Top Things to Do in Belek / Bogazkent

This year, we are preparing for an Ultra All Inclusive holiday in the Bogazkent region of Turkey – near Belek, close to their flagship Antalya. And of course, I did some research over the internet about things to do in Belek & Bogazkent and after learning about their attractions and things to do, I have decided to share them with you in case you’re asking yourself the same question.

The funny thing is that basically there is not much to do in Belek or Bogazkent except from visiting the local mosque, the supermarkets and the weekly Bazaar that happens every Wednesday (and includes all Genuine Fake goods you can think of). However, since both Belek and Bogazkent are so close to the amazing Antalya (40 minutes by car/taxi), that’s where the real fun can start. So here are the things to do during your holiday, except for enjoying the resort you’re spending most of your time at:

1. Duden Waterfalls

Situated in a park near the city center of Antalya, the Duden Waterfalls are absolutely amazing: the sound of the water is extremely relaxing and the views are beautiful. Locals choose this amazing area for picnics and the air is absolutely amazing. A must visit when you are in Belek / Bogazkent

2. Kursunlu Waterfalls

Another Waterfall, this time a bit off the city center but situated in an even bigger national park. Serene and wonderful, the Kursunlu Waterfalls (Kurşunlu Şelalesi) will amaze you with the amazing wild life (not life threatening!) and views. Make sure to have your camera with you!

3. MiniCity Antalya

A small park in Antalya filled with miniature buildings, replicas of the most famous buildings in Turkey. A great place to visit in order to see some attractions at a smaller scale.

4. Aspendos

If you’re fond of history and you’d like to see how the Greeks and Romans lived in ancient times, then Aspendos is the place to visit. A very well preserved amphitheater and many other attractions await for you there. There are also snakes and lizards, so make sure to wear real shoes and if possible long trousers!

5. Manavgat Boat Trip

You can spend one entire day on a boat running down the Manavgat river and watch the great Manavgat waterfall. You’ll eat barbeque on the beach and get tanned on the top of the boat – a relaxing day that you’ll spend lying in the sun.

6. Perge

Another ancient city that can be taken as a tour from local operators together with Aspendos and the Kursunlu Waterfalls. Again, well preserved ruins await you here together with bits of history.

7. Troy Aqua Park

Basically the only attraction and must visit that’s actually in Belek! It’s a huge aquapark that is yours to visit for free if you stay at the Rixos Premium Hotel in Belek. If not, for an entrance fee, you will be able to experience the 12m high kamikaze sliders (among many other attractions), as well as visit the Dolphinarium.

So as you can see, there are quite a few things you can and should do if you decide to spend your holiday in Turkey, in the Belek / Bogazkent region. And if you do, don’t forget to come back and share your experience with our readers!

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