Editorial Policy

This editorial policy outlines my (the sole author of the Nomad Not Mad website – read about me here) commitment to maintaining the highest standards of content quality throughout all the articles.

My only goal is to provide only high-quality content that is not only engaging but also entertaining and genuinely useful to our readers.

I am dedicated to providing high-quality, trustworthy travel advice and insights tailored for digital nomads and adventurous spirits based on my personal experience, but also extensive research.

After all, I’ve been living a location-independent lifestyle since 2008, earning a living online and constantly adapting and learning.

Either way, my only goal is to make sure that every article on this website – whether it’s a guide, an insight, or a personal story – serves the needs of my readers first and foremost.

This Editorial Policy underscores my dedication to transparency, accuracy, and maintaining a clear distinction between editorial and any advertising content, ensuring my advice remains unbiased and true to my experiences, expertise and are always backed by in-depth research

Content Creation and Fact-Checking

My content creation process starts from a deep understanding of the digital nomad lifestyle and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents in relationships on the road, earning money online, and general travel.

I always try to come up with topics that are relevant and insightful for this site’s audience, focusing on providing practical advice, comprehensive travel guides, and thoughtful discussions on the nomadic lifestyle and interpersonal connections.

Accuracy is paramount in my work. I diligently verify all information using reliable sources, such as official travel advisories, credible news outlets, and authoritative studies, including local language websites which usually have better information that is not available in English.

Fact-checking is an integral part of my content writing process, ensuring that the articles are trustworthy and up to date.

Editorial Review, Updates, and Ongoing Evaluation

The articles on the Nomad Not Mad website constantly undergo a rigorous editorial review to ensure they meet my self-imposed high standards for quality and relevance.

Every piece of content is scrutinized for clarity, accuracy, and usefulness to our readers. I regularly update the articles to reflect the latest information and developments in the digital nomad and travel world, which is constantly changing.

This ongoing evaluation process ensures my content remains current and valuable and ultimately useful for the valued readers of my website.

Always a Human Touch

While I create the majority of the content on Nomad Not Mad, some articles are contributed by external writers – especially those that require a personal touch and personal experience (such as my relationship guides to specific countries).

Regardless of the author, I personally edit and fact-check every article to ensure the highest quality.

My commitment is to deliver exceptional content that enriches our readers’ lives. This means that no articles on my site are written entirely by AI. That type of articles are pretty much useless and a waste of time for the reader.