ALL Countries Where You Can Live on $750 Per Month [Full List]

This full list of countries where you can live on less than $750 per month will sure be helpful if you’re on a tight budget, but still want to enjoy life.

You actually have plenty of options for this budget range: 24 countries, to be precise, spread all over the world. Really nice options, as you will see – and all of them safe and nice.

After you’re done reading this article, you should also read my previous article listing countries where you can still live on $500 per month, but there are simply more options and a better standard of living in the $750 range.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in and see all the countries in the world where living on $750 per month is possible, while still keeping at least a decent standard of living.

Best Countries in Asia Where You Can Live on $750 per Month

Asia was and still is considered a digital nomad’s paradise thanks to the large number of beautiful countries where living on the cheap is possible.

The warm climate, the amazing people and the delicious food are bonuses that come with living in Asia – especially the SEA region. Let’s check out the Asian countries where one person can make ends meet for $750 per month.

1. Laos

Laos overview of living on 750 per month

This is probably one of the cheapest countries to live in Asia, and also one that hasn’t been flooded by tourists and expats (yet). Which means that prices are still very low, while the locals and the landscapes are both amazing.

When I first visited Laos, several years ago, I was astounded at how far my money could go. A comfortable one-bedroom apartment in a good area in the capital, Vientiane, will set you back by approximately $200 a month (while hotel room-like studios can be found for as low as $120 per month). Isn’t that an incredible deal?

That doesn’t stop here, though. A local street meal will cost around $1, while better options can still be found for as low as 3 dollars per meal. This means that, even if you don’t do a lot of cooking, you can eat decent food for anything between $100 – $250 per month.

After these two main expenses are covered, you’re still left with around $400 out of the monthly budget of $750 for all the other costs. This gives you plenty of money to play with and purchase everything else that you need – from toiletries to experiences that will last you for a lifetime.

And if you’re considering visiting this underrated country, make sure to check out my previous article listing the top things to do in Laos.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia budget living

The second-cheapest option in Asia is Cambodia, a country that offers some of world’s most magnificent architectural wonders, and also a country that seems a bit frozen in time.

In Cambodia, your monthly expenses, including a decent apartment, local transportation, and mouthwatering Cambodian cuisine, could total just $500-$600. And if you’re really thrifty, you can spend even less than that!

This leaves you with at least $150-$250 from your budget every month, which is enough to enjoy life a little.

3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh city overview

Let me recommend Bangladesh now, a country that mixes well together colorful cultures, bustling cities and amazing natural landscapes and countryside villages.

I can still recall my initial weeks in the bustling city of Dhaka, trying to keep pace with the energetic locals and the chaotic traffic there, and later retreating to the serene landscapes of rural Bangladesh – a fascinating contrast that is indeed not made for everybody, but definitely an option.

Living in Bangladesh can be as cheap as $400-$500 per month, including rent, transportation, and food. That leaves you with $250-$350 to spare from your $750! In other words, great value for the money here.

Can you picture yourself indulging in a lavish traditional Bengali meal that costs less than $2? Yes, that’s possible in Bangladesh which is another country a bit off the beaten path at the moment, so still extremely cheap.

4. Nepal

beautiful view in Nepal

I have to admit that, just like in many of the really cheap countries in SE Asia, my stomach was upset most of the time, but I have friends who told me that your body gets used to it eventually.

Still, if you choose Nepal as your destination, not only that you can comfortably live here on $750 per month, but you’re also surrounded by friendly locals and enjoying life at the foot of the mighty Himalayas. Pretty cool!

Here in Nepal, you can live in a hotel room for about $300 per month in one of the larger cities, but you can find a small studio for as low as $150, or pay double for a more comfortable, one-bedroom place.

Food is also really cheap (with more expensive options available in restaurants) – but you can make ends meet quite well with what locals eat. Even if it might take a bit of time to adjust, as it was my case.

Anyway, expect to pay around $200 – $250 per month for food, ending up with a hefty $200 out of the $750 a month budget to enjoy the little things that make life beautiful.

5. Sri Lanka

amazing Sri Lanka on a budget

Consider waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, enjoying a cup of world-famous Ceylon tea with a view of lush green tea plantations. That could be your life in Sri Lanka!

