The Best Beaches in Montenegro in 2020

Being able to choose the right beach for your next summer holiday is one thing that can make or break an enjoyable stay by the sea. And to make you get the most out of your next trip, we’re sharing with you here the top beaches in Montenegro for 2020.

When I go to Greece for instance, I like to travel from the resort I am staying in to search for some hidden gem of a beach; I am prepared to travel up to 60 km if needed to find that perfect beach experience.

Of course, you want to keep times as low as possible and do the research beforehand, so that you can actually book a stay close to one of the best beaches: why waste time driving, instead of enjoying the best beach itself?

Well, there will be no dead times for you as today we’re sharing below the best beaches in Montenegro: you will absolutely love them, from the more famous and touristy ones, to our recommendations that are a bit away from the beaten path.

So check out below what we consider to be the best beaches in Montenegro – and the ones you must definitely visit if when you visit this underrated country!

Jaz Beach – Budva

Jaz Beach, Montenegro

Most of the beaches in the center of the town are good, but can get overly crowded in the high season.

I discovered Jaz Beach though and I was extremely pleased with it: it’s just over 2.5 km away from the city center, which means that you can get there in 10 minutes with a car. Alternately, you can hop on the bus and find yourself on the 1200 m prime sandy beach in no time.

The beach holds the highly acclaimed Blue Flag status, which ensures a high quality of bathing water and amenities. The beach has natural sand shelving into the water and beyond, which makes it ideal for children to enter the water safely.

The beach is well-organized with cafés/bars, where you can enjoy a cool drink and snack whilst soaking in the beautiful natural surroundings. Life-guards are on duty to ensure your safety.

Parasols and sun-loungers are available from the cafés/bars, where the condition is to pay for some drinks during the day (normally a minimum amount, prices vary). This is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Budva and one of the top beaches in Montenegro.

Queens Beach – Canj

Queens Beach Montenegro

Now let’s switch to something completely different! If you have your own car with you, then I would recommend taking the half an hour’s drive southwards from Budva, to the village of Čanj.

Queens Beach is inaccessible by road, so you have to take the short boat trip (every half an hour, cost 1 euro for a return ticket) to this unspoiled beaching haven.

Upon entering the enclosed bay, you are greeted by towering Cypress trees and other Mediterranean trees with the mountains in the background. The beach itself is 350 m long, and half the beach is organized with sun-loungers and parasols for hire at the café/bar located on the beachfront.

The other half is free for you to place your own beach equipment if you prefer it that way.

The draw of this place is the feeling of being cut off from the rest world, being enclosed by the towering cliffs. This is truly an unspoilt beach, where you can pass the hours away in a peaceful and idyllic location. It’s also not too crowded, even during the high season.

Velika Plaza (Long Beach) – Ulcinj

Velika Plaza Beach Ulcinj

If you are staying in the southern resort of Ulcinj, head for the Velika Plaža (the longest beach in the country), which is actually a series of Blug Flag beaches that line the coast for a staggering 12.5 km and with an average width of 200m. You can imagine that on this stretch of nice land, there’s a place for everyone!

There are 5 Blue Flag smaller beaches here: Miami, Evropa, Safari, MCM and Copacabana. There are more beaches to choose from, but they don’t hold the Blue Flag classification. In reality though, they are just as beautiful!

Only Miami and Copacabana beach have handicapped facilities. These beaches have a young and hip feel to them, but they are frequented by people of all ages.

All the beaches are fully-organized with all the facilities you would require for a great day on the beach.

For those adventurous types among us, you can go kite-surfing or scuba diving (exploring some of the local sunken wrecks). The place really does have everything; mostly importantly it has space, in abundance.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan Beach

In this particular case, it’s not necessarily the beach itself that’s the main point of attraction, but the amazing views – especially of the nearby village itself, which is a spectacle.

You’ll be in good company when you visit the beach, as many celebrities enjoyed it in the past, including Marilyn Monroe who loved this one.

And you have all the reasons to love it – the nice water, the sandy beach, the amazing views… it’s absolutely perfect here!

Lucice Beach

Lucice Beach Montenegro

A more touristy beach, one that becomes more and more popular each year, the Lucice beach is still surprisingly raw and unspoiled.

It’s located in a small bay in Petrovac, offering picturesque views and amazing, shallow water with fine sand all the way.

You have great views no matter where you look, from the pine trees, to the cypress in the background, to olive groves to the sides and the city itself.

Plavi horizonti, Tivat

Plavi horizonti, Montenegro

The name of this beach is “Blue Horizons” so you can imagine the type of views to expect here!

More secluded than other top beaches in Montenegro, Plavi Horizonti in Tivat is long, wide and sandy, close to olive and pine trees that offer protection from the sun if you need it.

If not, there’s a lot of space for you to set up your spot – or rent lounge chairs or umbrellas.

The sand is very fine and nice and perfect, while the water itself is just like the horizons: incredibly blue! It’s also really warm most of the time, since it’s very shallow. This place is also getting a lot of sun, located in Montenegro’s area that gets most sunshine hours each year.

Wrapping up

All of these beaches have their own unique qualities to entice you to their shores. We all have different preferences to what type of beach we want to spend our time on, but I am sure that the options above will make you really, really happy, no matter which ones you choose.

There are many other beaches to choose from in Montenegro, but it really depends where you are based and if you have your own transport in helping you decide which beach you’ll spend your time on.

These beaches in my opinion are the cream of the crop, though. I am always open to new discoveries and if you have additional beaches to recommend, let us all know by sharing your comment below.

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