The Ultimate Guide to Slovakian Girls & Women

What Slovakia lacks in size, it makes up for in terms of beautiful ladies. Well, there are also beautiful landscapes, romantic towns, and more castles per-capita than any other country in the world.

But today, we’re going to focus on Slovakian girls & women. I will talk about their traits, what it’s like dating a Slovakian, what to expect from them and much more.

Here’s everything you need to know to win the princesses’ heart (and everything in between). Let’s start with:

The Beautiful Slovakian Woman

beautiful Slovakian woman

Yes, personality matters, but it’s the looks that create the first impression. And in Slovakia, the first impression will be mind-blowing.

Expect the ladies around here to have all the top features of Slavic / Eastern European people:

  • Beautiful facial features
  • Light-colored hair (generally)
  • Lots of blue/green eyes
  • Naturally slender
  • Amazing smiles

In other words, girls around here are beautiful. Probably you knew that already, though. So let’s get straight to the important part:

How to meet Slovakian women

No doubts about it: this is the best place to meet them.

This is a premium website which, unlike your regular dating apps (like Tinder) offers you a ton of advantages.

First off, the competition is MUCH lower, increasing your chances of getting a girl’s attention.

There’s also a decent amount of profiles available (remember – Slovakia is a small country!) and you don’t have to be IN the country in order to see all that are available.

Another important thing here is that the ladies that create a profile are actively looking for a relationship. No awkward “I have a boyfriend” when you try to approach them in a night club…

Finally, since this is a premium website, it sends a strong signal to potential dates: you are a man who knows what he wants AND is doing well enough in life to be able to finance that.

I am not saying that Slovakian women are drooling after rich people or looking for them exclusively – far from that, as we will see below. But proving that you’re not a time-wasting bootstrapper does have advantages.

So waste no time and check the website out. Sign up – it will most likely change your life!

The Dating Culture in Slovakia

dating culture in Slovakia

Slovakian girls love to be cherished. It’s a very affectionate culture. Families are tightly knit and girls receive tons of attention.

The hot-and-cold womanizer behavior won’t work on a Slovakian. They are way above investing in someone who won’t commit.

Chivalry is far from dead in Slovakia. In fact, it is the only acceptable behavior for a man. This is how Slovakian men are expected to behave, and it will apply to you too.

You will be judged on seemingly small things. Opening the door for her, pulling her chair, taking her coat… small things that matter, in the end.

The following is an actual thing that a Slovakian friend of mine said:

We were crossing the street and he sort of guided me toward the sidewalk, “shielding” me from the car that was coming. I was absurdly attracted to him at that moment. 

Most dudes wouldn’t even think about a small detail like that. To Slovakian girls, it’s everything!

Make her feel taken care of, and you’re one step ahead of the game.

Of course, you first need to meet her! Click here to check out my recommended website for meeting amazing Slovakian beauties.

Now, let’s get a bit more in depth with some tips to dating in Slovakia!

Take The Lead

As a follow-up from the last idea I shared, you do have to take the lead!

Picking the date venue is your job. Ordering for her (as in, talking to the waiter for her, not literally picking her meal) and choosing the wine go without saying.

Learn a thing or two about wine – it goes a very long way, even though Slovakian beer is amazing too.

Here is a useful insiders note for Slovakian girls: most of them drink white wine. Red wine is messy, it gets on your teeth, and generally not a great choice for a date.

Besides, Slovakian girls view it as un-feminine. When in doubt, order the white.

And if you really, really want to impress your girl, order Tokaj wine. Tokaj is a popular wine region in Slovakia and she will probably appreciate the fact that you know it.

Make sure not to mistake it with the similarly named Tokaj in Hungary, which is why she’d appreciate your knowledge. Slovakians are fiercely patriotic. They always love to see foreigners appreciating their country.

On that note:

Never Confuse Slovenia And Slovakia!

Slovakia Bratislava
The UFO Tower, probably one of the first things you’ll visit in Bratislava

These are two different countries. I shouldn’t even have to say that.

