Important Tips to Save Money when You Travel

When you travel abroad, you are exposed to scams and usually you end up losing money – because that’s what you call it when you spend extra cash for things that would otherwise be a lot cheaper. But today I will share with you some important tips to start saving your money during your holiday / vacation abroad. This is especially useful to beginner travelers who didn’t get the chance to experience all this – I know I got burned so many times that I’ve now learned my lesson. Don’t do the same mistakes and follow these tips to save money during your vacation!

1. If you don’t have a package with the flight included, make sure you search for the best option online. Don’t just use a single site to search for the best (aka cheapest) flight, make sure to check out more and always try to also visit the official website of the airline because there you usually get the best prices. Bonus: if you know the exact dates a couple of months before, it’s even better and the prices will be lower!

2. If you are not going to the beach where you need a pool and hotel to relax and you plan to explore a country or city, try finding a place to rent rather than staying at a hotel. You can find amazing deals on sites like AirBNB or Tripping.

3. Follow the locals: they certainly know where to get the best rates. For example, in Paris cafes, you will pay more than double the price of a coffee if you decide to drink it while sitting at a table instead of drinking it standing at the bar or take it on the go! Pay attention at what the locals do and follow their lead. You will save a lot of money this way and you will always know that you will eat/drink in popular locales with high quality and fresh content!

4. Activities: many important cities have city passes that offer you a ton of discounts. If not, try to look and book your activities or buy tickets online, as most of the attractions have special prices for those who purchase online and/or in advance.

5. Souvenirs: these are the things that we end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on, even though they don’t worth that much! If the suggestion to think twice before purchasing a knitted vest with a smiley on it won’t do it, at least try to look around and don’t buy from the first place you see – try to look around and go for local merchants instead of souvenir shops where prices are very high. Also learn prior to your purchase if you can bargain in that country: in Turkey, for example, you usually get the products half the price of what it’s asked for if you bargain.

These 5 money saving tips should help you keep some extra money in your pockets instead of putting them in the pockets of the locals who want to scam you.

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