What Is the Minimum and Average Salary in Finland in 2024? [Answered]

Finland is an attractive country for foreigners due to its high standards of living and solid salaries. And today, I’m here to give you an update about wages in Finland.

The minimum salary in Finland is around €1,370/month, while the average person in Finland will earn around €2,450/month. This is after tax, take home money we’re talking about.

There are many factors influencing salaries in Finland, especially since there is no minimum wage set by law, like in most Nordic countries.

This means that we should get a bit more in-depth with each category below to get the big picture.

What is the minimum salary in Finland in 2024?

minimum salary in finland

Like in most countries throughout Scandinavia, in Finland there isn’t any minimum salary set by law; but you can expect to get a net minimum monthly salary of around €1,370 when working here.

Generally, these minimum rates are negotiated and agreed through collective bargaining, by workers’ unions.

These rates also vary greatly based on one’s profession, experience and even location.

In Helsinki, for example, unless collective agreements state otherwise, minimum take-home salaries can go as low as €1,250 per month.

Even though the minimum sounds good on paper, when compared to other countries in the EU, it’s worth noting that the cost of living is also high. You can read more about it here.

All in all, earning the minimum wage in Finland is enough for you to live a modest, but decent life here if you are sharing costs (mainly rent).

What is the average wage in Finland?

average wage in finland

The average take-home salary in Finland in 2024 is around €2,450 per month. This value is considerably higher than the minimum wage and enough for a person to live a good life in the country.

Again, even the average salaries are influenced by experience and your profession, as it is the case everywhere in the world. But we can all agree that Finland has a fair and solid wage system.


Summing-up everything in this article, the minimum salary in Finland is not legally regulated for 2024, neither has it been in the past.

This is the same as in Sweden and Norway and apparently a thing of countries in the Scandinavia region.

The minimum earnings are negotiated and agreed through collective bargaining with the workers’ unions, who set these rates based on economic sectors and other important aspects to consider.

Now, over to you! Would you choose Finland, should you decide to move your job, family and life to another country, or go for another Northern-European country with some of the highest minimum and average salaries such as Sweden or Iceland?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and to let us know if you’ve got new updates on the salaries in Finland!

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