Indonesian Cupid Review – Is It Good? [2023 Update]

Indonesian Cupid is an online dating site specifically used in Indonesia. While this seems to be common sense, many question whether or not the site can be a good place to meet amazing Indonesian girls.

With the number of online dating sites available today, this makes perfect sense. There’s no need to waste your time creating a profile and messaging women on a scam site.

And let me tell you from the beginning: this is not one of them, it is a legit and amazing one. A really good site overall – and today we’ll see why. But first…

You can click here to check it out.

Indonesian Cupid is far from a scam site. In fact, I found the platform incredibly useful for meeting Indo girls on a regular basis.

Personally, I met a couple of great girls on this site who I dated for quite some time while in the country. And I wasn’t the only guy who used the site to meet chicks.

I also used it to get in touch with very open-minded ladies and had some amazing long-distance relationships (God bless easy and fast video chat!) It’s a perfect place where it is impossible not to find plenty of girls, especially if you’re a foreigner.

So why did foreign men have such success with the site? Continue reading below for my full Indonesian Cupid review:

Who Should Use the Site?

Before we get into the full Indonesian Cupid review, I did want to make a few disclaimers. The first involves age. Men under the age of 22 might not want to use this site.

Tinder and going out to party will provide more than enough opportunities for younger guys to meet Indonesian chicks – as long as you are there.

If you’re not physically there and you want to prepare in advance, then you should do it anyway!

But generally, foreigners who want to speed up the entire “finding a genuine lady” process should use the website.

It’s fast, it’s safe, it’s less competition but still plenty of women to choose from… it’s perfect and you can use it before getting to Indonesia, and have her waiting for you there. You can’t beat that!

So if this sounds good, make sure to create your account right away!

The Main Benefits of Indonesian Cupid

Indonesian cupid home page
Indonesian Cupid home page in late 2022

1. Tons of Indonesian Girls: There are over 1,000+ active girls on this site each week – in Jakarta alone! That’s a ton of Indo chicks.

You’d have to spend days on the site just to message all the attractive ones. I was baffled with how many girls use this site each and every day.

There is a lack of attractive men in Jakarta, and these girls flock to Cupid to meet a foreign guy just like you…

2. They Love YOU: Speaking of foreign men, the girls in Indonesia seem to love them. The types of responses you get on Cupid in Indonesia may inflate your ego a bit.

With the right look and messages, you’ll begin to feel like a rockstar while using this platform.

Indonesian women love exotic men, especially those of European and Asian descent. If you’re frustrated with the dating scene back home, you won’t be while using this site.

3. Ready & Willing: I’m not going to say all girls that use online dating in Indonesia put out quickly. That would be a lie.

However, I will say that girls you meet on a platform like Indonesian Cupid will be more open to quickly going to bed with you than a random girl you meet at the mall.

Indo girls use sites like these to meet a “bule” (this is how they call foreigners) more times than not. While you may be the first foreign man she has dated, there’s a good chance you’re not.

And if she’s been with a “bule” before, then she knows about Western customs and may be more open to them.

4. Easy to Talk With: Finally, the girls on Indonesian Cupid are genuinely easy to communicate with. You’re selling what they want to buy, so they’ll put effort into having a conversation with you – even if her English isn’t that great.

beautiful Indonesian woman

Just remember to keep things simple, fun, and flirty with her online. You can start using a little more slang once you’ve confirmed her English level is fairly proficient.

Or maybe learn something about her culture first, and impress her right away!

The Downsides to Indonesian Cupid

1. It Costs Money: This isn’t Tinder. Indonesian Cupid is not free. This online dating site in Indonesia costs money. Depending on how many months you pay for upfront, the site costs between $10-30 USD a month (double check as prices always change)

This can be a downside for some guys, especially guys on tight, backpacking budgets.

While I understand the money concern, it should be noted that traveling to Indonesia isn’t cheap either.

If you’re willing to shell out the cash to get to Jakarta or Bali, then spending a few extra bucks on this site is a no-brainer.

Well, at least for guys who like to make it a lot easier to date ladies from Indonesia.

2. Not Their First Rodeo: Girls on online dating sites can be incredible. They can also be shallow. There’s a good chance that a girl you meet on this site will have met foreign men before you.

She’ll probably have dated some of them, too. That’s just the way online dating works. It’s important to understand this fact before you get a membership.

I’ve met and dated some amazing girls in Indonesia on this platform, but most of them had met a white guy before. Absolutely no problem on my side – hopefully it won’t be for you either.

How to Use Indonesian Cupid

Using this online dating site is similar to how you would use other platforms. Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll want to tweak these methods to your advantage.

If you’re going to be in Indonesia for less than a month, you’ll definitely want to pipeline ahead of time.

Personally, I used Indonesian Cupid to line up dates before I arrived and it worked really well. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Sign up and at least two weeks before you arrive in Indonesia.
  • Create your profile with great photos of your travels, best features, etc. Make sure to write a brief intro about yourself.
  • Create a quick template to message every single girl. Don’t overcomplicate this!
  • Copy and paste the same message to every single girl. Make sure to include a “Hi (insert her name here)” in the subject line to personalize it a bit
  • Get her contact info as soon as possible. WhatsApp and LINE worked well for me.
  • Start chatting with her in whatever app she prefers immediately after getting her number.
  • Make sure you get her Instagram or have her send you some other photos. You’ll need to weed out girls who aren’t as attractive as their photos – so try to make them send you ones without makeup or such.
  • Send the ones you like messages, voice messages, and photos for a week or so before you arrive. You want to build a connection with her.
  • If you really like her, try video chatting with her before you arrive. This is the best way to make sure that she does look like the photos she sends (many are so photoshopped that the “real” girl is unrecognizable)
  • Once you’re about to arrive in her city, you should start to plan out when you’ll meet her.

Pro-Tip: If you have a lot of girls wanting to meet, then lie about your day of arrival. Lots of girls want to be the “first” Indonesian woman you meet on your trip. It makes them feel special and you should give this to them.

beautiful Indonesian woman in Jakarta

When lining up dates, you shouldn’t need to double book dates or do anything crazy. Indonesian girls are significantly less flakey than other women around the world. Most of the time you can expect them to show up in a punctual manner.

I’d always try to leave around 3-4 hours between each scheduled date. This helps to account for traffic and the time needed for a little love making.

If you’re staying in Jakarta or Bali for a longer stay, then you may not need to pipeline too much. For men staying a month or three in the country, there’s no need to prepare in advance, although it’s always good to have that head start imho.

Indonesian Cupid: Is It Worth It?

Indonesian Cupid is a great investment for foreign men looking to date women in Indonesia, especially if you’re only in the country for a few weeks or months and you want quick access to amazing ladies.

No online dating site is perfect. Still, men visiting Indonesia with Asian girls on their mind will find value in this platform.

While the site does cost a little cash, you’ll have no issue recouping the investment in dozens of contacts from stunning chicks all over the country. And if you don’t know what cities to choose yet, here are my top five recommendations.

Overall, this site is the easiest way to get access to a lot of beautiful ladies in Indonesia, with less competition that other (free to use) platforms.

Click here to start meeting stunning women on Indonesian Cupid today.

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