Meals in Prague and Price Examples

What’s great about Prague is how many different types of cuisines are available. If you go further east to a place like Ukraine, it becomes harder and harder to find some of the best cuisines in the world–Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Cuban, etc.

Prague, on the other hand, has all of these and more (kinda like Krakow’s food).

When you’re considering traveling to a new city, it’s always good to get an idea of what it’s going to cost you to eat. And having people with boots on the ground showing you the quality of the meals for the price you get is always the best analysis (versus just reading reviews that are paid for on sites like Yelp).

Exotic Meals In Prague

exican at Cantina Praha 6

I’ve visited Cantina Praha 6 several times and have never been disappointed. This is as close as it gets to the Mexican food you can get in San Diego, California without actually going to California.

The prices are a bit expensive–by normal Prague standards. And this is a restaurant that is pretty far off the track as far as tourism goes (as it’s on the other side of the river from the Old Town Square).

Mexican at Cantina Praha 6

Expect to pay about 250-300 CZK for most meals, with steaks and high-quality beef being a bit more expensive.

They have a large selection of tequila, too.

I went there on a date the other night, and got the following:

  • Steak and chicken fajitas
  • Diablo quesadilla
  • 1 Corona
  • 1 Stella
  • 1 shot of Don Julio

The total came to 880 CZK–it should be noted that the shot of Don Julio was nearly 200 CZK by itself.

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All in all it came out to about $35.

Certainly reasonable for a high-quality meal, but maybe not quite as cheap as you’d think an Eastern European city would be.

Mexican at Cantina Praha 6 Steak and chicken fajitas
Mexican at Cantina Praha 6 Quesadilla

Vietnamese at Pho Family Praha 2

Prague definitely has an (over) saturation of family-owned Asian restaurants. Generally speaking, the dinkier and more hole-in-the-wall an Asian place looks–the better it is!

Pho Family gives that impression from the outside, but the decor inside (and the food!) don’t disappoint.

Again, on a date the other night:

  • 1 bowl of Pho Ba Ga
  • 1 order of pad thai chicken
  • 3 spring rolls
  • 2 beers

Total came out to 350 CZK–or $14 USD.

Vietnamese at Pho Family Praha 2 bowl of Pho Ba Ga
Vietnamese at Pho Family Praha 2 pad thai chicken

Pour Conclure

Prague has a lot to offer as far as food goes, and at mostly reasonable prices. Just make sure you stay tuned to see other recommendations in this great city!

Avoid the tourist traps at all costs and your Prague dining experience will be fantastic.

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