How to Seduce Thai Women (Full Guide for Foreigners)

If there’s one thing that will get a man to book a plane ticket to Southeast Asia, it’s the prospect of being able to seduce one, or many, Thai women. They’re beautiful. Feminine. Full of life and fun. And they like foreigners.

In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive guide to everything Thai and how to increase your chances of scoring a date with a woman from Thailand.

We’ll talk about the three options you have to meet Thai women. We’ll also talk about the numerous red flags to watch out for.

You’ll also learn how to handle Thai women in a relationship (and how to screen for the best one possible).

In other words, a complete guide to scoring the nice girls in Thailand and staying away from the golddiggers and scammers. Because, unfortunately, you have high chances of stumbling into one.

If you want to play it safe, even before you start reading about women in Thailand, make sure you sign up for the best place for meeting them: Thai Cupid. You’ll thank me later!

Women in Thailand: Physical Appearance

beautiful thai lady

As far as Southeast Asia goes, Thai women are definitely near the cream of the crop. In my opinion, they have prettier faces than girls in the Philippines, for example (not that those are ugly – FAR from it!).

Women in Thailand have golden-brown skin, generally toned bodies and a good facial structure. You will surely not see many butterfaces around (don’t know the term yet?)

What I like the most about women in Thailand is that they are more petite. This is definitely a personal preference and I know men who like tall and slender girls, but to me, the fact that they are shorter than the norm is a huge bonus.

Tip: Being tall is also a huge bonus for you. Thai men are also on the short side and ladies there love themselves a big, tall boy.

You might ask me what first brought me to Thailand. 

Well, my answer is about the same as most expats: the low cost of living and the beautiful girls.

And really, they are. Plus, everyone can find something to their taste.

Like I mentioned before, most of them have tanned skin, but you’ll also find light-skinned Thai women. You’ll find girls with swimsuit model bodies. Some Thai women have great curves – albeit not as good as Indonesian girls.

No matter what, if you’re coming from the western dating scene, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you arrive in Thailand.

Beautiful ladies everywhere, girls that recognize the power of their beauty – and lots of smiling. Your mood goes to 110% instantly.

Also, Thai women seem to believe that, “Men like a beautiful women, so I must be beautiful.” And they are!

Personality of Thai Women

As you probably suspected from the previous sentences, Thai women have extremely pleasant personalities.

Thai people in general tend to be a bit more reserved. You won’t find any Thai women cursing, being overtly loud, or just acting up in public.

umbrella girl

On a date, they are respectful – they leave the smartphones away, give you full eye contact, and generally treat you well.

Contrast this to being on a date with a western girl – you’re fighting her smartphone for attention, as well as all the guys trying to slide into her DMs, and her mom who won’t stop calling her (even though mom knows she’s on a date).

Thai girls are very happy to be feminine, sweet, and submissive. They make great relationship partners, but also like to have fun. In fact, that’s a huge part of the Thai culture – to enjoy life, no matter what.

Did I say that they smile a lot? They do! It’s absolutely amazing to see those natural, genuine, beautiful smiles everywhere.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that any lady smiling at you wants to be your partner. Most of them don’t and are really shy early on in your relationship (or when you first meet them).

But once you get to know them and once they get to trust you (remember: many were hurt a lot by men, be them locals or foreigners), she’s an absolute gem. The ideal woman, I would say. There’s no other way to put it!

This also makes them great partners if it’s something more serious that you want. But the good thing is that even if you’re more hookup oriented, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Now that you’ve had an introduction to the personalities and physical aspects of Thai girls, let’s move on to where to meet them!

How to Meet Thai Women

thai woman

As with most places in the world, you’ve got three options as to “how” to meet girls.

  1. Utilizing online dating methods – this is EXTREMELY popular in Thailand and the easiest way to go (Click here for my recommended website for this).
  2. Meet them during the day – whether it be at university, a coffee shop, or just on the street – Thai girls will be happy to talk to you, provided their English is good enough.
  3. Talk to them at night – the nightlife scene in Thailand is big, especially in cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. This can be a great way to find a one-night stand or set up dates for the week, but you do need to use caution (more on this later).

