Here Are the Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed in Europe (and Slowest Internet too!)

Nowadays, when you’re traveling, one extra thing starts to matter more and more: the internet speed. We always need to be online, to be connects – and if you are a digital nomad, a solid internet connection is a must in order to be able to work. Therefore, it makes sense to see more and more people choose their destinations based not only on the beauty of the places or the price, but also the internet speed.

Europe is pretty great when it comes to the average internet speed, most countries offering at least decent internet connections, but there are some doing a lot better than others. And the best country in terms of internet speed might come as a big surprise for most of the people reading this article – but it’s completely true.

So if you’re planning to visit Europe and you need a solid and lightning fast internet connection, we have all the data for you, courtesy of this Reddit. Check out the numbers and prepare to be amazed:

If you want a visual representation on a map, to make things even easier to follow, here it is:

As you can see, the best country in Europe when it comes to internet speed is Romania with a whooping average of 55.67 Mbps, 10 Mbps more than the second placed, Netherlands. The good thing is that I love Romania, it is a very, very cheap country and it has a lot to offer (except for the great internet).

I am surprised to see the countries at the bottom of this chart: Croatia has a very poor average of just 7.30 Mbps, which I really can’t get. Greece is understandable because there are so many islands there and so many places where it’s difficult to get solid internet that it makes sense. But the biggest surprise is Italy, whose internet crawls at under 9 Mbps.

The most popular travel destinations in Europe are at most average (France, Spain, Germany or Portugal) which means that you might want to start considering the not so popular destinations and enjoy not only great prices, but extremely fast internet as well.

What do you say? Do you consider internet speed when choosing your next destination or internet doesn’t matter that much for you?

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