Jarvis / Jasper AI Review: Impressions after Using It Extensively

Even though I’ve been living exclusively off blogging since 2008, I missed out on most (if not all) major opportunities and cows to milk: from exact match domains to small micro niche sites and PBNs and everything in between… even with Crypto, I was always late to the party (or never took part).

This is the reason why I decided to let no stone unturned when a potential opportunity appears. Try everything, as soon as I find about it.

And such an opportunity seems to be AI. Or AI writing tools – since this is blogging that we’re talking about – and specifically Jasper.ai (formerly known as Jasper AI).

I have decided to test it for myself and today, after a bit over of two months playing with Jarvis/ Jasper, I am here to tell you my honest opinion in today’s review – no affiliate links here so you can rest assured that I have no hidden agenda.

Jasper AI review summary

While I don’t think that AI writing tools are ready to take over editorial duties on major and even smaller blogs, I have to admit that it is impressive and a bit shocking to see just how good Jasper can be when it comes to writing articles.

Even though in needs a nudge every now and then and sometimes it can produce strange, nonsensical content, Jasper usually does a great job at writing text that is both engaging and easy to read.

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It does miss on delivering actual, factual information (but not always!) so it requires fact checking and editing, but it is a great tool that helps produce content faster in specific niches that are a bit more on the creative side.

What is Jasper AI?

AI writing tools

You probably know that already since you’re here, but in case you don’t, I’ll sum it up quickly below.

Jasper.ai is a relatively new AI writer that has made a big splash in the content writing world. It offers a lot of features and options that make it a very powerful tool for creating human-like content. You will actually be surprised to see just how good it is.

Sure, Jasper is much better at some types of copy than others. It can write really good short, straight to the point messages, but not so good lengthy, highly researched and factually true articles.

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So if you need it for something extremely factual or technical, chances are that right now Jasper won’t do a great job. But for the more creative part of things… it is actually amazing!

My opinions about Jasper.ai

I will have Jasper review itself (read below to see how it did), but until then, I want to share my opinion first.

I have to say that I am pretty much blown away by Jasper! I am only judging it from a blogger’s perspective and in terms of article writing capabilities. Some are using it for generating product descriptions, short reviews and such – and are even more pleased than I am.

But for me, using Jasper to produce articles has been a really big surprise: most of them have been pretty decent to say the least.

Sure, it’s not as easy as pressing a button and getting your article written. It still needs some help and nudging and adjusting (and especially fact checking), but overall, it is a great tool that can help a lot and especially speed up a lot the content creation process.

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If you are writing about a niche you are already familiar with, then Jarvis aka Jarvis will help out even more. You already know when it makes a mistake and you already know what should be written, in general terms. It just does it faster than you could.

I have personally produced some bits of content that were really good – and some that were truly awful. But it’s not difficult to simply discard the awful bits and keep trying until it gets it right.

With very simple, short articles, I can usually be done and over in around 10 minutes (for 500 – 750 words).

Sometimes, I just let Jasper create an article and then I edit it and work on it and add more meat to the bone – as well as factual information. It works really well like this. Much faster than having to write articles all by myself and starting from scratch.

Actually, I initially wanted to let Jasper write this article all by itself and let you know that was the case at the end. But I decided against it – it wouldn’t have been fair.

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But I did try that experiment – and you can check it out below!

Jasper’s review of… Jasper.ai

Here are the two paragraphs that I had Jasper write with the title “Is Jasper Any Good?”:

“The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for in a content writing tool. Jasper.ai is definitely one of the most powerful and feature-rich AI writers available, and it can create high-quality content that looks very natural. However, it may be too complex for some users, and it can be a bit pricey.

Overall, this AI writer is a good choice for those who want something more than the standard article spinner. It’s also great for anyone looking to save money and time by not having to hire writers.”

Here’s the image taken directly from Jasper, with it answering directly to the question “Is Jarvis any good?” (I ran this test before the name change).

jarvis review screenshot
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I have not edited or altered the text in any way. I just hit the compose button twice and let Jasper work its magic. (It did produce a bit of extra content at the end that I deleted)

The text looks and sounds really good. It’s unique, it makes sense, it’s interesting t o read and seems to be correct from all points of view.

