Thai Cupid Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve been, or are currently researching a trip to Thailand, you’ve probably heard a million different things about Thai Cupid.

With that being said, I am writing today this Thai Cupid review to help you get the most out of an important part: finding amazing ladies that will make your stay in Thailand, no matter if it’s short or long term, amazing.

So let’s get started.

Introduction to Thai Cupid

beautiful thai woman

If you Google any variation of “online dating Thailand”, guess who is at the top of the list, every single time?

Yep, Thai Cupid.

And there’s a reason for that, they’ve been around forever, as has their parent company, Cupid Media.

I’ve personally used many of their dating sites all around the world (South America and Europe in addition to Asia). I’ve never been disappointed.

With that being said, you’ll find that there are some cons to this site that I’ll be going through in this Thai Cupid review, although for the most part, it’s all good things that I have to say and I am sure you’ll be really pleased if you use this service.

Because of the popularity of the country, you probably heard that many online dating websites in Thailand are a COMPLETE SCAM. I have addressed that issue in a previous article, make sure to check it out.

You should utilize your best judgment with most of them, but I can personally assure you that Thai Cupid is LEGIT.

You Go To Asia Because…

…you want to meet exotic and beautiful Thai women. No doubt about it. That beautiful, dark skin that ages better than fine wine. Thin and little bodies that can move in ways that rival Colombian and Brazilian women, and that white girls simply can’t.

You want her to kiss you on the cheek in the morning to start a great day – because Thai girls are feminine and know what it takes to keep and please a man.

If you travel to Asia with all of these dreams in your mind, but no plan on how to achieve them, you’re spelled for disaster.

Maybe going out and hitting all the clubs in Bangkok is not your thing – and perhaps the 95 degree weather with 100% humidity isn’t either. And while I would encourage all guys to understand how to talk to women in person…

…it’s certainly not cheating to use an online dating site, especially if you’re new in the country. I actually prefer it to any other type of meeting women, to be honest.

I remember the first time I signed up for Thai Cupid, began browsing around, and sending message to Thai girls. It was just…


No other words could describe it.

I couldn’t believe how pretty the girls were, how responsive they were to my messages, and how eager they were to meet.

Writing this Thai Cupid review by itself brings a smile to my face. I couldn’t help but question my decision to be hitting the night scene in Bangkok every night – which is exhausting in it’s own right. Better save those night hours for other types of action, right?

Types of Girls You’ll Meet on Thai Cupid

thai woman

I want to touch on the different types of girls that you’ll meet on Thai Cupid. It’s important to know the different stereotypes, why they exist, and what your strategy should be.

Yes, stereotypes aren’t “fair”, but this is your valuable trip. Even if you’re a nomad who lives abroad all year on the beach in Bali, or if you’re the office worker using his precious two or three weeks a year – your time is, and should be….


If you know the different types of Thai girls you can expect to meet on Thai Cupid, you’ll be better prepared to screen out the time wasters, filter for the girls down to meet ASAP, and of course – how to meet the nice girls that deep down we all want to meet.

1: The Scammer

The scammer could fall into any of the following categories…

The Workers

Yes, Cupid Media does it’s darnedest to keep them off of Thai Cupid, but no one can be perfect all of the time.

Occasionally, working girls manage to get on the site and keep their profiles active. You can spot them easily, because they’re often too stupid to keep their shtick up for more than a message or two.

You’ll see it first hand.

After you swap two messages, she’s then starting to ask how much you will pay to meet her, or something along those lines. Just walk away. Block, report, and move on.

The Gold Digger

Much like a bar girl, these girls are not full-blown working girls, but they will expect some form of “payment”, so to speak.

They usually will ask something like, “What gift are you going to bring me?” or something of the sort.

There are so many genuine, real girls in Thailand, that you should ignore them, even if some of them start with sobbing stories about sick relatives or the like… they’re all scammers, in the end.

2: The Bad Girl

These are the Thai girls that are perfectly okay with being ordered like a pepperoni pizza from Domino’s. If she seems normal, doesn’t ask for money, and agrees to meet near (or in) in your apartment – just play cool.

