The Ultimate Guide to Men in Iceland

Even if it is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland gets top marks in the list of countries with a diverse topography and, well, truly charming men – and this is what we’re talking about today.

From majestic waterfalls to black-sand beaches, whale-watching, and sighting glaciers to viewing the magnificent Northern Lights, there is never a shortage of outdoor activities that can be done in Iceland.

And that includes watching the local men and dreaming about them, right? Well, no need to dream anymore as I am here to share with you a complete guide to men from Iceland.

iceland northern lights

Iceland has one of the smallest populations in the world with all its citizens numbering less than half-a-million people.

Yes – that’s the entire country!

Together with this low number comes a bunch of stereotypes about Icelandic men and dating that we need to discuss and clarify.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the elusive yet many coveted descendants of the Vikings. (Speaking of which, check out some Viking baby name ideas here – you always need to be ready!)

Characteristics of Icelandic Men

Let’s look beyond the attractive and well-built Icelandic men and take a deep-dive into their characteristics.

KISS – Keeps It Straightforward and Simple

Off the bat, this is the most misunderstood trait of Icelandic men. Many women complain that they lack the ardor and interest expected of them.

This is when culture plays a big part. In Iceland, the dating culture is more casual, not the guessing and charming game shown in the movies.

This is a similar trait of men throughout Scandinavia and especially Finland, for example.

Patriotic and Family-oriented

Men in Iceland are inherently loyal and appreciative of their country. They have lots to be proud of.

Not only is their country beautiful, but Icelanders also have the safest and most peaceful country in the world.

Hand-in-hand with this, you will find them strongly connected to their families.

With barely 350,000 of them, why wouldn’t they be? But even with strong family ties, Icelandic men are not mommy’s boys.

iceland man tall

Honest and Loyal in Relationships

Be prepared to receive straightforward comments from your Icelandic man.

This bluntness may take some by surprise, but in their culture, honesty is indeed the best policy.

There will be no insinuations or hints – just direct statements, so don’t misunderstand that he is being confrontational.

At the same time, you must know that once he stays with you, he does mean it and will stand by you.

This directness will somehow be your reassurance that you will never be unsure when in a relationship with a man from Iceland.

No Rush to Settle Down

The average Icelandic male settles down at ages 30, so if you are below this bracket, enjoy and bide your time. Even if you are above the range, don’t rush him – you might just scare him off.

IMPORTANT! Now, if you really want to get the upper hand in making him 100% yours and interested, this guide is the absolute best and the only one you need to read. At least check it out!


Most men in Iceland engage in outdoor sports and activities. Be ready to be a part of an adventure at some point with him! And this might include taking a bath in an ice-cold lake – a fun experience for sure (although you’re allowed to say “Pass”)

What It’s Like Dating a Man from Iceland

Irish horse
Another kind of an Icelandic stud

While many cultures put much weight on the first date, men from Iceland will be more comfortable meeting with a common group of friends first rather than asking a woman “May I take you out?” and have a one-on-one sit-down.

For them, it is too much pressure and they would like to be with you on a more casual and relaxed basis with other people.

You Know He Likes You When…

After a chill time with friends, your Icelandic man asks that you two ditch the group for a bite to eat, a drink, or a walk.

Don’t worry about leaving his friends, they automatically understand what this is about. He wants to get to know you just a bit more.

Not Your Usual Rendezvous

When you’re quite new to each other, men in Iceland will take you to someplace they are most unlikely to run into friends and family.

It may be for a walk in the park on the other side of town or an idyllic coffee in a rustic out-of-the-way place. This happens in the early getting-to-know-you stages.

When you are already an established couple, they become more comfortable being seen “officially” together in places that friends and family frequent.

Dating and the Dating App

While dating apps have been a success in Iceland, the real determiner of how serious your Icelandic man is with your relationship lies in the face-to-face meeting.

Iceland man and woman

He might exhibit a certain reservation during your first (group) date, but they are just trying to see if who he met online clicks with him in real. Just go with the flow!

And if you need help to take the first steps, read about the best dating websites in Scandinavia.

Don’t Expect Chivalry

If there I something you must get used to when dating an Icelandic man, you mustn’t be a damsel in distress.

