Guide to Dating Albanian Women: Looks, Personality & What to Expect

Albanian women are the hidden gem of Europe. I am writing this guide now, knowing that in a few years they’ll no longer be as “hidden gems” as they are today.

But for now, you’re in for a major treat if you’re one of the “pioneers” visiting Albania and taking advantage of your foreigner status when it comes to dating the girls here.

And do prepare to be treated like a king by these amazing women who always manage to stand out in the Balkans region, usually a step ahead of their direct “competitors” like the nearby Bulgarian girls or the fiery Serbian women.

Dating in Albania: Online still rules!

I won’t hide behind the bush: Albanian ladies love a foreigner, especially if you’re coming from the richer parts of the world. This doesn’t mean that they’re overly materialistic – it’s just how things are in the region.

And even though your status as a foreigner here gives you a massive advantage when it comes to scoring the beauties this country has to offer (and there’s plenty of them!), you will be surprised with how successful you can be by playing the online game.

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You will also get past most gold diggers and scammers on this website, where you have better chances to meet genuine Albanians. At least when compared to the night clubs. You will meet plenty of great girls here.

Sure, it’s a premium website, so you’ll have to buy at least a month of premium service – but trust me, it’s the best approach. You will easily get at least a few dates lined up and, as long as you use your common sense, you will score a truly special girls – there’s plenty of them in Albania anyway!

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Physical Appearance of Albanian Women

beautiful Albanian girl

You probably know that since you’re here, but let me tell you once more: Albanians are beautiful, offering that perfect Balkan look mixed with distinct Mediterranean features.

Albanian girls are naturally beautiful and their beauty is accentuated by the care they have for their bodies and the clothes they wear. Yes, it’s a common trait in the region, but I’ll never complain.

Did you know? Albania is one of the few European countries where you can live for $750 a month. Another solid reason to like it here!

Main Personality Traits of Albanian Women

Albanian women are usually loyal and resilient, giving 100% to the relationship. They are a bit more traditionalistic in their views, meaning that they expect the man to pay after the date, to hold their door when entering, and generally be chivalrous – which is exactly what all men should do anyway, in my opinion.

Despite all these, don’t consider Albanian girls narrow-minded. On the contrary, they are smart and open minded, with a strong character and pretty fiery, just like other women in the region.

I mean, they’re like a perfect mix between a Greek woman and an exotic one from Brazil, for example. It’s difficult to put it in words – but trust me when I say it: you’ll be really satisfied with what they have to offer. So make sure to give them your best too!

What’s It Like Dating an Albanian Girl

fancy Albanian woman

If you’ve ever dated an Eastern European woman before, expect a similar experience. But with a bit of extra on top of the already amazing experience.

I might be wrong, but the impression I had when it came to dating Albanian girls is that they’re trying a bit more than other girls to really impress.

It might be because their country is not yet as popular as others in the region (and as it should be), it might be that that’s just the way they are… but they do try their best when it comes to giving you everything they have in a relationship.

I’m not only talking about the passionate side of things here – although you will truly appreciate that. But also on a deeper level, you will see that they like to get truly involved, they care, they listen and they give back too. It’s really nice.

Dating an Albanian girl, therefore, comes with a deep sense of commitment and respect. Relationships are taken seriously, with a significant emphasis on honesty and exclusivity.

Some might accept a more modern approach to dating, but the general rule is that you’re dating an Albanian woman, she’s the only one you’re dating. And trust me, once you do, you won’t need more!

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How do Albanian women show interest?

Albanian women often express interest subtly, even though they are indeed attracted by foreigners – and even though they are open-minded. But the Albanian culture overall is a bit more traditional, so women approaching you (or even openly showing interest) is rare.

This is why I recommend going the online route via my recommended website. It’s easier and you are 100% sure that she’s interested in starting a relationship. But if you want to do it the hard way, here’s the signs to look out for:

  • Extended eye contact and smiles thrown your way: Holding your gaze and offering warm smiles is a big sign that she’s interested in you.
  • More playful interactions: Gentle teasing, sharing inside jokes, or playful touches (those “accidental” touches) usually are a sign of interest, especially in younger girls.
  • Compliments and gestures: If they seem to appreciate everything you do, or offer small gestures of kindness, like sharing food or remembering your preferences, that’s also a good sign!
  • Increased effort in appearance: Taking extra care with their outfit or hairstyle when they know they’ll see you could be a sign of interest. But not if it’s the only one because, as I already told you, Albanian girls love to look good at all times.

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Tips & Tricks for Making a Relationship with a Woman from Albania Work

young and beautiful modern Albanian girl

OK, I will get past the traditional crap you already know about (hopefully), like being a truly genuine man who respects her and treats her nicely, who is patient and appreciates her culture.

This is what everybody knows. But there’s some more insider-type knowledge I want to share with those who have already started dating an Albanian woman and want to impress her.

First of all, know that little gifts make all the difference. Buy her flowers, bring her chocolate or a nice book or something symbolic when you see her. It doesn’t have to be expensive – although some will appreciate it too – it just has to show that you think about her and you like to see her happy.

When meeting her family – because you will get there with an Albanian girl, sooner rather than later – understand the significance of this gesture and appreciate it. She’s basically inviting you into her most private circle, so make sure to do your best to leave a solid impression. Usually, getting the approval of her family is very important.

And with the parties and amazing gatherings involving Albanian families, you do want to be appreciated and invited – it’s a lot of fun!

Lastly, embrace the concept of ‘besa’ – a cornerstone of Albanian culture that represents honor and faith.

Basically, it’s like an oath you make – let your actions demonstrate that you’re a man of your word, someone who understands the weight of promises in building a life together.

And this would be all I have for you on Albanian women. Do you have any additional insights or maybe field reports? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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