During my time in Sri Lanka, I fell in love with the azure beaches with crystal-clear waters, the amazing landscapes, the extremely friendly locals and the spicy yet scrumptious food.

Living in Sri Lanka can be done for as little as $500, but a budget of $750 per month is much better, offering a solid improvement in terms of what you can do, eat and the comfort of your home.

Accommodation here will cost around $300 per month – but you can score similar deals in hotels for the same rate, which will include cleaning and sometimes breakfast, so check out all options.

Living in Sri Lanka on a $750 budget is like living a holiday every day without breaking the bank. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

NOTE: Sri Lanka was in a bit of a mess earlier this year, but things appear to have gone back to normal. Double check before leaving though, to be 100% sure that it’s still safe to travel here.

6. Vietnam

living in Vietnam on 750 each month

We’re starting to move up to the more expensive places to live in Asia, but also under our estimated monthly budget of $750 per month.

It’s interesting to see Vietnam here, after it was, for many years, one of the cheapest places in Asia. But tourism and expats have helped drive the prices up – but they’re still really low by today’s standards.

In Vietnam, you can comfortably your main expenses (accommodation and food) for $500-$600 per month.

With $150-$250 left in your pocket, imagine the adventures you could have! And I do recommend taking advantage of this and enjoying cheap Vietnam while it lasts. I believe that in several years from now, it will be a lot more expensive to live here.

7. Can you live in Thailand on $750 per month?

can you live in Thailand on 750 per month

Ah, Thailand! Yes, you can still live here on a budget, although the country is getting more and more expensive each year due to its popularity in the DN and expat community.

Chiang Mai, the digital nomad’s paradise, still offers cozy studios for as low as $250 per month – and there are plenty of other Thai cities offering similar deals. Now, add in $50 for utilities and another $20 for a speedy internet connection and you’ve got the basics covered.

If you love Thai cuisine, it’s even better, because you will be able to feast on mouthwatering dishes like Pad Thai and Som Tam for as little as $200 per month. Although prices can easily skyrocket here if you want to eat Western foods.

But hey, it’s not all sunshine and mango sticky rice! The scorching hot weather with its high humidity levels are something you have to adjust to – but it’s all worth it when we’re considering the costs of living here, as well as the beautiful locals, from Thai men to Thai women.

Thailand is considered the Land of Smiles, and this helps keep your mood up also – as well as your productivity.

So you will feel right at home in Thailand, but do choose one of the smaller cities to get the most out of your budget of $750 per month. Ideally though, try to get your budget closer to $1,000 / month as fast as possible.

And since you’re going to be thrifty and still be able to travel at least a bit on your budget, make sure to read my previous article sharing the dress code for Thai temples.

8. Can you live in The Philippines on $750 per month?

living in the philippines on 500 per month

The Philippines is an archipelago that feels like it’s out of a dream and fortunately is one of the countries where you can still live on a budget of $750 per month.

In smaller cities like Dumaguete, a comfortable pad might cost you about $200 a month. Let’s add around $70 for utilities, and $30 for a stable internet connection.

But even in Cebu, you can still find areas where apartments will be under $300 per month. If interested in this particular city, I have written an in-depth guide tothe cost of living in Cebu.

Let’s not forget about food – fresh seafood, fruits, and the oh-so-delicious Adobo. You can indulge in these – and a lot more – for around $250 a month. And we’re still under budget after covering the main expenses.

But remember, it’s a country of over 7,000 islands. That means getting from one place to another can sometimes be challenging.

And yes, the humidity and hot weather might take a bit of adjusting. But once you experience the Filipino hospitality, you’ll realize it’s all part of the charm.

9. Can you live in Indonesia on $750 per month?

life in Indonesia on a budget

Together with Thailand and The Philippines, Indonesia is part of the trio of SEA Countries where the cost of living is really low, but rising quickly.

However, it’s still possible to live in Indonesia on a $750/month budget, if you’re careful with how you spend your money.

Picture yourself in Bali, in a bungalow close to the beach, paying just $300 a month. Include about $75 for utilities and $30 for the internet, and you’re all set!