Invite her over for a swim and then upstairs after swimming (a half hour is enough) for some “cooling off”.

3: The Nice Girl

Thailand nice girl

You are far more likely to find these types of girls on Thai Cupid versus Tinder. These are the more traditional Thai girls who simply are interested in meeting foreigners, but are likely going at it with much caution.

This means that she is using a paid dating site that acts as a filter for guys who at least have the money to pony up for a Thai Cupid membership.

As you’re going to learn later on in this Thai Cupid review, this is both a good and bad thing.

On one hand, that filter works for you, too – it keeps a lot of guys off the site. At the same time, some of these girls are looking for more the “providing” type and a longer-term relationship.

Frankly though, some of these girls are really amazing. She won’t be asking for commitment necessarily, and they know that you do have a lot of options, but they are still generally not there just for a fling and a one night stand.

This is my favorite type of girl, to be honest. I always look for and prefer the regular, genuine lady.

With them, you can actually have nice conversation and not just “action” – and having somebody amazing to speak to – as is the case of most Thai ladies – makes everything so much more pleasant.

Thai Cupid Review: Pros

thai women dancing

Let’s talk about the most important of the great features that Thai Cupid offers.

1: There Are a LOT of Girls to choose from

To a certain extent, online dating is always going to be about the numbers. Hell, that’s how most of life works. In business, you have to get yourself in front of a certain amount of clients to make a sale.

Dating is very similar to sales – you need to have a higher number of girls you’re working on so you can meet the number that you desire. And Thai Cupid has every single Thai dating site out there beat as far as sheer numbers.

You would have to stay in Thailand for a very long time and be very active on the site to ever run out of girls to message.

New girls are joining the site every day, too – -you can even filter by “last active” to make sure you get the girls who are online.

A high quantity of quality girls is necessary for a guy to have a good online dating experience – and Thai Cupid delivers on this aspect.

2: Access To “Nice Girls”

Don’t underestimate this. While having fun with tons of girls sounds good, it is also fun to meet high-quality girls who can teach you a thing or two about life.

Many girls in Thailand are well-educated, have interesting hobbies, and are very thoughtful.

They will treat you like royalty, too.

So if you find a really beautiful girl who also dotes on yo – you may want to keep seeing her. Thai Cupid has a lot of very high-quality girls on it (definitely more so than Tinder, based on my own experience!).

3: Good Support + Reputation

Cupid Media has been around forever. They are quick to respond to emails, quick to clean up bots/scammers, and take excellent care of their customers (they are a western company, not Thai-based).

I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet in this Thai Cupid review, but TC is by far the most popular dating site in Thailand.

They have 1.5 million active members throughout their websites.

That’s an absurd number, and doesn’t include millions of other active users that no longer use the site (perhaps because they made a genuine connection).

Like I said, you’ll never run out of options.

4: It’s Cheap

We’ll get to pricing in a bit, but rest assured: it’s peanuts on the dollar in comparison to many of the options out there.

Plus, in the scheme of things – if you’ve paid to get all the way to Thailand, it shouldn’t be a huge issue to give yourself access to the best dating website out there.

Having in mind that it’s premium, also gives you two other important advantages:

a) Less competition because there are simply fewer men who decide to pay (as opposed to free services where everybody can create a profile)

b) Puts you in a better light in front of the ladies. Somebody who is not only capable of paying (has the resources – although it’s cheap), but also willing to do so means that he’s not there just to play games and waste time. This is a big bonus for the women.

5: Legit Profiles

Every online dating site is going to have it’s scammers, but for the most part the girls on Thai Cupid are genuine and real. I would say Thai Cupid has far less fake profiles than most of the alternatives out there.

If you’re enjoying this Thai Cupid review and want to see what I’m talking about, click here to check it out.

Thai Cupid Review: Cons


It’s not the actual dollar value of membership, but simply paying for online dating can suck. I get it. With that being said, it’s well worth it in this case.

But, I get the stigma of being against paying for it (online dating, in this case).

Overall, I personally can live with this con. I wager most of you players reading this site can, too.

No online dating site is perfect, but as I’ve shown in this Thai Cupid review, there is definitely more good than bad with this one.

