Best Cities to Meet Beautiful Swedish Women (Besides Stockholm)

Ah, Sweden. The place that gave us IKEA, Abba, and some of the world’s most beautiful girls. You must be excited to go there and meet some of the ladies, while exploring the other attractions in the country.

I’m ready to bet that you are flying to Stockholm, but this country has much more to offer in terms of destinations to find beautiful Swedish women.

And this is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article:

Best cities to Meet Beautiful Swedish Women

If you don’t want to go in depth, the top 5 cities to meet Swedish girls are Malmo, Uppsala, Gothenburg, the Gothenburg Archipelago and Gotland Island. As you can see, I did cheat a bit, but I hope you’ll excuse me.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can basically meet stunning Swedish ladies even in the more remote small towns and villages, but the places I recommend also have a higher density of people, so it’s easier to find a match.

Now, let’s get a bit more in depth with these 5 destinations in Sweden that are worth a visit.

These are not only great to meet cute girls but also exciting cities to explore with a lot to see, taste, and experience.

So even if you don’t really manage to meet an amazing local while on vacation, at least you’ll have some amazing cities visited and still plenty of reasons to be happy about!

1. Malmö: The Southern Gem

The Southern city of Malmö is a year-round destination with plenty to offer. Start your stroll at the Stortorget (the Malmö city square). The square was built in the 16th century and now lies at the heart of the Old Town.

Since we are talking dating here, the Old Town has some excellent date-worthy restaurants and bars. Not to mention that the narrow, cobble stone streets are the perfect place for a late night walk with your girl.

Another great place to bring beautiful Swedish women is the Rådhuskällaren Restaurant in the City Hall basement.

The city hall and residence is a gorgeous building and a popular sight in Malmö, so you would be killing two birds with one stone.

  • Impressive date – check.
  • Did some sightseeing – check.

If you are into the nightlife scene, get yourself to the Lilla Torg square which is the center of all Malmö clubs and bars.

Care/Of offers quite possibly the best cocktails in town and Babel is your spot if you love EDM (it also tends to be a great spot to meet party girls, just saying).

Malmo Coffee

For a coffee date, head to Gamla Väster, a neighborhood west of the Lilla Torg square. It’s famous because the houses are cute.

No, really, that is what it is famous for – tiny doll-house-like buildings – but the cafés are cool and crafts shops offer some unique gifts to bring back home.

2. Uppsala: Hot And Hip

Uppsala has some seriously hot nightlife and some seriously gorgeous girls, too. This Eastern Swedish city boasts a huge student population so there is always something fun happening somewhere.

This also means you should be utilizing online dating apps like Tinder to meet beautiful Swedish girls.

Or go a more traditional way that’s still popular (with less competition too) and opt for an online dating website like our top recommendation here. These are very popular in Sweden and it’s easy to set up a date using this website.

You would do best to visit during the school year, that is when the city is truly buzzing with life.

It is also super close to Stockholm (only 20 minutes by train from the airport) and the location is convenient for visiting other Scandinavian capitals.

Uppsala itself has plenty to keep you busy, too, both day and night. If you are into Vikings – the Gamla Uppsala burial ground is a surprisingly fun place to visit (but don’t bring your date there!)

For the bio nerds, Uppsala was home to Carl Linnaeus, the guy who devised the two part naming system for all living things (i.e. Tyrannosaurus rex).

The museum is interesting and the university by his name has some gorgeous historical buildings.

But let’s talk nightlife and those beautiful Swedish women I promised!

The Dim Sum Asian fusion and nightclub should be the first place on your party hard stroll. It might not be in the guidebooks, but locals swear it is the city’s best-kept secret.

In the evening, it is a restaurant with a funky take on Dim Sum (a.k.a. Chinese brunch where you eat several small dishes). Make sure to try the dumplings.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the cellar becomes a nightclub, with a fun crowd and a great DJ. The Dim Sum is the perfect place to bring that college beauty you recently met, or simply spend a night out with friends.

The Flustret Nattklubb by the river has a more grown-up crowd and a beautiful patio plus three different dance floors inside.

The line gets quite long as the night progresses, though, so come a bit earlier than you are used to.

If you are not into loud nightclubs, how about the Dryck wine bar? Not only is the wine selection excellent and the local cheese platters, but Dryck has the wow factor of a romantic bar (straight out of a Katherine Heigl movie).

3. Gothenburg: Art By The River

Another city in the South, Gothenburg has it all – history, culture, beautiful architecture and even more beautiful Swedish women. Make sure to bring your new boo to one of the art galleries or extravagant events.