It’s obvious – different names, different capitals, different languages, pretty far away one from the other. What is so hard about distinguishing them?

Apparently, a lot, since Slovenian and Slovakian foreign officers have frequent meetings to exchange correspondence that wasn’t addressed correctly.

If you’re going to date Slovakian girls, you better learn a thing or two about their country. In short:

  • Slovakia’s capital is Bratislava (note: check out the best hotels near the Bratislava airport here)
  • It is between Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Austria.
  • The country is mountainous, with a cold-ish climate and a more Austro-Hungarian style culture and architecture.
  • Slovenia, on the other hand, is to the South. It borders Italy and has a lot of Italian / Mediterranean influence on its culture. The capital is Ljubljana. Amazing culture, but that’s for another article…

Seriously, Slovaks might be a friendly bunch, but if you confuse them with Slovenians, you might have to look for new friends.

Slovakian Girls: What Are They Like?

sportsy Slovakian woman

Personally, I see Slovakian women as a mix of Scandinavian and Slavic. I know, I know. Slovakia is nowhere near Scandinavia. Style and behavior-wise, though, Slovakian girls can “feel” very Scandinavian.

Slovakia is a developed country where most girls work full-time and have high aspirations. Unlike Ukraine and some parts of Russia, there is less pressure to marry at an early age.

These girls are tough, they work hard, and they’re not raised much different than boys.

Slovakian society places a heavy emphasis on working hard to improve yourself and provide for your family.

That being said, Slovakian women are still pretty conservative. This is a Catholic country and most families are quite devout.

Slut shaming is not even a concept most Slovakians understand. To them, it’s natural to judge a girl that is being immodest.

All in all, Slovakia is a weird little mix of traditional and modern values. Slovakian girls lack the urgency to marry and they’re not super keen on being girly, either.

In some ways, traditional gender roles have been completely forgotten. When it comes right down to dating, though, most Slovakian girls are just as conservative as their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts.

In other words:

No, Slovakian Girls Are Not Looking for Flings!

I mean, that’s not set in stone. Obviously, one night stands exist in Slovakia. The whole thing is kept a lot more hush-hush, though. Catholic values and all.

This is good news for you. Foreigners do have an advantage here, generally. Think like a local girl when it comes to experimenting an ONS:

  • Do you hook up with somebody you’ve known your entire life,
  • or with a dude that nobody knows and that can’t tell anyone?

Just because Slovakian girls want to keep their pristine reputations, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy life. Foreigners work super nice for that purpose.

But all that aside, Slovakian girls don’t generally look for flings. They’re all about relationships.

Don’t even dare to ask if you’re “exclusive”. If you are dating, you’re exclusive. Asking implies that you’re fooling around with other people and it could cut your relationship short.

Slovakian Girls And First Dates

smiling Slovakian girl

We already touched on this a little bit. You need to make the right impression. If you’re taking out a high-value girl, a low-value date won’t do. I hope it makes sense.

Slovakian girls aren’t particularly superficial. The thing with Eastern European women only dating oligarchs is 100% a myth.

They enjoy wining and dining as much as the next gal but quirky date ideas work, too. Originality, when used in moderation, can be your best friend.

Most Slovakian people are very outdoorsy. With all those mountains, stunning chateaux, caves, natural springs, and architectural wonders, you have a never-ending source of day trip options.

Take her for a hike and picnic – unlike dinner and a movie, that would actually give you time to get to know each other.

For winter, ice skating is the activity of choice. Biology says that we associate adrenaline with love. Except, our memories don’t distinguish where the adrenaline came from.

Bring your date somewhere that gets her blood pumping and she’ll associate the rush with you. Pretty smart, right?

How to impress Slovakian Girls

how to impress Slovakian girls

So, you followed my date advice and it all went smoothly. Where do you take it from here?

Navigating the first weeks/months of a new relationship is tricky. Even more so when it’s a foreign country and a different culture.