In addition, if you have more “permanent” roots in Thailand (as in, more than a month), you’ve also got the option of getting into some social circles. Sometimes it just takes making friends with the right expat.

The guy who has connections in the club. Or at a language school. It’s not that difficult to make friends in Thailand, in reality.

These can be great opportunities to meet Thai women because you already are pre-vetted and pre-screened. Just being a friend of a friend’s friend can make all the difference.

But, Thailand is still easy even if you’re starting from ground zero. Certainly don’t let that discourage you.

How to Meet Thai Girls on Short Trips

This section is specifically for those of you who are taking a shorter jaunt to Thailand. Maybe you’ve just got two weeks of vacation to burn. Perhaps you are contemplating a more permanent move.


If you’re doing a trip for less than a month, you absolutely must use online dating (there are how-to guides further down in this article).

While you could land with no online dating leads in your phone and still seduce a Thai girl – why take the risk?

It will make you far more comfortable, confident, and attractive in a new foreign country knowing that you have dates lined up as soon as your plane hits the tarmac.

The best rule of thumb is to start messaging girls when you are at least 2 weeks away from landing in Thailand.

This gives you enough time to message enough girls. Dating is always a numbers game, and you need to make sure you get your reps in!

This is also enough time to allow the girls to get to know you a bit and get excited about meeting you. Because, despite what many tell you – the REAL Thai women are not the cheap type that will jump into your bed first occasion she has.

Comprehensive Guide to Online Dating in Thailand

online dating in Thailand

So, you’re about to come to Thailand (or maybe you’re already here). Congratulations!

If you want to make it as easy as possible to meet a really amazing woman, go online. Really, it looks like all girls in Thailand have an account on a dating site and it’s so much easier to connect.

As far as online dating, there are various options that you have when it comes to meeting the girls, but my favorite one is (click below to visit):

Thai Cupid

Should you go for more than that? I would NOT.

Yes, there are plenty of other sites that you can use to meet Thai women, but they’re usually not worth the time.

On top of that, having too many dating sites to manage can get overwhelming. Just too many cooks in the kitchen.

And you’ll get plenty of girls to meet on Thai Cupid – there are always hundreds (actually, usually over 1,000) active users on the platform at each moment of the day… so definitely no reasons to worry here.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a lot safer and chances of meeting a scammer (or a fake profile) are minimal. I won’t go as far as saying that there’s no risk – but it’s a lot less than elsewhere.

Plus, you already know the red flags to be aware of!

You also get a bunch of advantages on this site compared to free ones. You show them that you are committed to this (because you pay a premium monthly fee which is cheap by Western standards). This matters a lot to them.

Also, you will have a lot less competition here. On Tinder, for example – which is free to use – you will have to battle tons of other males, both foreigners and locals (but also fake profiles). It’s much easier to stand out when there aren’t 500 dudes trying to do the same thing.

Trust me, you will be extremely satisfied with Thai Cupid. I love it, I’ve had amazing success with it and you will to.

Make sure you read my Thai Cupid review if you need the in-depth look at it.

After You’ve Gotten Her Number…

You’ve got her number and moved away from Thai Cupid, it means that things are serious.

Of course, you can still be on the website and instant message with her – but you do need to exchange numbers (and double check on her) before meeting.

This is the point where a lot of guys “lose” a girl – they get stuck in messaging purgatory, with no way to escape. Well, there’s a simple solution to it…

Be aggressive!

Girls always respect a man who goes after what he wants. They find it attractive. So you don’t need to beat around the bush with her.

She knows why you messaged her to begin with – you found her attractive and had an interest in meeting, and eventually, seducing her.

how to date a thai lady

So don’t hide this, getting into the endless back and forth that they’re very comfortable with.

Instead, chit-chat just a bit. Ask her how her day is. Then, drop this foolproof line:

“You seem like a great girl, let’s meet and have a coffee or drink.”