Quick-Star Guide to Thai Cupid (Pictures, Profile, and Opening Messages)

My goal with this Thai Cupid review is not to just pump you up and then leave you in the dark to figure it out yourself.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to sign up, how to get started, and what to say in some of your first messages.

Step #1: Actually Go… Sign Up

Yeah, pretty straightforward. Go to and you’ll be greeted by this opening screen. Fill out your information.

thai cupid frontpage
The Thai Cupid frontpage in late 2022

Once you click that “View Singles Now” button, you’ll be redirected right into the site itself. Then, you’ll be asked to submit a profile image.

I would highly encourage you to do this RIGHT NOW.


Because when they say that there’s 1.5 million members active on Thai Cupid – they’re not kidding. By the time you finish reading this Thai Cupid review, you might already have been checked out by a dozen or more Thai girls.

If you get that image up, you might already be getting some “interest” and messages from girls when you reach the end of this article.

#2: Profile Pictures

But no, you cannot upload any ‘ol image of yourself.

It’s always going to take some trial and error. Get a third party opinion of your best photos, and test to see what works best.

While I usually don’t advocate taking advice from girls about dating, this is a situation where it’s actually not a bad idea to have a female friend give you some photo feedback.

  • Mirror shirtless pictures are never okay.
  • Shirtless pictures ARE okay if it shows you doing something active; i.e. not in front of the mirror. Good examples of this would be playing beach volleyball, or surfing.
  • On the flip side of that… Southeast Asian cultures like PALE skin. Some of them carry umbrellas in the middle of summer to avoid getting tan. Keep that in mind that you don’t want to look like a local.
  • As always, dressing well helps. No gym clothes.
  • Make sure you are clear. This means no far-away shots (though if you want to use one, make sure you have another with a clear picture). This also means…
  • No friend shots. Again, if you do this you best make sure that the rest of your photos clearly show who you are. A friend/group photo should NEVER be your main profile picture.

#3: The Profile Itself

While some people advocate writing some long story in your profile, I personally don’t. 

It’s just not necessary in most cases. Yes, you should say a little bit about yourself, but be mysterious. Many guys come over to Thailand and spill their heart and soul to these girls.

It’s cliche, but girls just want to have fun.

You should fill out the basic characteristics of yourself, and you can “exaggerate” a few things if you need to. For example…

  • Add a couple centimeters to your height, but don’t go overboard. If you put 190cm and show up as 175cm, she’s going to know something is up.
  • If you are not overweight, you can put Athletic as your body type. Try to avoid using Average as an option.

Now that you’ve got your profile done, let’s move on to opening messages.

Strategies to Use on Thai Cupid

A lot of guys who come from the brutal dating scene domestically in the west are met with shock when they get to Thailand.

You really… don’t need to try that hard.

I don’t mean this in a bad way. I mean that you need to simplify your strategy. You do not need to send crazy-long, crazy-elaborate messages to girls to get them to meet up with you. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So I’m going to give you the ultimate insider secrets to get responses. What kind of Thai Cupid review would just rave about the site but not give you the tools to succeed on it?

It’s like someone telling you to buy a Ferrari but not letting you take a test drive – silly!

5 Opening Messages You Can Send to Thai Girls

All of these opening messages have been battle-texted (excuse the bad pun) to ensure they will work for most men.

Response rates will vary, depending on your look and how the rest of your profile and images are set up. I encourage you to try all of them and then pick the one(s) that work best for you.

“Hi, I’m [name]. I’m from [your home country/state/city]. I thought your profile was interesting so I figured I would say hi.”

YES, that kind of simplicity will get you responses. It’s very simple – one of the most effective ways to meet girls at bars is just to introduce yourself. It shows immense confidence to do so. This is a similar approach.

Pro tip: Depending on where you are from should dictate what you send her in that second sentence. For example, if you’re from Lincoln, Nebraska – she may not know what Lincoln or Nebraska is. Best to say, “I’m from America.”

However, if you’re from New York City, Los Angeles, or Miami – come on, she knows what those are. Just say the city and let it speak for itself.

“I’m new to your city and need a cool, non-crazy girl to show me around. Are you cool… or are you crazy? ;)”

This opener works because it puts the onus on her to impress you – but in a lighthearted and fun kind of way.