Food? You’re looking at $300 a month for delicious Nasi Goreng and Sate Ayam, among other dishes that locals eat.

This still leaves you with around $150 to play with. And while this isn’t a ton of money, it still gives you options to have fun and take care of yourself. It’s not going to be “living like royalty” on this budget, but it won’t be too bad either.

Be aware, though, the traffic in Indonesian cities can test your patience, and you might need to negotiate for every rupiah (the local currency) at local markets. But it’s worth every bit of it – just by being there.

All in all, you can indeed live on $750 a month in Indonesia with a little bit of budgeting. It won’t be extremely easy, but it will be a LOT easier than living on the same amount in any city in the US.

Best Countries in Central America Where You Can Live on $750 per Month

Central America is usually overlooked when it comes to living on a budget, but there are actually three really beautiful countries where you can thrive for as low as $750 per month.

You will be close to the limit here, but it’s doable, so let’s check out below the countries in Central America where you can live on less than $750 a month.

1. Nicaragua

street view in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country known for its low cost of living combined with breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of opportunities to live near the beach.

You can live on around $750 each month in either of the country’s larger cities (Managua, Masaya or Leon) or you can go to the smaller resorts close to the Pacific Ocean, like Corinto, Las Penitas or the very popular San Juan Del Sur.

In either of these places – and basically anywhere in the country – you can get a decent one-bedroom apartment in the city center for as low as $250 per month, but utilities will be a lot more expensive than in other places, at around $100 – $125 each month.

Add in the cost of groceries, utilities, and local transport, and you’ll still be under your budget, with some extras left for entertainment, buying new clothes and such.

Generally speaking, the smaller the city you can live in and the more inland it is, the cheaper it will be. However, I recommend sticking to the major urban areas, as these are the safest in the country.

2. Guatemala

living in Guatemala on 750 per month

Living in Guatemala is like being part of a living history book: every street corner tells a hundred tales, mixing the Mayan heritage with Spanish colonial influences and modern Latin vibes.

The best part is that you can enjoy Guatemala on a budget, and be pretty comfortable about it.

Rental in a central area will be around $300 for a one-bedroom apartment in a good condition, while groceries, utilities and local public transportation will push your monthly expenses to around $600.

With the basics covered, you also have around $150 for additional expenses, which is not amazing, but enough to live a decent life in the beautiful country of Guatemala.

3. El Salvador

living in El Salvador on a budget

Last but not least, we have the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador. It may be pint-sized, but the opportunities it offers for someone on a $750 budget are massive.

While rental prices are the most expensive on our list so far (expect to pay around $350 each month for decent accommodation), the basic utility costs are low, at around $100.

The cost of food? Also low by Western standards, as long as you stick to the delicious local dishes and feast on pupusas, tamales, and other local dishes. This way, your wallet won’t be shedding too many tears.

I’d estimate around $300 to be spent each month on food, so you’re basically at the top limit of your budget. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be too difficult either (although topping your monthly expenses with at least a couple hundred dollars will make things a lot easier).

Best Countries in South America Where You Can Live on $750 per Month

South America has long been a digital nomad’s paradise – as well as one that expats (mainly from the US) enjoy. There are still a few countries left where our budget will allow for decent living, although costs are rising fast here also.

But you can still get a big bang for your buck here, so let’s check out the options that we have!

1. Colombia

beautiful house in low cost of living Colombia

Colombia is not just one of the producers of the finest coffee in the world, but also an extremely cheap place to live in. You can make ends meet here for as low as $500 per month, so a higher budget will allow you to live comfortably here.

Rentals can be found for as low as $200 per month, even in the country’s capital city Bogota, or in the expat-friendly Medellin (although prices here are higher than the norm).

With another $250 you can cover groceries (mostly eating at home) and utilities and internet, leaving you with plenty of room for other goodies. You can enjoy a pretty luxurious lifestyle here.

The locals are usually friendly and welcoming and the overall culture in Colombia is amazing. And don’t even get me started on those amazing Colombian girls

You do have to take regular safety precautions not to end up like me (I was robbed in Bogota many years ago), and everything will be fine – this is a country where you can live a rich life on a budget.