And it was all written by a machine!

Of course, it will sometimes produce unusable content. I would say that, with the test articles that I have produced in various niches and on various topics, some 30% of the article had to be rewritten (by Jasper by simply pressing a few keys) or deleted since it made no sense or it was just bad.

However, this takes just a few seconds – a lot less than it takes to edit a human writer’s article, and even less than it takes to produce the content yourself.

Take a look at the only article written by Jasper that I have published on this site: Countries where you can live on $500 per month.

Have in mind that this article is almost exclusively written by AI! Yes, I did the research and instructed it on what countries to write about, but most of the text is not created by me. I just edited it and made sure that the information is correct.

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All in all in all, just writing the article (without any research included) would’ve taken me some 60 – 90 minutes. With Jasper, I got it done in maybe 20 minutes, with my editing included. That is simply amazing.

But, despite all the great stuff, I am still not ready to let Jasper take over the creative writing on my blogs. The technology is not there yet, but I think that it will soon be. And this is a bit scary.

Because once Jasper can produce 100% accurate and high quality content, it will only be a matter of having enough time to throw hundreds and hundreds of articles online. There are some who already do this with at least some success.

But for now, it’s difficult for Jasper AI to produce high quality content in many niches – I would never let it write a review of a laptop or give financial advice, for example. Much of the content it produces can be full of fluff and not extremely on the point, but much of it is.

I have to admit, at the same time, that Jasper did produce bits of content that I considered brilliant and on many occasions I had to admit that it wrote better than me. sure, I am a non native English speaker… but even so, having a machine write better content is… strange.

Jasper AI review – conclusion

In conclusion, I believe that I am not wrong to jump on the AI writing wagon and I do believe that it will grow really fast and become an important ally of website owners worldwide.

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While I don’t think that Jasper is ready to take over the entire content production of websites that put great emphasis on quality, it is capable of producing at least decent content which, with the help of a human editor, can offer high quality information.

The biggest advantage that you get from using an AI content writing tool like Jasper is the speed with which you can produce the content.

And this is extremely important in specific cases where you target low competition, low traffic keywords where the competition is already slim and chances of ranking are higher.

I don’t want to go into the morals of using a machine to produce content. Is it right, is it wrong, should Google penalize it (or promote it more)? These are questions that don’t really matter right now.

What matters the most is that Jasper is a fairly easy to use AI writer that can help bloggers a lot when it comes to producing tons of content fast.

Jasper.AI Pricing and Features

jarvis pricing model
Jarvis AI pricing details as of December 2021

To get the most out of Jasper with basically unlimited power, rewriting and number of words available to be produced daily, you will need to sign up for the so-called Boss Plan. This costs $119 per month, but you can literally end up paying cents per article if you have enough time and easy article topics for you to start with.

But there are three pricing options when it comes to Jasper:

Starter – at $29 per month, it basically allows you to try it out and see if it is a tool that you could put to good use or not. It allows you to generate a maximum of 20,000 words and only offers a few of the main features that the Boss Mode allows, but it’s enough to see how good it is overall.

Pro Plan – for $59 per month, you get a lot more features, including the useful Long Form Assistant (which is perfect for writing blog posts from scratch), as well as up to 50,000 words of text to be produced each month. Probably enough for most people.

Boss Mode – this is the plan I am using, which basically gives you unlimited articles and words created each month and unlocks all of the features that Jasper has. Having in mind that it costs as much as one to four articles would normally cost if you ordered them from freelancers, it’s not that much.


While Jasper is not ready to completely take over editorial duties on a website and eliminate the need of at least some editing (by an actual human being), it can produce incredibly good content at the moment and I am sure it will only get better.

Sure, it does lack the craftsmanship and ability to produce truly outstanding content like the best copywriters and authors would, but most of the people don’t use that type of content anyway.

For your regular blog, Jasper is already a very solid ally and it can produce really good content – at least just as good as acceptable writers you can find out on various services, but at a lower overall cost.

Have you tried Jasper out? What’s your impression of it and AI content writing in general? Should be, as bloggers, be worried that sooner rather than later AI writing will make life very difficult for most bloggers out there?

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