Best Skiing Destinations in Hungary

Hungary may not be at the top of the list when choosing a skiing destination, but it still has 33 ski resorts to choose from, which may surprise some people because they are extremely cheap and the price / quality ratio is amazing.

If you would like to give Hungary a chance for a cheap ski holiday this year, I am going to make everything easier for you by sharing below the three best ski resorts in the country.

Because, yes, Hungary is a lot more than Budapest – and even though I love their capital city a lot, I know that there’s even more to enjoy about the country and if you love winter sports, you will be surprised with Hungary’s offer.

Matraszentistvan Sipark

You don’t really have to try and pronounce its name, but this is one of the most popular ski resorts in Hungary, probably due to its elevation of 821 m. – one of the highest in the country.

This doesn’t sound too high, but it is actually the third highest of all the ski resorts in the country so it rarely can get better than this.

It offers 1.4 km of beginners slopes, 1.6 km for intermediate skiers, and 0.6 km for those who are experienced enough to try something challenging. So, despite it being closer to the sea level than what you’re probably used to, it still offers good skiing options.

There are 6 ski-lifts in total and even though they do get crowded during the peak of the winter season, they still do a good job overall.

A daily ski pass will set you back 18 euros for adults and 15 euros for children (make sure to double check this info as prices can change at any time). Snowboarders are also welcome on the slopes.

A truly spectacular thing about Matraszentistvan Sipark is that it offers a fully illuminated area for night skiing, which is a must do if you have never tried it before. Just make sure to avoid the mulled wine until then!

When it comes to finding accommodation in the area, the selection of offers available has grown over the years and now you have enough places to choose from… which will fit all budgets.

As it is the case of all cities in Hungary, this area is cheap as well – at least by Western standards – and you can still find a room for a decent price. When I visited, I paid 56 euros for two nights at the Hegyilevego Panzio in Matraszentimre, located just 6km away, for example.

Prices have changed and increased since then, that’s the unfortunate reality for those who enjoy budget traveling as much as I do, but you can still find some solid options in the area – just check them out on for the best rates during your stay.

Borzsony: Nagy-Hideg-hegy

This ski resort is close to the Slovakian border and has an elevation of 821 m, making it the second highest in the country.

There are 1.3 km of beginner’s slopes, 1.7 km for intermediate skiers, and 0.2 km for the adventurous skier. So we’re talking about a similar offering to my first recommendation, although a bit smaller.

It has 5 ski-lifts and a daily ski pass will cost you 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children (make sure to double check though!)

Accommodation near to the resort is non-existent. So you will have to look further away, just like the locals do. There are really no other options at the moment, unfortunately.

But due to the fact that this resort is so close to Budapest, finding some place to stay to the North of Budapest – or even in the city itself – could be an options, as long as you have a car.

There are other options even closer in the nearby villages: you can find accommodation in the Diosjeno village, or further down in Berkenye or Szokolia.

It’s not ideal – and clearly even worse if you don’t have a car, but if you are interested in checking out your options around this ski destination in Hungary, visit and scour the area.

Have in mind, if you choose Diosjeno for example, that even though it is closer than Budapest, it’s through very narrow, hilly roads and therefore a bit more difficult to drive through. I personally recommend choosing Budapest as your base camp and going from there to ski, starting early in the morning.

Visegrad – Nagyvillam

Situated 3 km away from the town of Visegrad, this ski resort exudes fun. This is the place for beginners and those who want to learn how to ski on relatively gentle slopes.

Although, there is only 1.2 km of slopes, they are well served by 7 ski-lifts. You’ll pay 15 euros for adults and 12 euros for children for a daily ski pass. There is also a well-established ski school and ski hire on-site.

Night-skiing is also available and great fun for everyone who takes part, so it is definitely a great place to be in when you plan to do some skiing or winter sports in Hungary.

It’s easier to find accommodation nearby, as well, although it is a bit more expensive since this is a very popular area. But at least you save a lot of time with driving so it’s all worth it in my opinion.

When it comes to accommodation, you should choose one of the places in Visegrad and you have a ton of options.

For example, I chose the Villa Harmonia for a 2-night stay and paid around 80 euros for a a double room, but a recent search showed me that rates might have increased to around 100 Euros for the same period – just check it out yourself and see if you find a better deal.

The bonus of choosing this destination for your skiing holiday in Budapest is the fact that the city itself is an attraction, with the Visegrad Castle nearby and its prominent hilltop overlooking the Danube River (and one extra reason why it’s more expensive than the others).


All in all, Hungary is not the top choice to go if you want to experience Alpine skiing, that’s a fact!

However, it is a real option if you want to experience some of the cheapest skiing in Europe and still enjoy some good slopes and high quality of service.

For those who live in the neighboring countries, Hungary is most certainly a good choice if you want to have fun skiing at a cheap price. You can also look at the options of exploring Budapest or Visegrad as an alternative activity to skiing and soak up the atmosphere which is, Hungary.

So if you decide to go here, you will surely be surprised… in a good way! So maybe next time skip choosing Austria as your destination for winter fun and go to nearby Hungary, choosing one of the best skiing destinations recommended above.

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