There is always something happening in Gothenburg, yet the city manages to retain its’ chilled out atmosphere.

Locals love to mingle with tourists and are even more open than most Swedes (which are already super fun people).

For a charming and quirky stroll, head to the Haga district, one of the oldest neighborhoods and a cult hippie hangout spot from the 60s/70s.

The mix of cobbled streets, artsy shops, galleries, and cafés plus some seriously trendy restaurants.

Check out the Hemma Hos, a relaxed bar and dinner that serves the best of Swedish comfort food.

The Nefertiti Jazz Club (a.k.a. the one and only real jazz club in town) is the cozy, dim-lighted jazz and blues bar to bring your date next. There are often live performances and the drinks are excellent, too.

For something a bit louder with a very young crowd, try Gretas (although it can get very busy on some nights) or to Bee Kitchen & Bar. The latter is a party hard dance spot at night but also a surprisingly great restaurant by day.

4. The Gothenburg Archipelago

This archipelago includes over 20 islands and some seriously impressive beaches, charming villages, and plenty of activities for nature lovers.

Yes, I know, it’s not a city – but I hope you’ll excuse me since it’s a really good place to both explore and meet locals.

Although it’s not a place to meet beautiful Swedish women in itself, the Gothenburg Archipelago is an impressive place to bring your new girl.

Actually, scratch that. You can meet some pretty cool chicks on the beach, too.

One of the most popular beach areas among visitors and locals alike is Saltholmen. You can bike there, passing through the Haga district (that hip place I mentioned before) and the Slottsskogen park.

By the way, one of Europe’s best music festivals takes place in the park every summer. Way Out West is yet another opportunity to find beautiful Swedish women.

Saltholmen itself is an area of smooth cliffs, equally fun to take a dip from or to stroll around (with some ice cream or a cinnamon bun). From here you can take the ferry to other parts of the archipelago.

Branno is the one I recommend. Not only does it have some stunning beaches, but in summer there something happening almost every night.

Don’t miss the traditional dance festival for a taste of some Swedish culture!

5. Gotland Island: Sun Seekers Paradise

gotland sweden
The sunsets here are spectacular too.

Keeping up with the island category, Gotland is Sweeden’s largest island and a place with a booming tourist industry.

This one is definitely more than a piece of land thrown in the middle of the Baltic sea. Gotland can keep you busy for weeks, including busy dating beautiful Swedish women.

Although it’s not a city, Gotland made our list because it is everyone’s favorite vacation spot, locals and foreigners alike.

Call it the Swedish Ibiza, if you will (although the summer here doesn’t last from May to October).

The only city on Gotland is Visby, a historical town that managed to preserve most of it’s medieval charm.

Which does not mean that the club scene isn’t hot, or that the people are super traditional. Anything but! In July, which is everyone’s vacation month in Sweden, nightlife peaks.

Look out for Stockholm week, which usually happens in the second half of July, this is when the most intense parties happen. August is also fun with a full week dedicated to the town’s medieval history.

It might sound like a geek-only kind of thing, but the Medieval week can almost be more fun than Stockholm week. Think of it as one large dress-up party!

Then there are beach parties, which are nothing short of legendary, and all sorts of artsy events happening throughout the summer.

But Gotland has a lot to offer in winter, too. Cult favorite nightclubs like Gutekällaren are open year-round and so are the quiet, dim-lighted jazz clubs.

Spoiler alert: Both are great spots to meet girls!

Bonus: Jokkmokk – Northern Lights And Northern Beauties

Our final pick is a town in the northernmost province of Lapland. Yes, that is where Santa Claus comes from. Speaking of which, you can read more on how Swedes celebrate Christmas & the New Year.

Jokkmokk is just north of the Arctic Circle and you know what that means. Northern lights.

Jokkmokk is well-connected to Stockholm and the rest of the country but it still has the charm of a town in the middle of nowhere.

The whole place kind of feels like the hotel from The Shining, to be honest. Well, with less creepy girls and a lot of gorgeous (non-creepy) ones.

If you can, plan your visit during the Jokkmokk market in February. It’s freezing cold, but the town truly comes to life. The cosy pubs, the delicious food, all the parties…

The Jokkmokk market is the place to be in Sweden during the month of February. And yes, the parties are a great opportunity to meet beautiful Swedish women.

Wrapping up

Well, there you have it. Five off the grid spots to check out during your next trip to Sweden – to find gorgeous women and more. Did we miss anything – let us all know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.?

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