Mongolian Women: Everything You Possibly Need to Know

I personally wrote an in-depth guide about seducing girls in Mongolia, but one of our readers, Hamish, dropped some incredible knowledge and insight into the mysteries that are Mongolian women.

I decided to turn his answer into a full-blown article, and a complete guide to the Mongolian woman – it has more visibility than the comment itself and will surely be helpful for those looking to travel.

I have done some minor edits too to make it easier to read, but without altering or modifying Hamish’s opinions, experience and message. I am sure everybody will find this article useful.

But thank you Hamish for providing such a complete and amazing opinion!

Mongolian Women From a Foreigner’s Perspective

beautiful Mongolian girl

I spent nearly 1-1/2 years performing engineering services in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia contracted through a massive corporation to rejuvenate the Tavan Tolgoi.

Nearly all of my daily / evening interaction and socialization was with fellow Americans, Europeans and educated Mongolian professionals linked to our project. In other words, everyone is focused and speaks English.

My circle was very constrained, and I purposely kept it this way to limit the distraction all around me.

I became well acquainted with the Mongolian culture.

In short, for white western men, it is in fact an adult Disneyland. When I first arrived to Ulaanbaatar, I went through a three-day adjustment orientation.

The last day was strictly dedicated to potential pitfalls involving the Mongolian girls.

The Embassy gentleman conducting the seminar continually overstated that younger, white good looking, professional westerner men (especially American) were revered as a prize to younger and often, much younger Mongolian women.

These ladies he stated are some of the most beautiful in the world, and have developed a very effective plan-of-action to alluring, and often time trapping these western men as they have an irresistible quality about them.

He additionally advised us to not become addicted to the nightlife, as when the sun goes down, white western men with an eye for the Mongolian ladies are not always safe.

In other words, Mongolian men despise with a passion foreigners who stroll through the city with their ladies.

There are certain locations (i.e., Grand Khaan Irish Pub) which are okay. However, steer clear of many others (i.e., Marco Polo Night Club) where the clientele is questionable.

I initially thought the “Embassy Man” as he is known, was being “better safe than sorry”.

However, he was not kidding. The first month, I had my nose to the grindstone and had little time for much else.

Then I began to notice the attractive maid who attended my room was introducing me to her equally lovely friends.

I ate lunch each day at “The Turning Point Café” in UB and began to notice the waitresses becoming more conversational, asking personal and probing questions.

It was the same with the local grocery store where I shopped, and many other frequented locales.

Of course, all of this paled compared to the “Iron Man Fitness Club”, a local gym I worked out at just prior to dinner, which was overflowing with some of the most beautiful ladies in the UB – all of which were assertively curious about the western man in their mix.

It seemed pretty, young Mongolian women were coming out of the woodwork, suggesting I venture out in the evenings to social locations such as “Face Club”, “Lux” etc.

Finally, one evening I thought, “what the heck”, turned off my computer, left my room and ventured to the “Face Club”.

I had barely entered, when Magnai, the young lady who works the currency exchange desk at the building I live, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the dance floor.

Before I knew it, I was at a table with Magnai and three of her girlfriends, and two of their boyfriends. The two boyfriends glared at me all evening as if willing me to drop dead.

To cut to the chase, I was approached numerous times throughout the evening by young ladies to dance, however, they were aggressively told to “shove off” by Magnai who was overly protective of me, and would not let me out of arms range for the remainder of the evening.

I was unsure if she was trying to prevent me from being taken advantage of, or were her motives more personal?

Mongolian food
Some yummy Mongolian food, to break the article a bit.

There is a midnight curfew in Ulaanbaatar, and when we departed, Magnai and her three girlfriends all piled in my leased vehicle, wanting to continue the party at my apartment.

I politely managed to get them to their homes. I did little “clubbing” after this. However, it was very evident that the Mongolian ladies although inherently shy and reserved, can be very aggressive and calculating when they have their sights on a man they want.

As I had spent much time there, I understand that unless the man is an “expat” (which by the way they are much, much, less interested in), the Mongolian women are aware they will be in UB only until their business activities have concluded.

[MY Note: It’s certainly not just Mongolian women who have this attitude, it’s rampant everywhere in the world. Women want to date the best guy they can get, and it makes sense, no matter if you’re talking about Thai girls or Colombians…]

I was able to find a special blend of coffee I enjoy at the UBean Coffee House.

coffee house

I eventually ended up dating the lady who managed the coffee house – her name is Kubilai.

I want to add that it is very difficult to gauge the age of Mongolian ladies until they hit 38 – 40 years of age.

Mongolian ladies develop physically at a very early age, and unlike other Asians, tend to be on average taller and shapelier.

Although very feminine, Mongolian ladies simply have a stronger, sturdier appearance to them.

My point is, it is difficult to tell much of an age difference between a Mongolian lady of 18 and 35.

For example, I am 35 years old, and Kubilai, I later found out was only 19 years old. Because she was tall (5’9”), full-figured and always well dressed, I assumed she was considerably older.

Additionally, as in western culture, it would have been extremely rude to discuss age with Kubilai.

When you hear the adage “age is just a number”, well, this honestly rings especially true for Mongolian ladies.

They may not want a fatty, or an old short, bald guy, however, their main goal is to find a good provider, family oriented and will take the lead in the relationship.