Just like that, you’ve given her a compliment and asked her out in a direct, straightforward fashion. Best of all, you’ve put the ball 100% in her court.

She either says yes, or she says no.

No time wasted on your side.

One of the biggest issues guys have with girls is not putting the onus on the girl to make a decision.

You want to meet girls who are enthusiastic about meeting you. If she waffles and says something in the middle, she’s likely to lose you. Forever.

When you put someone in that kind of position, it pushes them towards a yes because of the fear of loss.

Is this evil? Hardly.

You are just screening for girls who are the most enthusiastic about meeting you. Those are the best dates and the girls you are most likely to have a connection and some compatibility with.

Being a man who values who you spend your time with, as opposed to any random girl, shows that you are valuable and have self esteem. Thai women (well, all women really) find this attractive.

Red Flags of Thai Women

beautiful Thailand lady

Alright, so now that you’ve learned a little bit about the general philosophies of Thai dating ins and outs, let’s discuss the Thai women you should 100% AVOID.

Let’s be clear, too – there’s a reason I’m writing these down. Both myself and fellow friends have been screwed on more than one occasion, and I’m looking out for you. I hate when people go to Thailand and have a bad experience – and then never return.

There’s nothing more disheartening than to hear a man’s story that he’s unsatisfied with his love life in the western world, but then has a worse experience in Thailand too. Then he just gives up on dating altogether.

While these are genuine concerns regarding Thai girls, with a little bit of common sense you can avoid most, if not all, scams and pitfalls.

Bad seeds are all over the world, so it’s not just a Thailand thing. But since the country is so popular and they know many males come here for the girl, chances to stumble upon one of the scammers are higher.

So keep an eye on the following red flags to avoid problems.

#1: The “I’m Broke” Red Flag

Common sense dictates that a foreigner probably has more money than the locals in the case of Thailand.

In addition, Thailand is more of a traditional dating scene anyway. Generally speaking, you won’t see a Thai girl arguing with her Thai date that she should pay the bill.

Whereas in the west, a girl will argue about that with you because she wants to show that she is strong and independent by making her own money.

That attitude doesn’t exist in Thailand. This means that they are happy to let the man pay even though some might want to chip in for their share.

However, if you are well-off, you can then reasonably be expected to foot the bill for a date with a Thai girl. And that’s perfectly okay.

But some girls take it a bit farther than letting you buy them a bowl of noodles or a coffee.

My grandmother, four cousins, and their GOAT are all very sick! They all will die TOMORROW if they don’t get help!!!

Of course, I am exaggerating a bit – but I do so to prove a point. Basically, anything that involves needing money urgently and right away from the girl is a major red flag. Walk away from her as fast as you can!

It doesn’t matter at what point in the relationship this happens – could be at the second date, could be after a couple of months, when you’ve gained “trust”. When this happens, just run!

There is a huge difference between being chivalrous (which is okay) and being a sponsor for medical care. Don’t fall into the trap of the second one. Especially since in most cases, nobody’s actually sick.

#2: Thai Bar Girls

I’ve actually written an entire article on Thai bar girls. Click here to check it out.

In short, they’re not in it for the relationship. They are experts in making you giving them money or keeping you around. They’ll stop at no costs. It’s all trickery, and it’s obvious to someone on the outside… but many men are happy to play this game.

thai bar girls

If that’s your thing, you afford it and you like it… do it. But don’t you believe for a second that a Thai Bar Girl will ever be in a real relationship with you (or that you’re being exclusive).

I think that we, men, are biologically programmed to fall for these kind of things. I’ve seen countless dudes come to Thailand and fall in love with a bar girl. 

But it’s not genuine!

Anyone from the outside can see she’s using him (and has hit the jackpot), but his dumbass just foots her bills and follows her around like a lost puppy.

A bit of high quality private action, a few well-timed “I think I am falling in love with you”, and the next thing you know he’s buying her a house.

Then she’s kicking him out of the house once it’s all secured. And guess what? He has zero retribution.

Because he paid in cash, and signed a contract in a foreign language he doesn’t speak – and he did it all without hiring a lawyer.