2. Bolivia

Bolivia administrative building

Bolivia is another country that’s popular for expats and digital nomads alike thanks to its really low cost of living. You can live a good life here for a budget of $750 per month.

What I love about Bolivia is that it’s a country of contrasts. From the bustling city life of La Paz to the serene calm of the Andean countryside, Bolivia has something to offer everyone.

The rental prices in Bolivia are really low – with rooms to be found as low as $100 per month, and entire apartments for $200.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to double check the utilities before signing any deal! In some parts of the country, there might be problems with water and electricity. Do your due diligence before!

And once you do, enjoy life in one of the cheapest – yet nicest countries in the world!

3. Paraguay

living on 750 a month in Paraguay

Paraguay is another cheap country to live in as an expat or DN. You will cover the basic needs for as low as $500 each month, which leaves you with at least $250 for entertainment and other expenses. Pretty cool!

Paraguay may not be as famous as its neighbors, but it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. And I believe that when it will be discovered, prices will go up. But so far, things are really nice here.

For example, living in Asuncion, the capital of the country, is the most expensive – although a great option. For $200 per month, you can find a nice cozy studio, fully equipped.

If you choose the smaller cities in the country (I am a big fan of San Pedro, for example), your money will bring you more. For the same monthly budget, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment.

Have in mind that English is not widely spoken here (as it is the case of most South America), so do practice your Spanish skills before making the move!

4. Peru

charming street in Peru

Finally, we have Peru as a great cheap country to live in South America.

Although more expensive than the others on this continent, it remains a solid option and living on $750 per month in Peru is doable.

While the country’s capital Lima might be a bit more difficult to live in on a budget, there are plenty of other expat-friendly, smaller cities where you can live a decent life within your budget.

Rental costs would be around $300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in these smaller cities, with another $100 for utilities and around $250 on groceries if you budget and plan ahead.

This still leaves a bit of money for enjoying life and some unexpected expenses. As a bonus, you’ll sometimes feel like you’re in Asia thanks to the plenty of tuk-tuk like vehicles you can ride.

Best European Countries where You Can Live on $750 per Month

Living in Europe on a low monthly budget might seem undoable at first, but there are still a few countries where you can actually enjoy a good life for a low price.

1. Moldova

living in Moldova on a budget

Moldova is one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe and even though it’s sharing a huge border with Ukraine (and there have been talks about potential safety issues), I personally consider the country safe from any potential wars.

With this in mind, you can find apartments in central areas of any city (including the capital Chisinau) for as low as $200 per month (maybe even cheaper if you are not very demanding).

Eating out at a local restaurant will also be cheap – $2-$3 per meal is still doable here. Bud budgeting your grocery shopping will help you a lot, as you shouldn’t spend more than $200 a month per food.

And for wine lovers, Moldova is definitely paradise, as the country is a huge wine producers in the world. In other words – you get good wine at low prices.

While the country is not in the EU or the Schengen area, it still offers cheap trains, buses and plane rides to European countries, which is also a great advantage for those who want to set up a cheap home base in Europe.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo overview

Another country where safety issues might be a turn off – at the moment of writing this article, there is a bit of an uncertainty here, but again, I don’t think it is or will become unsafe to visit or live here.

But it is a really cheap country with friendly people and amazing food. All at a shoestring budget!

Expect to pay around $200 per month for a nice apartment in a central location in one of the major cities, but also expect public transport to be iffy.

All cities are walkable, though, so maybe you’ll use this as a chance to get some extra exercise.

All in all, you can live comfortably in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a budget of $750 per month. It will be a good life too!

3. Albania

living cheaply in Albania

This small country on the Adriatic Sea is often overlooked, but it’s a hidden treasure for those seeking a low-cost European lifestyle.

While it has some pretty amazing touristic cities, comparable to those in Greece (like Sarande or Durres), these are getting a bit too expensive to live in on a budget. But you have the rest of the country for enjoying living in Europe on the cheap!

Rental prices for one bedroom apartments in central areas can go as low as $300 per month, while eating out at local restaurants will set you up $5 per meal.

Of course, if you cook mostly at home, your grocery budget should only be around $250. In other words, very affordable!

