5 Off the Grid Cities in Slovakia to Meet Slovakian Girls

There are plenty of beautiful cities in Slovakia. Coincidentally, there are also plenty of beautiful women here.

When Bratislava gets a bit too cliché for you, head over to these hidden gems to meet some more beautiful locals (and explore the country, too, of course).

Busting A Couple Of Myths First

Before we get into the actual part, let me burst a bubble most foreigners live in before they get to Slovakia:

Believe it or not, Slovakia is actually a really developed country. The living standard is quite high, and prices will not look ridiculously low when converted to dollars – you can thank the EU and the Euro for that.

meeting women in Slovakia

Slovakia is a great place to be an expat in because it has the Eastern European charm and some of the Western quality of life.

Don’t expect it to be incredibly cheap like Belarus, though or any of the super-cheap countries where living on $500 a month is possible.

Secondly, this is a tiny country that doesn’t get too many visitors. Most cities outside of Bratislava hardly get any tourist attention.

There is the occasional exception, especially for places close to ski resorts and national parks – but the towns themselves are very underrated.

Prepare to feel like an explorer (but leave the superiority complex at home, people aren’t desperate for visitors either).

Best cities to meet Slovakian Women (apart from Bratislava)

With all that intro in mind, let’s head over to check out the best off-grid cities in the country where you can meet amazing locals. The cities themselves are great (and completely off-grid too) touristic destinations.

Levoča – The Renaissance Wonderland

Cities in Slovakia to Meet Slovakian Girls - Levoča – The Renaissance Wonderland

With a number of gorgeous buildings (and remarkably well-preserved, too), romantic cobble-covered streets, and cosy bars scattered around the town, Levoča is the ultimate destination on the cheap.

The downside of this eastern Slovak town is how tiny it truly is. With a population of a little under 15,000, Levoča is hardly a place of variety.

Locals are very attached to the place, too. Most youngsters end up staying in town (or returning after a couple of years elsewhere).

Which leads to a very limited dating pool where everyone knows everybody. This is pretty much the case for all smaller cities in Slovakia (and there are no large ones) but I will cover this more in depth after sharing this list with you.

Banská Bystrica – Little Heroic Town

Banská Bystrica – Little Heroic Town

This one is a bit bigger. As of the latest demographic census, it has a population of around 78,000, which makes it the fifth largest among the cities in Slovakia.

If that does not tell you how small this country is, I don’t know what will.

Anyhow, Banská Bystrica would be worth visiting even without the added incentive of beautiful Slovakian girls.

Right in the middle of the country, tucked between mountain ranges, this Middle Age copper mining town is still flourishing today.

Banská Bystrica was the wealthiest during the Middle Ages, reflected upon the architectural style of most buildings.

It was also a key city in the Slovak National Uprising where the revolutionaries tried to overthrow a collaborationist government (they were on the side of the Nazis during World War II). 

The movement was launched on 29 August 1944 and although Germans pretty much defeated all of the guerillas, when the Soviet Army came about tables turned unexpectedly.

This heroic past has granted Banská Bystrica and it’s citizens a bit of privilege during communist times.

Even with that aside, the people of Banská Bystrica are still extremely proud of their past and tend to look down on other Slovaks. A local trait, if you will.

What To Do Around Banská Bystrica

Unlike the other cities on this list, there are actually a bunch of visitors coming to Banská Bystrica. It is a historical town surrounded by beautiful mountains and one of the country’s largest cities. It makes sense.

banska bystrica

There are a couple of ski resorts close by including Donovaly which is famous for dogsled racing.

There are also plenty of hiking trails around the city. If you get some time definitely check them out.

There are options for all levels of hikers (or, in other words, even couch potatoes like myself can get a taste of Slovak nature without the risk of twisting an ankle) and they are all nicely marked.

Of course, there are also the historical and cultural landmarks. Make sure you take a couple of hours to stroll around the city aimlessly.

Virtually every building in the center is historical and beautiful. Even if you know nothing about Late Middle Age architecture, you would be seeping in the history.

