Is Chiang Mai Overrated as a Digital Nomad Destination?

It doesn't matter if you are an aspiring digital nomad or already a veteran when it comes to living the location-independent lifestyle. Chiang Mai, Thailand is considered the top destination for digital nomads. At least this is what you'll end up believing after reading some Digital Nomad blogs. But, just like most things that are hyped  in this world...[...]

Hotel Kaliakra (Albena) Review: Great Bulgarian Hotel for Families

This year, we went to Bulgaria for the first time. We chose Albena - a small resort on the Black Sea coast - because it was advertised as very family friendly. Chill, without too many distractions (attractions included) and also without unneeded noise, Albena and our chosen hotel, Kaliakra, offered the relaxation we were seeking. We went to Bulgaria with[...]

How to Start a Travel Blog for less than $100

Starting your Wordpress travel blog can be extremely easy and extremely cheap at the same time. Actually, I am going to teach you today how to start an amazing travel blog for less than $100 as an initial investment! And no, I haven't missed any extra zeros! That's an extremely low investment, considering the fact that you can end up making thousands of d[...]

One Month of Travel Around Europe by Train: Details & Costs

Do you wonder if it's possible to travel around Europe for an entire month by train and without breaking the bank? I did so together with my wife and my baby boy who was almost 2 at that time. We had a lot of fun, we didn't spend a fortune, but also did a lot of rookie mistakes that I'll share here so that you don't do the same things. So read on about ou[...]

Digital Nomads with Kids: Is that Even Possible?

Probably I'm not the only one out there dreaming about living the location independent life, but I'm scared to the last atom that this will somehow ruin my child's life. So could a sane (not mad, actually) person become a digital nomad if they have a family with kids? It's easy to find tens of families with one or more children, roaming the world, enjoyin[...]