These Are the Most Amazing Infinity Pools in the World

I absolutely love infinity pools even though – strange or not – I didn’t get the chance to experience the beauty of an infinity pool just yet.

However, I am planning to right the wrongs and I am creating a list of the best and most amazing infinity pools in the world. I decided to share it with you as well, in case you need some inspiration or great places to put on the list of places to visit.

Sure, the thing with some (if not most) of the infinity pools out there is that they’re a bit more spectacular in photos than they are in real life: you need the correct angle for them to give you that “infinity” feeling… but it’s still better than a regular pool or no pool at all.

So until I get the chance to actually experience them first hand, I’ll have to stick to looking at photos and drooling. You will probably do the same after looking below at the most amazing infinity pools in the world, in my opinion.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out these impressive pools below!

Delamore Lodge, New Zealand

Nandana Villa, Bahamas

Capella Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

Jade Mountain, Soufrière

The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

Sheraton Waikiki – Hawaii

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

Intercontinental Hotel, Fiji

Ubud Hanging Gardens – Bali

Langham Hotel, Thailand

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Italy

Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barth

I don’t think that there are be many other places in the world where you could relax as much as you do in an infinity pool, soaking in the views and simply feeling like an important puzzle piece in the universe. Simply breathtaking!

What about you? Did you have the pleasure of experimenting an infinity pool first hand? Was it one from the list above or a different place? Share your experience with fellow leaders by commenting below.

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