This Is the Best Online Dating Site / App in Mongolia in 2024

I’m not going to sugarcoat this one too much. If you’re looking for dating websites and apps in Mongolia, you don’t have plenty of options. But you only need one great option – and I have that!

The best online dating website for meeting Mongolian girls and women is Asian Dating.

You’ll find plenty of genuine ladies here, without the scammers and fakers that you should always stay away from. (Still, use common sense though and be safe!)

While you won’t find thousands of active profiles here, you will still be able to select from a fair share of ladies, with one massive bonus: they’re all actively looking for a relationship. So it’s a win from the beginning.

What are the best dating websites in Mongolia?

Before I dish the dirt, let’s make one final thing clear. Mongolia isn’t as easy as Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines when online dating – or even in person dating – is of concern.

With these in mind – and also with the very limited amount of options that you have, here is the best online dating website in Mongolia (it also has a mobile app):

Asian Dating

asian dating front page
Website’s front page in 2024

Every foreign man will want to use Tinder in Mongolia (we’ll talk about it below) while visiting the country. However, I strongly recommend to reconsider it and try my recommendation instead.

The best option you have is Asian Dating. All the girls who have signed up for this site they are actively looking for a relationship, so it will be a lot easier for you to get them to meet you.

The profiles here are actively checked by moderators, so the risks of running into bots, scammers and fake profiles is minimal. Nowadays, it’s this safety that really matters a lot!

However, you won’t find as many active profiles on Asian Dating in Mongolia as you would in other countries… but this makes sense, since the country is so small.

Also, most of the ladies there will be from the capital – if you’re visiting a different place, expect few to no ladies available.

But all in all, this works a lot better than Tinder does. Even though fewer active women from Mongolia are on this site, we can say the same about the competition. It’s almost non-existand.

While everybody will be on Tinder, you’ll be the only one (well… not the only one, but you get the idea) using this site, searching for Mongolian ladies. This is a huge advantage and it makes everything a lot faster.

Do start in advance, though, and create your account a couple of weeks before your arrival (at least) and keep talking the ladies up. You need to build up a bit of trust here, unlike other places in the world.

Pros of Asian Dating in Mongolia

  • Girls less accustomed to Western men (advantage for you!)
  • Little to no competition
  • Women are actively looking for a relationship

Cons of Asian Dating in Mongolia

  • Not as much activity (relatively few profiles)
  • It’s not free (although decently priced)


young and beautiful Mongolian woman

There’s no doubt about it. Tinder is one of the absolute best online dating apps in the world, and you can get some success with it in Mongolia too.

A quick swiping shows hundreds of nice girls in Mongolia looking to meet a foreign guy (or not, that depends).

Mongolian women are less likely to go for shirtless pictures and “alpha” traits that are popular in other countries (some will, but we are playing the numbers here).

Try to have a profile that conveys wealth and an attractive, traveling lifestyle. Keep things low-key until you meet, but still be playful and flirty.

Mongolian girls tend to be a little more feisty than their other Asian counterparts.

Pros of Using Tinder to Meet Girls in Mongolia

  • More girls than on Asian Dating
  • They are generally interested in foreign men

Cons of Tinder in Mongolia

  • It’s Tinder. Some girls will look great in pictures, but not in person
  • Not a great place to find a longer term Mongolian girlfriend
  • Many fake profiles, scammers, gold diggers… be careful
  • Time wasters galore. It’s free to use, but you’re trading time instead

My important advice for foreigners looking to date in Mongolia

Based on my own, albeit brief, experience in Mongolia, I can tell you that the men here can be aggressive towards Western guys hitting on girls in the country, especially when alcohol is present.

This is why I recommend taking the online route. This is the safest, best option that you have. Trust me on this. And make sure to also familiarize yourself with the Mongolian culture.

Also, there just aren’t that many people in the country, and there’s basically only one major city, Ulaanbaatar.

As such, your dating options will be exceptionally limited. BUT the problem is solved with my top recommendation, Asian Dating.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for the best online dating sites in Mongolia, then your search starts and ends with Asian Dating and, for a free app – Tinder. Yes, not a lot of options, but you can make them work for sure.

I had great success with Asian Dating, as I mentioned, and I consider it the safer option of the two. Much faster too.

If you have any experience with these dating apps or have any comments, don’t hesitate to share them down below.

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