China Love Cupid Review: Is It Worth Trying?

You have a business trip to China. The plane lands in Beijing, it’s all good fun and good negotiations.

You head over to a bar that same night. As you’re sipping your cocktail, a sweet, shy-looking girl comes over. You strike up a conversation and before you know it, you’ve fallen for her.

Then the conversation turns dark. Apparently, her family is struggling financially because of her sick sister. Your girl used to help out but she just lost her job. She came to this bar, hoping to drown the pain. Of course, you write her a check.

Big mistake. Huge.

If you want some vacation romance, it’s best to stick to China Love Cupid. This way, you will stay away from most scammers like the one described above.

Since so many people ask, in this China Love Cupid review we are looking at how effective it really is. We will cover the kind of girls you’ll meet, the challenges to expect, and the success rate you could have (if only you followed our tips). Let’s jump right in!

China Love Cupid Review: In Short

China Love Cupid makes hooking up insanely easy!

For non-Chinese speakers, this is the perfect opportunity to meet beautiful local girls. Browse through thousands of profiles, using their advanced search options. Set up your profile early for the best results!

What Makes It Different

China Love Cupid is dedicated to sparking and nurturing relationships. It is an international dating site. All of the girls there are interested in foreigners.

Chinese woman beautiful

And you might think: why is that even relevant?

Well, China is huge. Outside the business districts, people don’t speak English. You don’t really need to if all of your life is in Chinese.

There is Chinese pop culture, Chinese fashion, Chinese everything. People in China like the West but they tend to stick to their ways.

China Love Cupid, being a premium dating site, only attracts girls who want to date foreigners. Does that limit the choice? Not really.

The “Asian guys only” girls are not your target group anyway for you, right? Chinese Cupid does a great job of giving you exactly what you need.

Besides, if you can’t speak Chinese and the girl is not that great with English, you could use the built-in translation function. It is a complete lifesaver!

Before You Get To China

Join China Love Cupid at least two weeks before your travel. This way, you will have plenty of time to talk to Chinese cuties.

Unlike other countries, where women are sometimes reluctant to meet someone “from the Internet”, China is more relaxed and independent.

happy Chinese girl

To make your experience the most productive possible, make sure you fill out your profile and add a couple of amazing pictures. Chinese girls are not all materialistic.

When it comes to looking cute and being bragging material, they will not compromise. Dress to the 9’s – it’s always better to be overdressed if you ask the Chinese!

China Love Cupid Review: The Girls You Will Meet

It all sounds great but what kind of girls can you expect. After testing out the site, I honestly believe that scammers are more common in real life than they are on the site. Out of the girls I talked to:

  • None asked for money or expensive gifts.
  • There were zero sob stories or guilt trip attempts
  • None set an hourly rate.

All of these girls were either studying or they had completely normal jobs. My personal favourite was the blonde pharmacy student – she was keen, bubbly, yet somehow incredibly feminine.

Women on the China Love Cupid site tend to be more mature and relationship-minded.

Some of them are religious, most are not. China is still officially atheist and officials are forbidden from practicing any religion while in service.

The five major ones (Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism) are recognized but people are discouraged from participating.

In the end, you have people with conservative values but practically no views on religion. It is a lot different than the US but it’s convenient if you yourself are not too much of a believer.

The Pros Of China Love Cupid

china cupid

The biggest advantage to using China Love Cupid is long-distance availability. You can browse through girls from all over China no matter where you are in the world.

Check out and message women from the comfort of your home/ whenever you are staying. This way, you can arrange multiple dates way before the trip itself.

If you’re only going for a couple of days, this is a major draw. You will save tons of time and your chances of getting scammed also go down dramatically.

As a general rule, the better you know the person, the safer it is to date them.

A less obvious perk of dating before you arrive is exploring local culture. China can be overwhelming for a first timer.

Even seasoned travelers experience the culture shock. Having someone local (and having that someone be a cute girl), helps tremendously.

In my experience, Chinese girls have been very sweet and hospitable. They love it when you show interest in their country!

Even if nothing comes out of the relationship, you’d still have those amazing memories from your trip.

The Level Of Security

Security is a major concern when you’re dating online. And it should be. The last thing I want is for one of you guys to get scammed.

When it comes to verification and policing the platform, China Love Cupid does a pretty decent job. The one thing that did disappoint me is they don’t have their customer support in a very visible place.

But here’s a pro tip. If you want to learn more about a company and get most, if not all, of the important information, look at the Terms and conditions.

I know usually nobody reads them. That’s actually fine. But in case a problem comes up, this is your contract with the company. That is where all the information hides.

For China Love Cupid, they are owned by Cupid Media. Cupid Media specializes in niche dating sites. They have over 20 different platforms. Some are for international dating, while others connect fellow Christians and other “non-geographically specific” groups.

Who Are Cupid Media And Can I Trust Them?

Cupid Media is an Australia-registered company. Their headquarters are in Gold Coast, Queensland. They run a variety of international niche dating sites, many of which we’ve discussed multiple times on this site already.

You’re in good hands.

The China Love Cupid team is pretty quick to act on inquiries made through their contact form.

China Love Cupid Review: Will It Work For Me?

china cupid will it work

No guarantees, but I’m pretty sure it will. The site has a huge database, they are a convenient option for travelers, and they offer translation services to facilitate communication.

They are a respectable company with decades of experience in their field. Time after time, Cupid Media has proven to be trustworthy and effective.

But still, there are a couple of situations where China Love Cupid is not for you. Here is a list:

  • You hate paying for dating websites. Fair enough, but you need to upgrade your membership to actually use China Love Cupid properly. If you hate premium dating platforms, this one is not for you.
  • You’re a Tinder hook-up kind of guy. Once again, fair enough, but on China Love Cupid you’d actually have to talk to people. It’s a relationship-centered site. While it can help arrange a quick fling, it is still more work and time than Tinder.
  • You’re just not into dating right now. Why would you even be on a dating platform? Well, either way, make sure you know what you want and are ready for. Your China trip could do without the girls, too. They also have a fascinating culture, you know?

And there you have it. As long as you know what you’re signing up for, China Love Cupid is effective and fun.

You can browse through millions (yes, literal millions) of profiles and meet exciting people from all over the country. So, what are you waiting for? Registration is free, check it out for yourself.


And if you have some comments to add detailing your success with this website, don’t hesitate to let us all know by sharing your thoughts below.

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