Believe it or not, this happens fairly often. So don’t be one of the guys who falls in love with a bar girl.

#3: Thai Ladyboys

There are people who go to Thailand specifically for them. But if you’re looking for a genuine female, you have to pay attention to some things to make sure that the woman you’re dating or taking home was always a woman.

I’m not here to judge at all – anybody’s free to do what they want. But some don’t want a Thai ladyboy.

While many of them will tell you beforehand, some won’t. In some cases, depending how far they go with you, you won’t know the truth until it’s too late. But there are always signs you can look out for:

  • Look for physical characteristics – large hands, Adam’s apples, height, etc. These are all things that suggest that your lady is actually a man.
  • Watch mannerisms carefully – ladyboys can never mimic a real woman’s motions, no matter how hard they try. Especially the hip swaying. They will replace what comes naturally to a woman with an exacerbated behavior.
  • Too easy – if she is proposing to go back to your hotel or apartment after three minutes, RED FLAG. (Doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a boy, but still a BIG red flag!)

If you have any doubts and you don’t want to miss your chance if you’re wrong, do the crazy thing: just ask. If you manage to do so without offending her, even if she’s not one (or even if she is), the situation won’t turn awkward.

#4: The Ones Who Won’t Meet

This one is pretty simple to spot. If you meet a girl online, but she just doesn’t want to seem to meet – walk away.

If she keeps up the façade for a while, you can rest assured the “I need money” is coming soon. Probably to pay for Grandma’s goat.

Even if that never comes and she wants an “Internet Relationship”, why would you bother? There are millions of amazing Thai girls out there who WILL meet you, so don’t waste too much energy on the ones who WON’T.

Alright, so that wraps up the four HUGE red flags of Thai women. Now, let’s move on to some happier topics, shall we?

Dating Thai Women

dating Thai woman

No matter where you meet them (online, day, night), you can keep things simple. Just send her some messages and ask when she’s free. Ask her out to a coffee or a drink. That’s all it takes, really – and it will naturally go on from there.

Most girls in Thailand, contrary to popular belief (because we’re talking about genuine girls, not the “bar girl” type) will have you chasing them for a bit before coming up to your room for some Netflix & chill.

So do your part without being a creep that keeps pushing her, but at the same time be confident and chivalrous.

Many foreigners come there acting like crap, so you’ll be a nice change. And for the real Thai ladies out there, it’s really worth being the nice guy.

Deeper Relationships With Thai Girls

Thai women are just fantastic. I keep saying that.

They have their own personalities, interests, and dreams. They will do things to make you feel special, and make it seem that they value you. This is true no matter how long or how little time you are spending time in Thailand.

No matter what, they want you to know that they were happy to have you in their life, no matter how long.

Sure, there are some girls who are “Farang Hunters” (hunting foreigners for their money). You won’t be her first, or last one. But obviously not all of them are like this.

As you progress into dating a Thai girl on a deeper level, you’ll be amazed at how she treats you.

  • Cooks all your favorite Thai meals, whenever you want.
  • Asks you to teach her your favorite meals from HOME so she can start cooking them for you (be aware you’ll have to probably modify some ingredients).
  • Takes care of all your laundry and domestic needs.
  • Tidies up your entire apartment before she leaves.
  • Is always smiling and keeping your mood to 100% (or more, if that’s even possible)
  • Is ready to follow you anywhere you go, whatever you do (yes, they are VERY committed to this!)
  • Generally…just treats you like a king…

…and I really mean that.

I was very unhappy with the dating scene in the western world, but moving to Thailand changed all of that. It made me realize that there are some great girls still out there in the world. Girls who actually like men.

Girls who want to value a man for being a man, instead of constantly demeaning him.

Girls who understand that a strong man helps make their life easier.

Girls who get that a feminine, sweet woman helps make YOUR life easier.

Thai women understand the beauty of genuine attraction, desire, and mutual respect. No matter if you are searching for a wife, someone to date, or a fling – I’m confident you’ll find it in Thailand.

But be careful. You just might never return home.

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