislava

Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Aviator Garni 1
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Aviator Garni kitchen

We’re starting our list with a hotel that’s just a stone’s throw away from the airport. So if you want to be right there near the airport, there’s no better option available!

You can even walk to this place if you really want to – although taking a car would be easier, especially if you travel with a lot of luggage.

The hotel is usually very cheap, which is great news! Even better is the fact that despite its low price, it offers very comfortable rooms with good beds and great pillows.

I usually have issues with pillows in cheaper hotels and I consider these a bit too flat for my taste, but you’re definitely going to get a good night’s sleep on them as they’re not terrible.

The furniture itself is pretty basic, but clean and in a good shape, so you won’t have any real reasons to complain. It’s not luxury, but you’re not paying for it either!

You can even look at the airport terminal from some of the rooms and see planes come and go, while the en-suite kitchenette comes in handy if you want to do some cooking or prepare some tea.

It’s no need to do any cooking though, since the Aviator Pub is located right next to the hotel… but apart from that, you don’t get too many options in the area.

There is a relatively large shopping mall about 7-8 minutes of walking from the hotel where you can eat or do some shopping, but nothing too fancy. Nothing to complain about either – and if you really want fancy, you can always take a cab to the city center, or even the bus from the nearby station.

Aviator Garni Hotel is actually one of the best rated hotels in Bratislava: it has a “Very Good” rating on at the moment of writing this article, with the booking platform ranking it as one of the best value hotels in the city. So you know you’re getting a lot for the money you spend and you’ll have a great time at this hotel.

Just have in mind that it’s proximity to the airport keeps it a bit away from the city center – and, strangely, it doesn’t offer a shuttle service to and from the airport (which seems to be a rule in Slovakia’s capital).

BNC Hotel

Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - BNC hotel
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - BNC Hotel Restaurant

This hotel is farther away from the airport than the previous recommendation – which is expected, since there’s actually no other hotel closer to the Bratislava airport than Aviator Garni.

But this one is a good choice offering decent prices, located in a quiet area and enjoying great reviews online: so it’s not just us who consider it a great pick!

The rooms and the hotel itself don’t look amazing, to be honest. It seems that it has been fully decorated using Ikea furniture or something similar, but the furniture itself is in good condition and there’s no reason to grumble.

I know that some prefer to see solid wood and more luxurious finishes, but in this case you get what you pay for. Actually, you get more since you don’t pay a lot at all!

Even though the rooms are basic, the beds are pretty comfortable – especially the mattress, which is a joy for your back. The bathrooms are large too and the rooms are kept clean by the friendly staff.

There’s a restaurant on the premise, with tasty food on offer – and the breakfast is included in the price, making the deal even sweeter for travelers! The food itself is not extremely spectacular or truly Instagram-worthy, but it tastes good and that’s all that matters in the end.

And if you want extra options when it comes to spending your time while at the BNC Hotel in Bratislava, it offers them: it has courts for playing tennis and some nice bowling alleys. Which is a good thing because the surrounding area of the hotel doesn’t really offer a ton of entertainment options, sadly.

But you’re just a 15-minute drive away from Bratislava’s city center, so not very far from the heart of the city. You’re also close to the airport and in a very quiet area… so you’re definitely making a good choice if you choose this one for your stay.

It’s a bit farther away from the airport, it’s true, but you should consider it, especially since it has good ratings from all the people who have stayed there.

Aston Hotel

Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Aston Hotel
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Aston Hotel Room

Our next recommendation also keeps you a bit away from the airport (a 15 minute-drive away from it), but this also means that it’s closer to the city center and in a better area offering more opportunities for spending your free time. So if you want to be somewhere in the middle, this one is our top pick!

The hotel itself looks really nice, offering spacious rooms (especially for a 3-star hotel) and good bathrooms. Of all the hotels on our list so far, I enjoy this one’s rooms the most.

So it is definitely a great pick if you want to rest, but also explore Bratislava with more ease. Not really a must if you only care to be as close to the airport as possible, especially since this one doesn’t offer an airport shuttle service either.

Hotel Aston also offers some great choices when it comes to trying out local and international cuisine thanks to its impressive restaurant. You can also choose the breakfast when you book it (for an extra price), which offers good value for the money – but there are also options nearby if you prefer them.