“Hello… I’m looking for the ultimate noodle soup in [Bangkok/Chiang Mai/etc.]. Can you help?”

You’d be surprised how many girls are willing to take you to their favorite spot right on the spot. Make sure you look it up on Google Maps to make sure it’s legit.

BUT, I’d recommend not doing that on the first date. Do the pool/drinks at your apartment whenever possible.

“So, I have a test I need you to take…

  • Pizza or sushi?
  • Dog or cat?
  • Wine or beer?”

This one is very simple, but incredibly effective. Girls love those silly romance quizzes. So you simply say, “I have a test I need you to take…”

Then you send her a test.

You can substitute these for other options, though I do recommend keeping dog or cat in there. Use burgers versus tacos, cocktails versus juice… whatever works.

“Hi [name]. I saw your profile, and I think you are interesting and cute. I’m [name]. Let’s meet up.”

NOTE: You should screen a girl out to see if she’s the slutty type (see above) before you drop this one, but here you are.

A girl who is receptive to this response is one who is probably down to be at your pool and then in your bed that afternoon. You’d be shocked at how many times this does work, but rest assured that the overall response rate is less than the others.

Still, try it out and see how it works for you.

Final tip: When you search and message girls, filter by those who are recently online. You’ll be amazed how quick they are to respond!

Understanding the Pricing of Thai Cupid

Thai Cupid has 3 levels of membership:

  1. Standard
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

Here’s a quick screenshot of what those different features entail:

thai cupid membership details

Now, there are probably two categories of people reading this: those taking a quick or temporary trip to Thailand, and those who have more permanent roots.

For those on a quick trip:

Let’s say you have two weeks for this trip – you should start trying to build a pipeline of girls two weeks before your flight departs. You could probably even get one to meet you at the airport if you click well.

Therefore, it’s best just to sign up for one month, and I’d say given that a Platinum membership is only a bit more… just do that.

Sometimes the translation comes in handy, and you’re likely to have more girls messaging you as you’ll be on the top of the pile.

For those who are more permanently in Thailand:

I’d recommend the three-month plan. While Thai Cupid has a ton of members, more than likely you’ll go through most of the ones that you like in that time frame.

Plus, you might get burned out or meet a Thai girl you like and want to date. One year is a long commitment, so I’d recommend going the three months.

Use it a lot and make good use of your membership. If you do things right, you could still be getting dates from a subscription months after it actually expires.

As to the Gold versus Platinum – it’s again, only $10 more for the Platinum plan over three months. It won’t make or break you, either way. Do whatever you can afford.

Thai Cupid Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that I get about this dating site that I’d like to address in this Thai Cupid review.

Why is it so good?

A combination of longevity, quality, and of course, good marketing by the Cupid Media team. Almost everyone I talk to here, expat or local, knows about Thai Cupid. There’s a reason it has withstood the test of time.

How much is it again?

For a one-month membership, you’ll pay around $35-$40 USD. Prices can change, so make sure to double check!

For long-term memberships the price goes down if you pay in advance for multiple months.

If I’m taking a short trip, when should I start on Thai Cupid?

Two weeks before your trip is the optimum time. This allows you enough time to build connections with enough girls, and it’s not so much that you’re overwhelmed when you land. Plus, you’ll still have your membership when you actually land in Thailand.

What’s realistic with Thai Cupid?

You could go on multiple dates with multiple girls every day if you so desire.

At the same time, you could meet a nice girl who you click with.

Both are possible.

Thai Cupid Review Wrap-Up

Man, this review got long. But I hope you got a ton of value out of it. Thai Cupid made my first (and second, and third, etc…) trips to Thailand far more enjoyable.

I’ve met both the girls who want to have a quick fling, and some high-quality girls who are looking for more.

I’ve had amazing experiences with all of the girls off of Thai Cupid, and it’s such an incredible bargain. Every time I meet a new expat who is going to Thailand, I always recommend it.

They never regret it.

It’s time to wrap this Thai Cupid review up, but if you have any questions about it (or Thailand in general), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’m always happy to help.

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