Guide to Men in Finland: What Are They Like in a Relationship?

Finland has been ranked in the World’s Happiest Country by the World Happiness Report for six years in a row now – from 2018 to 2023.

This sounds promising especially if you have a crush on an attractive Finnish man. But is this enough to guarantee that a man from the happiest country in the world will make you happy as well? Read on to find out!

The truth is that it may not be as simple as it sounds. In a relationship, it always takes two to tango.

If you are interested in dating a Finn, you must acquaint yourself with the Finnish culture and its nuances so you can connect better with your significant other (or crush or whatever he is at the moment).

So, to make sure that you’re fully prepared for this, let’s jump right in and check out everything there is to be known about Finnish men and what to expect from them in a relationship.

Characteristics of Finnish Men

As your set your sights towards building a deeper relationship with your Finn, you will most likely encounter talk of the stereotypes about them.


They might hold some truth, in a sense, but the better knowledge of their innate cultural traits will make you understand where Finnish men are coming from – and they are pretty special.

So, let’s jump right in and see what you should be prepared for when it comes to men from Finland.

Emotions in Check

The main characteristic you must accept with Finnish men is that they are not showy when it comes to emotions. Don’t get it wrong – they feel you – only they’re not as expressive.

Many Finns would say that you’d have to get them drunk first before they can open up their soul! This is a usual point of friction if a woman is used to having a more expressive partner.

But the Finnish man prefers quiet celebration. In difficult or problematic situations, they are most likely thinking of solutions despite their outward nonchalance.

From this point of view, they are pretty similar to men from Sweden.

Getting It Right

If there is one thing that a Finnish man would be quick to speak up about, it’s when dangerous situations arise or if any incident or shortcoming threatens to hamper functionality and safety.

They shed off their shyness to point our inadequacies. This is often mistaken as being overly righteous or even rude. But this is never the intention for Finns. They step out, speak up, and do stuff because they care.

Finnish girls are used to this, so if you want to stand a chance against local competition, prepare for it as well!

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This trait is connected to what is mentioned above. Finnish men often assess a situation and act on the initiative with a solution even if it is not required of them.

This might be embodied in something they call Sisu in Finnish which embodies their spirit and tenacity to get the job done right.

Remember that this is in problem-solving or results-oriented tasks. He might not do the same romantically.

But you can be sure that if you need ideas on how to solve a problem – bring it up to him and he would surely be proactive with it. Just consider this their love language.


This may be the first-nature of a typical male, but in a typical Finn, you will find him intensely competitive in the realms of work and targets.

They are not confrontational in their competition but speak in terms of output and achievements.

In essence, they are competing with themselves, trying to be better, bigger, stronger, faster. You get the picture. This is fertile ground for innovation and results-oriented decision-making.

Pushing It to the Extreme

One aspect in a Finnish man that is quite prevalent is when they love something – they go big on it.

Count in their extreme work ethics, love for drinking, generous meals, extended sauna times, among many others.

It is often chalked up as personal outlets for gratification. There is usually no halfhearted effort when it comes to a Finn.

Men in Finalnd Do Laugh!

Your Finnish man loves a good joke – the only thing is that you might not find it funny at first.

Finns are noted for their dry, sardonic, and sarcastic humor. It is often said with straight faces and serious attitudes.

Then you’ll find a whole room burst out in guffaws. They lean to satirical self-deprecation and dark descriptions.

There might be times when you will take some info tidbit from your Finnish man, consider it a fact, then be left wondering much later on if it was a joke!

Don’t fret.

It happens.

You’ll get used to it and soon get into the flow.

What Is It Like Dating a Finnish Man?

finland man woman

Having been acquainted with their base traits, you might find it hard to navigate through the culture.

Here are some tidbits and few tips to help you have a more positive experience while dating a Finnish man.

Social Equality Rules

You must remember that in Finland, men treat women as their equals. That being said, don’t expect him to pay on the first date. They do not want to undermine your independence as a woman.

This is, as you might have heard already, how things are in all Nordic countries – including men from Denmark, about whom I wrote recently.