Actually, this is one of the best-located hotels on our list in terms of the option it offers around the premise when it comes to eating out, entertainment and shopping or even exploring the city, even though it’s still not in a very popular area of Bratislava.

This is more of a business hotel in my opinion, meaning that sometimes it can look pretty deserted, but that doesn’t influence its quality at all. The staff are always friendly, they speak good English and your overall experience here should be flawless.

NH Bratislava Gate One

Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - NH Bratislava Room
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - NH Bratislava
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport NH Bratislava Restaurant

If you want some extra quality and luxury during your stay, choosing this 4-star hotel is your best bet in our opinion. This is by far our top choice and, even though it is a bit more expensive than the others, it’s well worth the price.

This is also the highest rated hotel on our list (and one of the highest rated in the city) based on reviews at the moment of writing: it has an impressive 8.7 overall rating out of 10, based on almost 3,000 reviews. You can imagine, from this alone, that everything here will be of top quality.

The hotel itself is pretty spectacular: beautiful, bright and airy, modern and luxuriant. Some of the rooms offer truly breathtaking views and those large windows you can see in the photos (for now) are absolutely amazing. You’ll fall in love with this hotel for sure!

The rooms themselves are large, many coming with their own style and design to keep you completely satisfied during your stay. The beds are perfect, with oh! so thick comfortable mattresses and the pillows are perfect.

The rooms themselves are quiet and clean – they are so good that you’ll probably not feel the need to get out.

However, I do find some of the bathrooms’ lack of privacy intriguing to say the least as these bathrooms are separated from the main room by only a wall of transparent glass. But that’s part of the hotel’s charm as well!

If you decide to book your stay at our top choice hotel, you get everything you can hope for: an excellent breakfast included in the price, but also access to the spa and wellness center or the swimming pool.

This hotel is also pet friendly, which is a nice find for those traveling with their pets (you know how difficult it is to find a pet friendly place when you travel!)

And since I mentioned the excellent breakfast earlier, I should say that the food here is truly amazing and you can’t be disappointed, no matter how picky you are.

But you’ll get to experience it by yourself, first hand, when you stay there – and I am sure you won’t stick to the breakfast only and you’ll get back to the hotel for the other meals of the day. They’re offering finger-licking good food that you will love as well!

Located just a few minutes of driving away from the airport, the hotel also offers car rental services, but unfortunately no airport shuttle. So it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close. Definitely worth checking out!

Hotel SET

Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Hotel SET
Best hotels near Bratislava Airport - Hotel SET Room

We’re rounding up our list with Hotel SET, a hotel that offers an alternative to NH Bratislava for those looking for more luxuriant accommodation during their stay in the city.

And this one is the first and only on our list that offers an airport shuttle service – so make sure that you request it when you make the booking.

Although a four-star hotel, this one is smaller and offers a more private and intimate feeling to its guests.

Also, if you enjoy classic furniture, you’ll feel even better at SET since that’s the style they’ve chosen when it comes to decorating the rooms. It’s not really my cup of tea, but I still have to admit that the furniture is of high quality and looks really good.

The rooms themselves are large and if you enjoy your privacy during bathroom visits, you don’t have to worry about glass walls like you might in the NH hotel.

The beds are comfortable and clean, with the rooms being quiet and perfect for a refreshing sleep during the night (or day). As a bonus, most of the rooms have nice terraces that get sunny and bright during the hot summer days.

This is an English-themed hotel, so you can expect a hearty English breakfast buffet available daily (for an extra price), which is well worth it.

The presentation is not extremely spectacular, but the price is just right and for a 4-star hotel, this one can be considered pretty cheap, actually!

It’s location is great too: although in a pretty quiet area, it’s very close to the city center, yet accessible by car to the airport – just 15 minutes away and you can also get the airport shuttle to make sure you don’t get scammed by the taxi drivers. A great option with an unbeatable price for sure!

These would be our recommended hotels close to airport in Bratislava. As we said earlier, they’re all amazing places where you will find exceptionally well. It’s up for you to decide which looks best and go for it.

And if you have any questions related to these hotels, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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