The best advice I ever got on the matter is:

Ask Good Questions

You didn’t grow up Slovakian. Her experiences, values, and even random childhood memories would be very different than yours.

Fortunately, opposites attract. Just because you had a drastically different upbringing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find common ground.

In fact, I already know about one common ground:

You both like each other. 

The tricky part is making it work in the long term. I’m a firm believer in laying solid foundations. So, if you’re genuinely interested in your Slovakian girl, make a point out of getting to know each other.

This is easy – you’re both interested in one another, remember? Just try not to get too caught up in the physical stuff.

As fun as the beginning stages of a relationship may be, you want to use some of the time for non-bedroom activities.

Are You Actually Compatible?

Contrary to what dating sites would have you believe, compatibility is neither simple nor immediately obvious. This is exactly why you need to ask the good questions. As the Slovak proverb goes:

Desaťkrát meraj a potom strihaj. (Measure ten times before you cut once.)

Slovakian saying

In the case of a new relationship, “measuring” means questions. So what are some things that could help you decide?

Start With The Why

The “why principle” is usually used for business. If you haven’t seen the TED talk, I highly recommend it – check it out here.

Anyway, that’s just where the expression comes from. When it comes to relationships, it means to be brutally honest with yourself and the other person about motives.

I know half of the pick-up gurus would tell you to lure women in, instead of stating your intentions (or lack thereof) right off the bat. That might work for hookups.

When it comes to dating Slovakian girls, though, why is your most important question.

Though Slovakia doesn’t have a very high density of gold-diggers, there are still quite a few.  Don’t lie to yourself. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.

The best answer to “Why do you want to be with me?” would involve family values and her vision of the future. If a Slovakian girl tells you that she can see herself with you in the future, you’re onto pure gold.

As mentioned above, it is important to draw the fling Vs. serious relationship line. Girls that want casual hookups, don’t want a relationship.

They might date you for a little while, especially if you bring them to nice places. When you ask why they might mention having fun or attraction.

They would never say anything about feeling safe, seeing themselves with you on the long run, etc.

The simple lesson is: Ask why or fall prey to gold-diggers!

Slovakian Girls and Their Families

Slovakian Woman

Slovakia is a Catholic majority country. Women might be emancipated and independent but they’re still very much under the influence of their families.

If her dad hates you, so much for your Slovakian fairytale.

When a girl likes you enough, she’ll have you meet her family way earlier than expected. Don’t sweat it, it’s a great sign.

If she doesn’t see you sticking for long, she’d hide you away from both relatives and friends. That is what you do with casual flings.

When a Slovakian chick is genuinely interested, she’d want to show you off. More importantly, she would also need her family’s second (and wiser) opinion.

The good news are that she already hyped you up. I guarantee that her mom knows more details about your relationship than even you do. Don’t mess up first impressions:

Be The Kind Of Guy You’d Want Your Daughter to Date

Seriously, put yourself in her family’s shoes. What qualities would you like to see?

Mature, successful, and humble are right on top of the list.

Unlike stereotypical American dads, Slovakian fathers don’t care if you can shoot a gun, play tennis, or how you vote.

Prove that you are a respectful and respectable man, and you’ll have their approval.

A little trick here is to bring flowers. Not for the dad, obviously, bring flowers for her mom. Small acts of chivalry are all-telling.

Respecting women and treating them right are two things that you definitely want to show.

I mean, they are also two things that you definitely want to have, but I’ll assume you do. All you need now is to take an extra step to prove it.

Ultimately, though, don’t sweat it.

If they’re meant to hate you, they will. In most cases, they won’t. Slovak people are friendly and warm, especially toward foreigners.

You already did the hard thing – you won your girl over. From here on out, it’s (almost) all fun. Congrats, tiger!

In Conclusion

Slovakian girls are among the most beautiful in the world. Nothing nice ever comes easy, right?

So, if you follow my tips, you are one step ahead of the game. Good luck and remember to share your field reports in the comments section below!

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