Iceland is one of the best countries in gender equality. Women are treated as men’s equals so they are very much capable of opening their doors and seating themselves comfortably.

Don’t take offense! They just don’t want to upset a woman by making her feel she is incapable.

icelandic man

Busy Social Calendar

You might find yourself in a constant stream of family and friend get-togethers – whether it be hanging out in coffee shops, having ice cream, or going to clubs and bars. It might put a strain on you if you want alone time, but this is essential for them.

Mingling socially, especially during the cold winter months is a means to ward off depression from being alone on cold and long nights. Having company around is a cherished solution for uplifting their spirits.

Your Relationship Status

There may be no official “Can you be my girlfriend?” question but one indication that your relationship with a man from Iceland has upped a level is when you are frequently taken into his inner circle.

In other words, you are included in the busy social calendar mentioned above. Icelandic men do not introduce women to their friends, and more so, family members if they are not that into you.

Getting to know his immediate circle is a huge step for a man in Iceland, signaling a more serious relationship.

Tips for a Perfect Date with a Man from Iceland

taking a bath in Iceland
Be ready to always do some out of the box thinking when dating an Icelandic man

As you probably know by now, dating is a different game in Iceland.

If you would like to take your relationship to a more serious level, here are some useful tips that you should bear in mind.

1. Don’t assume they date their cousins!

Iceland keeps one of the greatest records on genealogy and a myth had been propagated that if they date within their country, they would be dating their cousins.

Some foreign women think it’s funny to joke “Is that why you are dating me?” You will be sounding downright ignorant if you do.

While they can trace their lineage up to thousands of years ago, they can easily access records on who is related by consanguinity or affinity before getting into a relationship. They even have an app for it called Íslendinga!

2. Learn Icelandic History and Language

Men in Iceland love their country and are proud of their heritage.

If you have a genuine interest in learning the culture and learning to speak their language, you will surely get more points into being considered for a serious relationship.

Icelandic men date “officially” for long-term relationships – otherwise, be prepared to be friend-zoned, hooked-up, or just flat-out politely turned down – no hard feelings!

3. Dress Sensibly

Because of the harsh conditions in the area, men in Iceland dress for the weather. But underneath that heavy outerwear are smart and sensible dressers.

They are not impressed by the flashiness of your wardrobe. Dress well and dress smart.

Remember, you will have yourself to look after if you freeze. Don’t look dumpy as well, men and women in Iceland go for simple and classic chic.

4. Ditch the Drama

When in a problem, don’t moan, wail, or whine. You might be super annoyed, which is understandable in any relationship, but take a deep breath and let your anger cool off then confront your Icelandic partner in the calmest, most straightforward manner that you can.

Iron the kinks sans the drama. He will appreciate you so much for that.

5. Give Modestly

People in Iceland are hard workers and they appreciate those who know how to value hard-earned money.

Give modest but meaningful gifts. Lavish tokens will be looked upon as flattery and overt attempts of impress. Cliché as it sounds – it is the thought that counts.

6. Consider Staying in Iceland

If you seriously find a keeper beau in Iceland, think about staying for an extended time in the country.

Try to find work there, or see if you can work remotely as a freelancer while there. Icelandic men rarely consider tourists as serious dates and would usually go out with them in the spirit of casual friendships – no matter what benefits they may come with!


Now that you know the main keys in dating a man from Iceland, your perspective on dating and relationships and dating must be adjusted to their culture.

Icelandic men are often misunderstood and most women who complain most likely have not bothered to get acquainted with the culture.

In the end, if you are competing against a woman from Iceland to get into their favors, you are indeed up for some tough competition.

Once you get into the groove of the casual and frank style of men in Iceland, it results in a more relaxed and stress-free relationship.

This appeals particularly to women who are strong-willed and independent.

With the right attitude, a shy and clingy girlfriend could blossom and thrive with a man who gives her independence and the courage to fly, as such is common in the culture in Iceland.

Communication is always the key to the success in every relationship. It is truer when your date a man from Iceland.

Always remember to expect moderation and honesty. Play it well and you’ll experience unique Icelandic fun like Frisbee Golf at midnight or riding on horseback across lava fields!

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