Why Armenia Is an Amazing Place to Visit Right Now

Armenia doesn't find its way on "top destinations" list and not many people can pinpoint the landlocked country on the map. But despite all this, Armenia is an amazing country to visit and you'll find out why in this article. You'll be surprised to see and hear how much a small country like Armenia has to offer and even more how great you can feel in a count[...]

Beautiful Pamukkale: Must See Attraction in Turkey

If you ever make it to Turkey, there's one thing you should visit no matter what: Pamukkale. This is one of nature's wonders and no photos in the world can actually describe its beauty and the level of awe you feel when you get to experience it live, first hand. Pamukkale is the perfect place to visit in Turkey and one of the top destinations in the world.[...]

Everything about the Burning Season in Chiang Mai & Thailand

One of the worst things in Thailand - mainly in the North (Chiang Mai included) - is the burning season. Many people who live there, who have lived there or who have visited decide to ignore it and act as if it never happens, but the truth is that burning season is one of the biggest problems when it comes to living in Thailand. And everybody should know abo[...]

Digital Nomad in Budapest for One Month (Impressions & Costs)

I absolutely love Budapest and I am sure anybody out there would instantly fall in love with it. Yes, it's true, they managed to upset me a bit with their lack of air conditioning during the hot summer months, but that's still not a massive deal breaker. I love Budapest and I'll never miss an opportunity to visit! I like it so much that, for the past coup[...]

Making Money with Cryptocurrency: the Journey of a Beginner

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, I am a complete noob. Until a few months ago, I thought that there is just one cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. Later on, I've learned that there's more. Stuff like Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash. Strange things, I said, after doing a bit of research on Google and feeling like a complete idiot. Really, now, I could barely[...]

My First Coworking Experience: Kaptar, Budapest

I've been a blogger since late 2008. But only now, almost 9 years after going the location independent route, I finally went to a coworking space. And I did it for five days in a row, to make sure that I get more time for testing this still new way of getting work done. Since I was in Budapest, with my AirBnb rental close to it, I chose Kaptar. I found it[...]

What’s Up with the Lack of Air Conditioning in Budapest?

This is more of a quick rant that I am writing after almost melting away into nothingness during the past couple of days that I've spent here in Budapest. And after finding out that, even though the sun tries to burn us all alive, most of the pubs and restaurants in Budapest won't turn their air conditioning units on. That is if they have any, of course.[...]