I no longer date Kubilai (something just didn’t seem right about dating a lady ½ my age), however we remain good friends and IM often.

There were several other ladies after Kubilai, as it can be intoxicating to receive so much attention from a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous young ladies.

However, it is always important to maintain perspective and remember there is nothing they desire more than a white, western husband, especially a white collar professional.

I now understand that the “Embassy Man” knew better than anyone

To reiterate, when I initially arrived to UB, I was “drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid”, intermingling with a few of the local ladies and a few sorted expats, here and there.

I found the expats I encountered who chose UB as their final destination to be somewhat “clingy”, and had a dismissive attitude of the Mongolian people overall.

I did not judge, as these expats had been here far longer than I, and believed their collective mindset may be for good reason.

What I did notice, the expat men I encountered seemed to all be in the 50 – 60 year age range (without doubt best years behind them), and migrated to select clubs each evening where “table girls” can be had.

What I found common among this group of expats (not stereotyping), they all seemed to have attended accredited universities, well educated, however did not seem to prosper financially.

Most of which also seemed to have been the recipients of several failed marriages. I believe UB had become a hiding place or checking out location for them.

Most local ladies see these expat men overall as “needy”, and quite honestly, show them little interest. It did not take me long to severe these ties and get back on track as to my purpose there.

Now to the important stuff – young Mongolian women have very little in the way of creature comfort, however, appearance is very important to them, and spend what little they do have on food and clothes.

Prestige is important to the Mongolian women.

When they see a western man nicely dressed, it is like moths to a flame. There are no secrets in UB with the locals.

You may believe you are flying under the radar, but if you are a decent looking man with a future, the marriageable Mongolian ladies will get the scoop on you rather quickly to determine if you are worthy of pursuing.

Because I am fairly young, have a good profession that pays me rather well; and most importantly will be returning to the USA one day, am precisely what these ladies hope to catch.

The sceptics will disagree (let them), but I think the most beautiful of these ladies dream of marriage to a western man (preferably American) and raising a family in the USA.

It is sad, however, I fully understand their desire to attain the absence of struggle. I noticed that Mongolian women develop very early, physically and emotionally/socially.

Mongolian girls experience precocious puberty far more than other Asians (much of which has been contributed to saturated fat consumption), and marry/conceive children earlier in life statistically than other Asians.

I do not contribute this to social environment, I contribute this to a culture whose women mature earlier, are physically stronger, and taught to be mothers/caretakers at an early age.

I have been to several Mongolian homes and gers to find a 9-10 year old girl caring for her infant sister as if her mother (and doing a great job).

I have always been amazed at the early and capable mothering abilities of Mongolian women.

Young, Mongolian ladies want more than anything, to attract a western man for marriage. Ideally, someone in a professional capacity, soon to return to the USA (not an expat who has made UB their home).

When a Mongolian lady has hit 22-24 years of age, if she has not landed her western gent, then she will settle for a local man (generally of the highest stature possible) as her biological clock is ticking.

Mongolia Women: Follow-Up From a Canuck

Response by Canuck on this website, again on the topic of Mongolian women, offering what I would call amazing and must-read insights based on personal experience with these ladies:

A lot of things Hamish has experienced and said do happen in the downtown area, I agree.

A little bit of context, both my parents are Mongolian but I was born and raised in Vancouver. Came to the country when I was still in high school just to pursue my studies here and improve my god awful Mongolian.

Something that stood out to me a lot was that my friends here had this stern, masculine look compared to the cutesy, soft ideal look you’d often see in other SE Asian countries.

I’ve met my fair share of golddiggers and yes, they always look for people who have native fluency in the said language they pursue, often opting out for Korean and American men than their male counterparts.

Mongolians are blinded by the illusion of wealth, they always opt out to look good.

Instead of making good financial investments, they’d rather eat and look pretty. I guess it’s the societal norm here.

I think they’re just attracted to western features and the delusions Mongolians have about foreign men. Everyone is racist to some extent here, it’s pretty annoying.

A lot of expats whom I had to help around to navigate were of the same type: White, old, male and unhappy in marriage.

Closing Thoughts on Mongolian Women

Special thanks to both of these gentlemen for taking the time to write the extensive information about Mongolian women they shared (especially Hamish).

I believe that this article can be considered the most complete and… well… best article on Mongolian women for foreigners you can read.

If you have other thoughts about Mongolian women, share them in the comments section below.

If you’d like to meet some Mongolian women online and see what these gents are talking about, start with this website.

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  1. Well… you shouldn’t generalize anything as saying Mongolians (or any other countries’ citizens) are like this or that… You must know if you’ve traveled to other countries.. I’d say it’s very poor observations.

    I never thought white men (especially white Americans) are generally attractive or look rich or something.. They have their own negative and positive sides just like Mongolian girls who made you feel in such a way.

    I’d say you were only somewhat part of one type of group… So, think that other groups are different than you thought of… It’s same everywhere in fact… I would suggest you to delete this stupid article if you have a bit of respect towards others and yourself.

    • As mentioned in the article, these are not my opinions, but those of two different men who visited the country.

      However, there is always a bit of generalization involved when talking about complex things. Saying that “Greenland is beautiful” is both correct and wrong, because there are obviously good and bad things about it. Same goes for every place and cohort of people out there.

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