Comparing The Scandinavian Girls by Country

Scandinavian girls are perfect in every sense of the word. True or false?

False – don’t believe in perfection. Still, these often-blonde beauties are as close to perfection as they can be. I have yet to see somebody to claim that they are unhappy with their experience with a girl from this region.

Let’s look at what sets different Scandinavian women apart and try to compare them by country, although we’ll use a lot of sometimes unfair generalization.

What are Scandinavian Girls?

By definition:

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe, characterized by common ethnocultural North Germanic heritage and mutually intelligible North Germanic languages.

according to Wikipedia

Locally, it means Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We will also be including women from Finland and Iceland in this article.

Not only are they similar to their *100% for sure Scandinavian* counterparts – but most guys associate them with Scandinavia anyway.

Yes, I know that officially Scandinavia only has the first three countries mentioned above, but we’re still letting our rebel yell take over and include the other two. Hope you won’t mind.

Common Traits of Scandinavian Women

There are a couple of Scandinavian stereotypes generally valid throughout the region. The most important we can think of right now are that girls from Scandinavia are:

  • Wealthy or at least doing well
  • Not backing away from a drink
  • Liberal & Independent
  • Hygge for the win (see below to learn what hygge means)
  • Minimalist
  • Somewhat-Arrogant

Obviously, not all are true for all Scandinavian girls. For the most part, though, yes, they are well-off, enlightened (about social justice, feminism, and ecology), and they do love their drinks.

So much so that alcohol is the leading cause of death for Finnish men – pretty scary too!

Women are not such epic binge drinkers, but you’d still find most can hold their liquor very well. Don’t try to outdrink them, it’s a rookie mistake!

The Swede, The Dane and The Norwegian

Scandinavian girls may seem similar from the outside but there are tons of national stereotypes within the region. Every kid can tell you at least one “Swede, Dane and Norwegian” joke. In them:

  • Swedes are rich and self-righteous.
  • Danes are happy drunks (and all-out hedonists).
  • Norwegians are dumb and crude.

If you ask Norwegians, though, they are nice and fun, while Swedes are uptight and way too materialistic. To illustrate with a (corny) joke:

Q: What is the difference between Swedes and Norwegians?

A: The Swedes have nice neighbours!

As for Finns and Icelanders… Well, the Icelanders are left out of the whole stereotyping game.

They are just over 300K and they live on an island in the middle of the ocean. They’re off the radar. They shouldn’t be – Iceland is truly beautiful with some of the most amazing hotels you’ll ever see.

Finns are socially awkward people, they say.

I mean, have you ever seen a press conference with Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen?

To quote another joke:

Q: How do you tell if a Finn is extroverted?

A: When you talk, he looks at your feet instead of his own.

Of course, these are nothing but stereotypes and jokes and we have hopefully learned so far that they are almost entirely false. But there might be a trace of truth hidden behind all these stereotypes…

Let’s get back to the ladies, though – this is why we’re here!

Swedish Girls

Swedish women guide

Swedish girls are the epitome of a Scandinavian girl. They are blonde, pale, and rich, they are all about liberty and economic equality and dress casual hipster.

The biggest surprise about Swedish girls is they are often chubby. When you think about the typical diet in Sweden, this is completely understandable.

Though there are many supermodels that come from Sweden, normal girl-next-door types are on the curvier side.

Scandinavian shyness is at an all-time high for Swedish girls.

With social media and such, nightlife (as well as everyday life) is getting more and more stare-at-your-screen-y.

On the upside, online dating is booming. Tinder is more popular than ever and more sophisticated platforms like International Cupid are also gaining momentum.

Actually, online dating websites like the one mentioned above are really becoming popular now with the current state of the world.

I even wrote an article about the best dating websites in Scandinavia, in case you’re wondering (we know you do, there’s no shame about that!)

Swedish women are also very independent, rational, and no-BS. This is the Swedish culture, after all – and it’s great!

I’ve met guys that are less decisive than these gals. Swedes have no problems whatsoever with casual flings, remaining unmarried, or having children as just friends/partners in an open relationship.

People settle down later than ever and tend to always focus on career first. This can be a Pro or a Con depending on your personal points of view.

Nothing Is Rotten in the State Of Denmark

Danish girls guide

Denmark is home to hygge culture, biking in the freezing cold, and some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Danish women are even more liberal and open-minded than their Swedish counterparts.

For an example, consider supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Josephine Skriver.

Josephine was born to two gay parents that came together to have a child. Josephine is an IVF baby and she even has a younger brother, born in the same way. Both her mother and father have same-gender partners that she refers to “extra mom and dad”.

They are very close, coming together to celebrate important holidays, and always keeping in touch.

This may not be your typical family for sure, but Danes are very accepting of such unorthodox family models.

You can read more about her, but also other top Danish supermodels here. Eye candy for sure to say the least.

Danish women are slightly more open than Swedish girls, but they’re still hard to approach. Local Danish guys don’t really do the “exchange glances in the club, go dance with her, take her home” thing.

Most couples (and short-term flings) start through mutual friends. As a foreigner, you’d be smart to befriend the guys first and ask to be introduced.