There is also the City Castle at the edge of SNP Square, enclosed within it’s original fortifications.

The 13th-century church nearby is home to precious Gothic altars and sculptures, with one of the altars carved by the famous Master Paul of Levoča.

The Parish church is a stunning example of how different styles and influences work together with Romanesque and Gothic being the main ones.

So, as you can see, in case you don’t have any luck with the locals, you’ll still get plenty of eye candy from the architecture and plenty of attractions.

And maybe you’ll consider checking out the other guide I wrote about the top 5 cities to meet Romanian women. After all, you’re still in the same geographical area…

Trnava – The Treasure Hiding Right Before Your Eyes

trnava Slovakia

47 km (29 mi) to the north-east of Bratislava, Trnava is but a short drive away from the capital but could not be more different.

With tens (if not hundreds) of churches within it’s walls, Trnava is often called “parva Roma”, i.e. “Little Rome”, or more recently, the “Slovak Rome”. The nickname is quite accurate.

The city has the buzz and lively spirit of the Italian capital with a distinctly Eastern European feel to it.

Trnava has always been an important (and quite rich) city. All that wealth allowed them to build a bunch of Gothic churches – St. Nicolas’s Church, St. Helen’s Church and several church monastery complexes (Clarist, Franciscan and Dominican)

Then, during the Rennaisance, the Seminary and Archbishop’s Palace were erected. The fortifications also date back from that period.

The Ottoman Turks were near at the time and people had to protect themselves as much as possible. Hence the lack of any Medieval fortress remains.

Finally, there is Baroque.

Yup, Trnava truly has it all. By the time the 17th century rolled around they were already slowly transitioning to Baroque.

Eventually, most of the buildings were renovated in that exciting new style. What you now see during a stroll around Trnava is Baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and the occasional Rennaisance place.

Make sure you check out the Galéria Jána Koniarka inside the former city synagogue, too. The building is one of the rare examples of newer constructions in Trnava.

And although the gallery does not have any big international names (well, big, international, and popular enough for non-connoisseurs to recognize them), it is worth the time nonetheless.

Cities In Slovakia With The Best Nightlife

clubbing in Slovakia

I would have to give it to Bratislava on this one.

But that does not mean there aren’t any cool parties at more off-the-grid destinations like Levoča or Banská Bystrica.

Just don’t expect clubs with multiple dancefloors and super-huge crowds. Slovak nightlife is much more about bars, nice drinks, and great company. And the occasional dance.

Basically, it is a much more grown-up party scene. If you are in for a bit more than that, look for the festivals.

There are a bunch of big ones throughout the year and they are as party hard as life gets in Slovakia. Which is a lot.

Either way, I hope you have an great trip to Slovakia and meet some girls. Or a nice Slovakian man. Your choice.

How the Size of Cities in Slovakia Is the Best AND Worst Thing Ever

You are not in Slovakia just to explore the architecture and stunning nature. You want to meet a nice Slovakian local. And you ended up on this article. But a city with 15K inhabitants really doesn’t sound like a lot to choose from.

Or is it?

Let’s assume half of the 15K are women. That leaves you with 7,500 women to choose from.

But, obviously, not all are of suitable age. Around 20% of them are in the 20-30 age range. That is still 1500 eligible girls.

Of course, some of them will have a boyfriend and some will be uninterested in you for any other reason that does or doesn’t depend on them. Even if that is half of them, you are still left with 750 girls to choose from.

But it gets better.

Small towns are notorious for gossip. In a tiny community where you grew up with most of your potential suitors, know their families, dating history, and even a bunch of embarrassing stories about them, it is pretty much impossible to meet someone new and exciting.

Which is exactly your edge. As a foreigner in a place that doesn’t receive too many of those, you have all the ‘mysterious guy’ points. You’ll seem to be exotic and attractive.

So, don’t despair. As tiny as cities in Slovakia may be, there are plenty of beautiful girls for you to meet there.

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