Top Ski Destinations in Hungary: A Hidden Winter Wonderland

Often overlooked in favor of more famous European ski destinations, Hungary can still offer amazing ski destinations for both avid skiers and beginners or those seeking a more serene snowy getaway.

In this complete guide I’ll share the top ski resorts in Hungary, but also insider tips and all the information you need to plan an unforgettable ski vacation in Hungary.

Here’s a quick overview of the best ski destinations that I’ll cover in-depth below:

  • Matraszentistvan Sipark
  • Nagy-Hideg-hegy in Borzsony
  • Nagyvillam near Visegrad
  • Bankut Ski Resort
  • Dobogoko Ski Resort

The best part about Hungary’s top destinations for skiing and winter sports is the price / quality ratio. Unlike in the more famous destinations in Europe, here you will find affordable prices and more than decent slopes.

Because, yes, there’s a LOT more to Hungary than Budapest – and even though I love their capital city, I want to point your attention into a different direction now.

NOTE: I am trying to keep the pricing information below accurate, but things can change without notice. Double check on the official websites provided for each destination before making any plans!

Matraszentistvan Sipark: Premier Skiing in Hungary

Matraszentistvan Sipark skiing in Hungary

Matraszentistvan Sipark is one of Hungary’s most popular ski resorts – but Europe still hasn’t heard enough of it. You don’t really have to try and pronounce its name, though.

This is the third-highest point in the country, with an elevation of 821 meters. This elevation ensures a consistent snow cover, offering excellent skiing conditions throughout the season.

The resort offers a diverse range of slopes, totaling almost 4 kilometers divided between 10 ski slopes (sledding is allowed on some). It has slopes for beginners, intermediate skiers and expert / professional skiers too.

A total of 8 ski-lifts efficiently manage the crowd during peak season, ensuring a smooth skiing experience.

As for the costs associated to visiting Matraszentistvan Sipark, I’m listing them below. Visit the official website to double check, though.

  • Daily ticket (adults) during winter holiday and weekends: 13,500 HUF (around 35 Euros)
  • Discounted daily ticket (adults) during weekdays on peak season: 12,500 HUF (33 Eur)
  • Ski lift pass for the same period: 7,500 HUF (20 Eur) on all days.

There are various other ticket combos and offers available, while children under the age of 6 have free access when accompanied by adults.

A truly spectacular thing about Matraszentistvan Sipark is that it offers a fully illuminated area for night skiing, which is a must do if you have never tried it before. Just make sure to avoid the mulled wine until then!

When it comes to finding accommodation in the area, the selection of offers available has grown over the years and now you have enough places to choose from… which will fit all budgets.

While prices have risen in the past years, they remain affordable compared to Western standards. For the latest deals and a wide range of accommodations, check

Nagy-Hideg-hegy in Borzsony: A Skier’s Hidden Gem

This ski resort is close to the Slovakian border and has an elevation of 821 m, making it the second highest in the country.

There are 1.3 km of beginner’s slopes, 1.5 km for intermediate skiers, and 1.2 km for the adventurous skier. So we’re talking about a similar offering to my first recommendation, although a bit smaller.

It has 4 ski-lifts and a daily ski pass will cost you around 30 euros for adults and 15 euros for children (make sure to double check though!)

Accommodation near to the resort is non-existent. So you will have to look further away, just like the locals do. There are really no other options at the moment, unfortunately.

But due to the fact that this resort is so close to Budapest, finding some place to stay to the North of Budapest – or even in the city itself – could be an options, as long as you have a car.

It’s not ideal – and clearly even worse if you don’t have a car, but if you are interested in checking out your options around this ski destination in Hungary, visit and scour the area.

Visegrad’s Nagyvillam: A Must-Visit Ski Slope in Hungary

Nagyvillam skiing

Just 3 km from Visegrad in Hungary, this resort is perfect for beginners and those looking to learn how to ski.

We have 7 slopes available here and 9 ski-lifts, with a daily pass price starting at around 25 Euros per adults and 18 Euros for children (new prices were not available at the moment of updating this article, so I based it on previous prices).

Keep an eye on the official website for the updated prices.

Night-skiing here is a must-try, making it a lively spot for winter sports enthusiasts. Accommodation is more readily available and slightly pricier due to the resort’s popularity.

In Visegrad, options like Villa Harmonia provide comfortable stays at fair prices for a double room and solid price/quality ratio. Or you can simply browse all the offers here.

Staying in Visegrad also gives you the opportunity to explore local attractions like the Visegrad Castle and its prominent hilltop overlooking the Danube River, adding a welcomed extra bonus to your skiing holiday.

Overall, this is a great resort to visit if you’re spending some time in Budapest, as Visegrad is close by.

Bankut Ski Resort: Hungary’s Hidden Winter Paradise

Bankut Ski Resort

The Bankut Ski Resort, located in the picturesque Bükk Mountains in the Northern part of Hungary, stands out as a less crowded, yet extremely beautiful alternative for skiing enthusiasts.

With an elevation of 950 meters, it’s one of Hungary’s highest ski areas, ensuring solid snow throughout the season. Also, its proximity to Budapest (a 3-hour car ride) make it a solid choice for tourists too.

The resort offers a balanced mix of slopes for all experience levels. With a total of around 3.3 kilometers of slopes, about 1.5 km are designed for beginners, 1.2 km for intermediate skiers, and 0.5 km for the experts.

A day’s pass at Bankut is reasonably priced at 16 euros for adults and 13 euros for children.

For those seeking more than skiing, the nearby town of Miskolc provides additional attractions, including the famous Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, a unique thermal spa experience, perfect after a long day of skiing.

Accommodation options around Bankut are varied, with choices ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to more luxurious hotel stays. You can check out the list of available properties for your dates on

Dobogoko: A Compact Yet Exciting Ski Destination in Hungary

beginner skiing in Dobogoko

Last but not least, we have Dobogoko Ski Resort, located in the Visegrad Mountains, and close to my second recommendation, Nagyvillam.

While not as popular (and definitely not as impressive), this compact ski destination charms the visitors with its low prices and decent slopes.

While it only has an elevation of 700 meters, it still provides reliable snow conditions during the winter, until late February usually.

The resort features just under 3 kilometers of slopes, but just 1 ski lift which somehow manages to be enough for the travelers.

Pricing at Dobogoko is accessible too, with adult ski passes available for 14 euros and children’s passes for 11 euros.

Not to mention the fact that if you are a single traveler, this could be a good place to meet a charming Hungarian lady or man.


Even though Hungary is not the top choice when it comes to alpine skiing, it still has some great resorts and amazing slopes, as you can see on my list above.

When you add very budget-friendly ski passes and accommodation to the mix, you already have a winning combination.

If you decide to go to Hungary for winter activities, you will surely be surprised… in a good way!

So maybe next time skip choosing Austria as your destination for winter fun and go to nearby Hungary, choosing one of the best skiing destinations recommended above.

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