As for looks, Danish girls are notorious for their all-black fashion and love of all things practical. Though they may not dress super feminine, you better bet they have that nice, toned body.

Danes are notorious for their strength and resilience. There are seriously people who bike in temperatures below zero.

What About That Infamous Hygge?


Hygge is the Danish word for wellbeing. It refers to all things comfortable and cosy – from a nice warm mulled wine to candles and throw pillows all around your house. In Denmark, hygge is a way of life.

They burn more candles than any other European nation, they love sweets and die younger but much happier than other Scandinavians. I guess there could be some truth in that “Dane = hedonist” stereotype.

Women are especially fond of hygge. Danish girl’s bedrooms look straight out of a 2012 Tumblr room decor post. OK, maybe even more recent – but you get the idea.

Twinkle lights, plenty of furry and fluffy materials (on pillows, blankets, or even as wall decor), candles, and a couple of boxes of chocolates aesthetically laying on the table.

Norwegians: The Most No-Nonsense Of All Scandinavian Girls

Norwegian girls guide

Norwegians are without a doubt the thinnest in Scandinavia but they are not overly feminine. Contrary to the stereotype, Norway is currently doing the best out of all Scandinavian countries.

It shows in every aspect of life.

The country is super expensive, nearly everyone is rich, and that’s why no girl will be impressed by how successful you are and how much you earn.

Norwegian girls are also not too impressed with foreigners. There was an assault wave a few years ago so if anything, they are a bit suspicious.

On the plus side, Norwegian girls are the most likely to actually date and have a relationship with you. They may be as enlightened and forward as other Scandinavian girls, but they do value true connection.

Finally, yes, most are tall blondes. That’s how the guys are, too (men from Norway have a long history of being rated the hottest on Earth).

If you want a competitive edge, show initiative. Scandinavian girls are tired of their cold, shy guys.

Finnish Girls

They love saunas and live in extremely cold temperatures. It’s a cliché but it is also true.

My theory is that’s why Finns drink so much. For normal folk like you and me, Finland is only fun in summer.

There are amazing festivals and locals love everything that the season has to offer. Expect amazing food, lots of picnics (a.k.a. casual drinking in the forest), and all sorts of outdoorsy activities.

Finnish girls are also incredibly friendly. It’s enough to even look slightly confused on the street for people to stop and offer help.

As a foreigner, you get even more of a special treatment. The easiest, least threatening way to ask a Finnish girl out is to have her show you around.

As for looks, Finnish women are on the chubby side but they do eat well and exercise regularly.

What is chubby in Finland would almost be considered skinny in the US. Don’t expect super thin, modelesque bodies , though.

Girls In Iceland

Iceland girls guide

There was a scam running around a couple of years ago that claimed the country would pay good money to any foreign guy willing to marry an Icelandic girl.

There were many, apparently, so many so that embassies had to take action. To be honest, I get the hype.

Icelandic women are not too many. It’s a tiny country on a tiny (but beautiful) island. Locals are all about equality (in a very non-threatening way). Iceland was the first country to make the gender pay gap illegal. It’s also a place where girls buy guys drinks.

Wait, what?

Yes, really.

Think of Icelandic parties as big drunken get-togethers with plenty of alcohol and very loose morals. It’s kind of how I imagine my stoner friends would be if they partied (instead of hanging out, eating Doritos, and talking about life).

Everyone is super casual, super accepting, and the only important thing is to have a good time.

Icelandic girls don’t exactly dress to impress, though.

They are naturally gorgeous, with slightly darker hair than other Nordic women, and with a great complexion.

It might have to do with the Vikings having the best taste in women for centuries on end. Out of all Scandinavian girls, Icelandic ones are the least shy, but also the most likely to friendzone you.

Your foreigner status is not likely to impress them either.

So many tourists have been flocking to Iceland in recent years that you’re hardly a novelty. Focus on having fun and creating some tension instead of trying to impress her with your travels and how far you’ve come with your career.

Scandinavian Girls In Conclusion…

Not all Scandinavian girls are alike but some are pretty similar. Stereotypes are never a good way to characterize a country or the people living there, but sometimes you need to generalize to be better prepared.

Which of the Scandinavian stereotypes did we nail and which do you think don’t apply? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Scandinavia (Denmark + Norway + Sweden) + Finland + Iceland = Nordic

    Just retitle this post “Comparing Nordic Girls by Country” and you’ll be accurate.

    • First off, there are more brunettes than blondes in Scandinavia. Only in Estonia and Finland are there more blondes and more blue-eyed people.

      Secondly, it’s not all good news about their culture. They are not the most welcoming, friendliest and generous people. Quite arrogant, insecure, selfish, jealous and vain are words that come to mind.

  2. Scandinavian women? Let me tell you about my wife, partner, or whatever… She’s blonde haired, blue eyed, Danish farm girl and a daughter of the Aristocracy. Who happens too be Hard Headed and Strong Willed. As for entertainment, she prefers to stay at home and Hygge with family and close friends than go out dance and party the night away.

  3. This article is way off. Scandinavian women love foreigners, especially Norwegians. That’s because Norwegian guys are too uptight and shy, and act like pigs when they get wasted. The women like to feel wanted by forward men, and foreign men are often very forward.


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