The Ultimate Guide To Danish Women

Danes are beautiful: both the men, and then women. It is no wonder that we get so many questions about them – meeting Danish women, dating them, the expectations you should have, the potential culture shock, and when it could happen.

So it has finally come – your ultimate guide to Danish women is here – with all the important details and insider secrets. Let’s get started!

Dating Is Hard in Denmark

love for Denmark

People in Denmark don’t really talk to strangers and approaching a girl the way you would in any other country would get you nowhere, more often than not.

Especially during the day, people tend to mind their own business, headphones on, huge puffer jacket shielding them from the elements, not even crossing eyes with other people on the sidewalk.

Danish girls, especially younger ones, tend to be the worst in that aspect. I wrote an in-depth article on the matter, sharing the dark side of Danish girls. Make sure to read that too when you’re done with this article.

Back to dating and especially approaching women in Denmark, it’s worth noting that in bars and nightclubs, they travel in packs and usually only talk to their friends.

If you do end up talking to one, there is a very high probability that her girlfriends will eventually grab her back and start gossiping about you in Danish.

Obviously, this happens in other countries as well, but it tends to be much more common in Denmark.

But if you want to make things as easy as possible, you can move online. A website creating for dating will obviously feature girls that are interested, making everything a lot easier.

The best place to start is International Cupid – make sure to sign up today and test the waters. You will be extremely satisfied, I guarantee it!

Danish Girls Can’t Flirt

It might be harsh but it’s true. Keeping up with the ‘Danes are slightly socially awkward’ theme, Danish women really actually don’t know how to flirt.

approaching Danish women

There is no attraction build-up for them and so the whole cold b*tch act makes sense. They either like you or they don’t, there is no middle ground in most cases. (Sure, I am generalizing for the sake of writing an article, but you get that!)

That being said, Danish women are not afraid to make the first move. If they are interested in you, they would be happy to initiate conversation – whether you are in a bar or a busy coffee shop.

It is a very straightforward culture, with more than this to appreciate about it.

Admittedly, that does eliminate the whole pleasure of the chase but it can also make dating a much simpler affair.

You like a girl? Ask her out.

Danish women are not the flaky ‘Sure, maybe we could meet up sometime’ type. If they are not into you it is an immediate rejection.

Harsh? Yes. Better than getting stood up? Absolutely!

You Can Get with Danish Women by Meeting the Guys First

This is a hands-down genius technique that I am so sad I did not come up with myself.

I read about it from Kay who blogs at How To Live In Denmark – she mentioned it in her article about Danish women and it is honestly one of the best ways to meet girls in Denmark.

As I already told you, Danes are notoriously cold to strangers. Your best bet is to stop being a stranger.

While befriending the ‘DUFF’ of the group could be an option, guys are an easier, much more fool-proof way of coming into the friend circle.

You already know how to make friends with a fun dude at a party, right?

Well, in case you don’t, here are three safe and universally loved topics to talk about. They all have the bonus of also working for girls. In other words, you would not be risking the night flying by as you chat with some dude about sports.

The Party – including the music, the drinks, the people there. If you are at a club you can ask if most discos are like that in Denmark or comment on this being so much more fun than the nightlife in your country (even if it’s not true).

Also talk about various cities in the country that they’d recommend. Speaking of which, I already wrote an important article about the best cities in Denmark to meet Danish girls (besides Copenhagen).

Your Travels – Ask for secret, locals-only places that you could visit. Danes, girls and guys alike, are usually very interested in foreign cultures and mentioning that you are a traveler is a great way to break the ice.

Food – Danes love their food. They have solid reasons for that too as Danish food is amazing. You can read more about it here.

But back to this, if you are at a house party, the easiest way to connect is over a bowl of chips.

At bars and discos, you could ask what junk food spots are still open in the middle of the night.

Post-alcohol cravings are something we can all relate to and self-depreciating jokes like ‘Sometimes I enjoy the food more than the clubbing.’ are an easy way to be funny without offending anyone.

After chatting for a while, you could directly ask about a girl you are interested in or just keep drinking and talking with your new friends.

I would recommend the second approach because in the first case it becomes obvious that you only started the conversation to get with their friend (or worse, girlfriend).

If you do go for the direct approach always have an exit strategy. If you want to, you can read more about men in Denmark here.

One-Night Stands Are a Big Thing Here

Danish women are definitely not opposed to casual relationships.

Most of them are outwardly feminist, independent and positive, so expect them to be very open to experimentation.

In fact, having some fun with a stranger you met at a club has pretty much become the rule for Danish nights out.

Even dates, unless you asked her out to a nice restaurant or somewhere romantic like that (as opposed to ‘drinks after work’), often end in the bedroom.

So, needless to say – don’t go for the romantic date unless that is absolutely your style.

She would probably carry a condom in her purse if she went out expecting to end up in your (or somebody else’s) bed, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Hygge, Hygge, And More Hygge

If you haven’t heard of that term, have you even been on the Internet in the last few months? Denmark brought us the concept of cosines and comfort as a way of life.

Yes, maybe not a very long life, but a happy one. Danish people constantly score highest on happiness rankings.

Danish women are embracing the hygge tradition to it’s fullest. You can see it in the way they dress, eat, drink, and choose to spend their time. Don’t expect big ambition from your Danish boo.

She probably isn’t interested in your top management position, either. The priorities are different in Denmark. It is the furthest thing from a class society you can imagine.

Virtually everyone is well-off (and consequently the country is very expensive).

Some Closing Words On Danish Women

Obviously, Nordic women are not everyone’s cup of tea. The same goes for Danish women, who are, as we’ve seen above, independent and open minded. I personally dig this type of women, but it’s OK if you don’t – it’s a big world out there.

And if things do get serious, I’ve got you covered. I shared some Danish boy name ideas in a previous article, as well as some Viking inspired names for boys and girls. You know… just in case!

Do you have any stories or tips on meeting and dating Danish women? Let us know by sharing your comments below.

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  1. I’m born and raised in Denmark (have lived here for 43 years) and I can say for sure that I am done with Danish women. They are spoiled, – really REALLY can’t flirt but expects men to be oh so fascinating. Most have mediocre educations and can’t keep up a decent conversation. They are not very feminine and doesn’t care much for how they look. They are freaking tall, and 50% are obese. Forget having them as partners. -They will try to dominate you and will behave like spoiled kids if you don’t allow them. Do yourself a favor and avoid them and any cost.


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