Finnish men and women are also more liberal. They usually do the wild thing before a relationship turns serious.

Consider your boundaries but misunderstand that once the relationship turns physical it is serious.

Speak Up!

Finnish men are, by nature, less expressive. In a relationship, they would appreciate tactful comments and direct cues on what you prefer.

Once they know it, they act on it. It’s time to demolish the desire to have a mind reader as a boyfriend when dating a Finnish guy.

Always remember the thought behind this behavior is they do not want to give you something you might not need or want.

Don’t Play Around

Finns incline to date only one person at a time. Just don’t string him along with a bunch of other guys. It is quite offensive to them so stick to one partner at a time.

Communication is Key

small Finland flag

Communicating with your Finnish man shouldn’t be a problem. In Finland, learning English is mandatory in the educational system, and 70% of the population speaks good English.

Be direct in your choice of words to avoid miscommunication and do learn some words in Finnish. You will find that this will be greatly appreciated and can diffuse in some difficult situations.

Feel free to ask and clarify in confusing situations but never assume a confrontational tone.

And speaking of communication, make sure to learn a few basics too. For example, you can start by learning how to say Merry Christmas in Finnish.

Talk – Don’t Text

If there is something difficult to fathom about Finnish men is, they have a quirky way of texting.

Even Finnish women don’t understand the thriftiness in their wording. It’s better to call and talk when it comes to communicating on the phone with Finnish men.

And while we’re on the subject of cellphones, don’t inundate him with forwarded messages or long texts as well.

Just avoid this completely. If you have to send a text, be clear and direct and expect the same in return.

The “How Are You” Dilemma

While many cultures find ‘How are you?” as a very effective conversation starter, in Finland, you will most often get a pause and a blank stare.

Not that they do not know what it means but it is a question whose proper answers require a thorough explanation. It is quite a personal query for an acquaintance.

It could also be too broad. When you ask your Finnish date – “How are you?” his mind will automatically rifle through the different aspects of life, not knowing where to begin.

Don’t be too flashy!

In Finland, there is a saying – “Vain rumat ne vaatteilla koreilee” which translated means “Only unattractive ones need bouncy clothes”.

The gist is very clear.

Your Finnish man will not be impressed with your flashy wardrobe, contour, and highlight makeup, or branded accouterments.

They like it to KISS (Keep it Simple and Straightforward).

Dress practically and let your true beauty shine. And keep your social media profile pic true to your real looks!


Finnish man offering a gift

In general, Finnish men are very practical and more often than not, give sensible gifts. Overtly expensive and flashy tokens are awkward for them.

The best go-to gifts would be food or coffee. As your relationship progresses, you might consider more practical gifts as well. These are more valued and appreciated than going over the top.

Also, keep in mind, you will be receiving the same so don’t be disappointed. Indeed it’s the thought that counts and Finnish men aren’t suckers for the ads and marketing for useless stuff.

Be Punctual

Finnish men are fastidiously time-conscious. Never be fashionably late or late-late. Just come on time or earlier. I

f, for some VALID reason you can’t, inform him so he won’t get infuriated waiting for you.

Family Matters

Finnish men may not be quite verbal in making your relationship official. In many cases locally, relationships just follow the natural progression and become more serious without “making it official.”

There would be several indicators that your Finnish man is taking your relationship more seriously. This might include discussing plans of settling down.

Introducing you to family members is also a big step for them. And according to the Finnish culture, the best testimony of his love is when he moves towards building you a future family home or setting up a place to live together.

The Finnish Man: More than Meets the Eye

It helps when we know the culture of the man we are dating. Local habits and practices shape the way people act and two people from different cultures can easily clash because of misunderstanding.

Do not be deceived by the ore reserved outward attitude of the Finnish man.

Deep inside, they are a treasure – responsible partners who will look after your welfare, loving in their unique way, and perfect lifetime partners with who you can weather life’s uncertainties with. Peel the outer layers and enjoy a lifetime with the yummy center.

Do you have experience dating a man from Finland? Let us know your thoughts below!

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