4. Serbia

view of Novi Sad Serbia

Last but certainly not least, we have Serbia. This Balkan country is known for its friendly people, low cost of living and delicious cuisine. And yes, you can enjoy all this on a budget of $750 per month.

In Serbia, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you around $300 per month. And when it comes to food, Serbia is a foodie’s paradise.

You can enjoy a meal at a mid-range restaurant for less than $10, but their delicious pastries served with yogurt can cost as low as $1 – $1.5 per meal.

I have to admit that I hold Serbia very dear to my heart and I always love visiting – no matter if we’re talking about the more expensive Belgrade, or the smaller (yet still friendly, nice and amazing cities) like Novi Sad, Subotica or Nis.

I’ve even been to some of the very small border towns of Kladovo, Negotin or Zajecar – all close to the Romanian border – and I absolutely loved them. I really see myself living there on the cheap – and I am sure you will feel the same.

Best Countries in Africa where You Can Live on $750 per Month

The African continent is rarely on the radar for those looking to travel and live life cheaply and there are indeed many potential problems and challenges when it comes to living here.

And, surprisingly, living in many African countries that can be considered safe for DNs or expats is pretty expensive. But I still have a few options for you – so check them out below.

1. Ghana

Accra Ghana aerial view

First on our list is country of Ghana, which can be a cheap one to live in.

I recommend choosing their capital, Accra, where you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in a safe area for around $200 per month. Utilities and internet will add some extra $100.

For food, as long as you cook at home and eat the local produce, you will spend another $200. All in all, this means that you can live comfortably here under $500 per month.

The remaining $200? You could use that for local transportation, entertainment, and exploring Ghana’s cities – or simply add a bit more luxury to your life..

However, like any place, Ghana has its share of challenges. Heat can be intense, especially during the Harmattan season, and power outages are common.

2. Nigeria

living in Nigeria on a budget

Next on our list of countries where you can live on $750 per month, we have Nigeria which is a country of contrasts.

While you can easily spend a few thousand dollars on rent alone here, a budget-friendly city like Ibadan offers rents as low as $200-$250 per month.

Utilities and internet might cost you around $70, and $200 is plenty for a month’s worth of delicious meals.

Your basic monthly expenses would total up to roughly $520, leaving you with ample budget for transport and leisure activities.

Safety can be an issue here, so always practice the common sense safety measure you would in any other city and stick to the safe areas in any city you live in, avoiding to go out alone at night.

3. Kenya

Kenya at night

Onward to Kenya, where you could rent a cozy apartment in a city like Nakuru for about $150. Utilities, internet, and food would cost around $300, and you’ll still have about $300 left over for other expenses.

And despite what most of us believe (that the entire African continent is warm and dry), there’s actually an important rainy season in Kenya which usually disrupts the poor local infrastructure.

You do get used with it, though. And when it comes to living on a budget, you do have to make some concessions, right?

4. Madagascar

baobabs in Madagascar

Finally, I’m rounding up our list of countries to live in on $750 a month with Madagascar, the island nation we probably know from the popular animation series.

However, living here is really cheap. Around $200 each month will let you live in a decent apartment in Antananarivo, the country’s capital, while $100 more will be required to cover utilities and internet.

Eating mostly at home will cost around $300 more, giving you some room for other activities and entertainment in the country.

One word of advice: don’t think that Madagascar is a warm, dry country all year long. On the contrary, nights in Madagascar can get quite cold – especially in Antananarivo, where temperatures go as low as 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) during the cold season.

But still, it’s a really nice country to live in, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget.


Living on $750 is not only doable in all of the countries I have mentioned above, but also pleasant.

While it’s not an amount that will let you live a luxurious life, you will have all the basics covered well and then some extra left at the end of the month, which is a really sweet deal for such a low budget.

Do have in mind that the crazy inflation we’re seeing nowadays is affecting most of the world, and some countries are more affected than others. So finding decent, safe and expat-friendly cities to live in on a low budget is becoming more and more of a challenge.

But it’s still possible – and you do have plenty of choices, as you can see above, so take advantage while it’s still doable!

Now over to you. Have you lived in any of the countries mentioned above? Or maybe you have additional recommendations for countries where you can live on $750 per month? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts below.

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