Mexican Men Guide: What to Expect when Dating a Man from Mexico

Dating Mexican men can be either the best thing to happen to you, or a weird anecdote to tell your friends.

There’s no in-between with them. You either love them, or you don’t.

The truth is, with their olive skin and expressive brown eyes, you’re in for a good time, for sure. And this guide to men from Mexico will tell you why.

Just to keep things politically correct, let me give you a disclaimer first. It’s important to point out that this isn’t a generalization about Mexican men, but more of an overview of their dating habits and what to expect (although the particular man you know could be completely different).

Chivalry Isn’t Dead in Mexico

Dating Mexican men

Even though Mexican men understand and respect equality, it has been integrated since childhood that they need to be gentlemen. It’s similar to all Latin-blooded countries, as we’ve seen this trait in Panamanian men, but also French men.

This means that you shouldn’t be surprised if they open the door for you, help you carry heavy things, or even let you walk ahead of them. This doesn’t always mean they’re interested in you romantically – it’s just the way they are.

It’s not as if they think you can’t mend for yourself either. It’s the way they’ve been taught to show respect.

This even extends when it comes to paying the bill. Not all of them will pay for it, but it’s expected of them if they really like you. So, don’t be shy, and let yourself be pampered!

Taking the first step in a relationship

It doesn’t matter if you’re a very direct woman when it comes to the first step and you ask him out – Mexican men welcome it.

However, they tend to be the ones taking the first step. It’s sort of like a game of mouse and cat.

They show their interest, and you need to let them know you’re into it, but not in an obvious way. It’s all about the mystery that makes them keep chasing the ladies.

Don’t forget to show a little reciprocation to their advances, though. Men like to know you’re interested, but not desperate. Like I said, mouse and cat.

Men from Mexico Are Usually Romantic

attractive man from Mexico

This is kind of like a 50-50 percent chance, but if you are lucky, your Mexican man can be quite romantic.

They know most women like romance, and men aren’t shy to show that side of them occasionally. Flowers, dates, dedicated love songs, gifts on anniversaries.

It doesn’t happen often, though when it does, the ladies are showered with sweet words and presents. The best thing is that they don’t expect it in return!

Now, you also must consider that they don’t do this for just anyone. They must really like the person in order to show this kind of appreciation.

Don’t expect anything too romantic in the first stages of the relationship. Once you’re there, though, just don’t forget to let them know that you enjoy it.

Looks Matter for Men from Mexico

Sadly or not, the way you look matters to Mexican men. It doesn’t mean they’re only interested in model-like women, but you need to be… at least clean to get their attention.

Mexicans have different tastes when it comes to the physical appearance. No woman could fail to be their type, even if most prefer a feminine style. Even if they deny it, looks are the first thing they consider when dating.

In other words, they would rather go for the Dominican Republic woman type instead of the more conservative and shier Indian woman, for example.

Don’t worry too much about this – as I said, there are plenty of fish in the sea and different types of men with different preferences.

But, when you go on your date, don’t forget to dress nice, shower, and put on a big bright smile.

They expect you to be well-groomed. Ladies don’t need to be overly dressed, but getting out of the usual clothing will let them know you’re into them.

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Men from Mexico Are Open-minded

Mexican man with poncho

Even if they’re quite peculiar when it comes to looks, there’s no specific personality type they might feel more attracted to.

If a lady is timid or too extroverted, they don’t really care.

Mexican men love to take the challenge to get to know their date if they are rebellious, talk a lot, or too little. The key is to have them hooked. And you don’t have to be a Swedish model to achieve that.

Likewise, because they’re open-minded, they don’t shy away from a woman trying to rule over the relationship. If the lady wants to have the reins, most of them will gladly allow it.

Another trait that comes with being open-minded, it’s their willingness to have different types of relationships.

From a fling to a casual hook-up, or even serious relationships. Mexican men can do it all, you just need to be clear on what you are looking for from the beginning. Otherwise, they’re going to take whatever they want.

It’s Smaller Than They Say

Mexican men love, and I mean it, LOVE, to brag about their achievements. It doesn’t mean that they are narcissistic, but they want you to be impressed by them.

Even if it means telling little white lies. Especially in those first stages of the relationship, they might give things more importance than they should. Of course, not everything they say is exaggerated.

The theory says it’s because they’re trying to win over the ladies, Mexicans want the upper hand over other potential candidates.

So, if a man says that they earn a lot of money, you shouldn’t take their words into your heart.

Mexican men aren’t trying to be pathological liars, it’s just a natural reaction to have you interested. They want you to know they’re the best choice.

Music Is Key when Dating a Mexican Man

traditional Mexican clothing

That first connection with Mexicans can be done with the simplest element: music. It’s a great topic to start the conversation. If you happen to have the same tastes, even better!

There’s not a generalization about what they like best. It can range from reggaeton to rock, though if you know about traditional Mexican music, you have an advantage.

Talking about it is good, but if you dance, that will definitely win them over. Mexican men are generally not shy when it comes to the dance floor.

They love to let themselves loose in the ambiance. They don’t expect the ladies to know how to dance correctly, only that they’re willing to partake in the party like everyone else.

Mostly, making a connection with them is all about having similar interests. Music is just the tip of the iceberg.

It can also be food, sports, games, you name it. Just try to be yourself when they ask about it!

Tips for Women Dating Mexican Men

1. Cheating is bad in Mexican culture, but it happens more than it should. So, don’t be toxic with your partner, but let them know your limits. How do you feel if he talks to his ex? Or if he goes out with girl friends? Let him know!

2. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. As I said, most Mexican men will make the move, but this isn’t all the time. If you like one, go get him!

3. Fling? Hook-up? Relationship? Whatever you seek with them, be clear from the beginning. Especially if you want a serious relationship.

Mexican men will often ask if they want to be exclusive first. If they don’t ask, they’re probably dating multiple people at the time. Don’t worry, though, you can also ask them yourself.

4. Nightclubs or cute meet? Dating apps and nightclubs are mostly used to meet one-night stands, so beware. If you meet them at school or work, then they probably want something more serious. This isn’t a standard, though.


Dating Mexican men can be exhilarating once you get to know their habits. With this article, now you know what to expect of them and dating life in Mexico.

Don’t shy away from getting to know them if you have the opportunity!

Have you dated men from Mexico yet? Share your experience in this post!

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