Thai Girls Guide: How to Find & Impress Them

If you can handle the heat, Thai girls just might be your calling. One of Southeast Asia’s best countries for expatriates, Thailand has a lot to offer.

Warm weather, excellent food, a variety of locales from beaches to large cities. And finally – those amazing Thai girls. Some of the best looking, easiest, and friendliest girls on the planet.

Today, I am here to share with you 7 bits of insider knowledge that will help you find genuine Thai girls and impress them without a problem. It’s not hard anyway, but it’s worth having that bit of insider knowledge, right?

1. The Pizza Delivery Myth: True or False?

Let’s get this out of the way first, because it’s often the first question guys ask when they start planning their trip to Southeast Asia.

Are Thai girls REALLY as easy as everyone says they are? I can go on dates (or even end up with more than that) with a different girl every single day?

I’m going to answer that question and make it very simple. YES, YOU CAN.

You can practically have a Thai girl come to your door with as much ease as ordering a pizza – this is the myth. And it is, for the most part, correct. We live in a society where this is possible in most places of the world, so no big surprise here, right?

If you put in just a little bit of effort with Thai Cupid and Tinder, you’ll have no shortage whatsoever of dates and even more fun with various girls out there.

It truly is an incredible feeling, coming from the western world where you have to fight for each and every date.

2. Thai Girls Make You King

Did you know that Thailand still keeps an actual king in power? Well, once you starting dating in Thailand, you’re going to feel like you are that king.

Thai girls like to take good care of their man. This means that she’ll do everything in her feminine power to make your time in her country comfortable.

Once you’ve started to date a Thai girl (even casually), she’ll start doing the little things for you.

Your apartment will be spotless because she insists on cleaning it. Your belly will be full because she insists on filling it with delicious Thai food. And finally, she’ll make sure you get a lot of amazing fun under (or over, or near) the sheets as well. Perfect combo!

In all seriousness, wrap it up fellas!

3. How to Meet Thai Girls

beautiful thai lady

Online dating is the name of the game when it comes to Thailand and Asia in general. They’re all plugged in and familiar with technology, and it’s just so easy.

There are two main ways to meet Thai girls online – Thai Cupid and Tinder.

Thai Cupid is by far the best way to meet them. Click here to visit the website now.

Yes, it costs a bit of money, but it’s absolutely worth it. If you pay the monthly membership fee, you’ll easily get at least a date a day from it. That’s basically a dollar per date. Well worth it – because that measly amount stops a lot of guys from signing up for it.

This means girls get less messages and have to compete for YOU. Plus, they are impressed to see that you pay the premium and already put you on top of their list.

This is why I personally prefer Thai Cupid – less male competition, tons of amazing Thai girls to choose from and all of them hungry to meet you.

Tinder… does anything more need to be said? It’s used often, and girls on it want to hook up with a Farang (foreign fella). So by simply being from abroad gives you a massive advantage and you’ll have TONS of replies.

You’ll have to swift through those, of course, as there are still lots of scammers around… but you will surely not lack genuine girls either!

I personally guarantee if you use both of these mediums, you’ll easily set up anywhere from two to five dates a day. Whether or not you have the stamina to handle that is up to you.

But do focus on Thai Cupid if you want to reduce the amount of scammers and gold diggers to a minimum. That is priceless!

4. The Best Cities in Thailand to meet girls

thai cupid review

There’s a lot of good ones, but if you’re on a limited schedule, you’ll probably want to stick to the Big 3:

Bangkok is simply chaos. Think along the lines of New York City, except even dirtier, sluttier, and seedy.

That being said, it’s an absolute blast. You can go out and drink until the sun comes up every night of the week if you so desire. Have in mind that your wallet very well may be empty soon, too.

The fast and furious pace of the Bangkok lifestyle can add up quickly if you’re not careful… but especially for the younger fellas out there, it’s surely a thing that has to be tried at least once if you’re in Thailand.

The Islands can be hit or miss. Many tourists and tons of gold diggers there. It’s a bit riskier in my opinion and I prefer to stay away from the islands if possible.

Chang Mai is located in the mountains north of Bangkok. It’s definitely more laid back, but far smaller than Bangkok. It is extremely popular among digital nomads and expats, so you’re going to be up against some serious competition.

But to help you out, I created a guide to Chiang Mai girls, so make sure you read it if you’re planning to stick to that amazing city.

5. Get A Pool

Thai pool

You know how I said that getting Thai girls are basically like ordering pizza? Well, if you have a pool you can up your game even more.

Thai women work like this because if you have a pool, they’ll pretty much head right over straight to your apartment or hotel right off the bat.

It’s so blazing hot in so many parts of Thailand that a nice, modern pool is a welcome respite from the heat.

It doesn’t have to be too complex of a conversation, either. After you’ve gotten her number off of online dating, you can text a bit and then just say something like this:

Hey [Thai girl name], I’m about to go jump in my pool and cool off. It’s so hot. Come for a swim 🙂

Yeah, it’s truly that easy in most cases!

Don’t get me wrong, she knows what’s up in this case. You’re not just offering a swim, you’re offering swimming and a bit more. She knows that you’re going to ultimately make a move, but this gives her a reason to come anyway.

She’ll play coy and innocent but you can rest assured that if she comes “swimming” she’s also there for more. Or at least that’s what happens in 9 out of 10 cases… because on very rare occasions, you can still get a “No”.

Respect that and try the next one!

6. The Move

Once she’s over for a swim, you can invite her straight up to your apartment – you can even do it before you go swimming.

Go down to your apartment’s front desk, and greet her. Tell her you just got in yourself and need a second to get change into your swim gear, grab a towel, etc. Some sort of excuse to go up to your actual apartment.

She’s going to act surprised or a bit scared, but ultimately she’ll probably just go with you.

If the vibe is good and you think she’ll be down, make your move right then and there. If she’s acting very cautious or nervous, best to just give her a quick tour of the place, grab your swim stuff, and go down for the swim.

A key note is to avoid taking any snacks downstairs – give a good reason to go back upstairs afterwards.

After swimming for an hour or so in the heat, you’ll both be famished. Since she’s already been inside, she’ll have no qualms about coming back up after you’ve been flirting at the pool for an hour.

That’s when you can make the final move. By that time, there is virtually no chance she will say no again.

7. After “play”

how to date a thai lady

Like I said earlier, Thai girls like to treat their men like kings. If you need some refreshment afterwards, ask her if she can cook you some traditional Thai foods. If she’s worth her salt, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, many players who venture to Thailand for the first time are looking to get in, get out, and move on with their life.

In this case, you can just pre-seed something prior to doing the wild thing with her, that way you have a valid excuse to not spend all day with her. Thailand is a big expat area, so just say you have to meet a friend at a certain time.

It’s generally a good rule of thumb to give a sort of “3 hour cutoff” rule when doing this.

This is enough time for her to be comfortable enough to be with you, and you can spend a little bit of quality time to make her enamored with you. Who knows? Maybe you will end up falling for her too and then new amazing things can follow.

In the end, you have to understand that even though Thai girls are up for the fun, they are also amazing human beings that are worth spending quality time with.

A woman from Thailand is a perfect person to spend your life with, so don’t just go there with the “player” mentality – keep your heart open too!


Thai girls are some of the most beautiful, easy, and kind girls in all of Asia – and probably the entire world. This combination makes Thailand an ideal place for a western guy looking to have some crazy adventures with foreign women.

I can’t recommend it enough. If you’ve got questions about Thailand or the women, leave them in the comments below.

PS: Make sure you’ve got your Thai Cupid ready to rock before you take off for Thailand!

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