Guide to Men in Bulgaria: Dating, Mentality & More

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the men of Bulgaria from head to toe: their looks, personalities, and general behavior when in a relationship for a complete guide to men in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a small country in Europe, but growing in popularity each year. Men from Bulgaria might not be the most popular ones on dating sites, but it’s worth the effort of getting to know them, as you will see below.

Of course, take this article with a pinch of salt: since people are so diverse, it’s clear that not all Bulgarians will be as described in this article. But based on what I saw and heard, I’d say that most of them fit the bill perfectly.

So for you ladies who want to get from Bulgaria a bit more than a perfect all-inclusive vacation, let’s talk about the men in Bulgaria!

Let’s start with some things that are common among most men here: they tend to treat women well and appreciate family values.

They will always put their pride aside in order to make you happy, but they generally want to be the ones who are in charge in the relationship.

Now let’s get a bit more in depth with men in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Men: Their Personality Traits

good looking bulgarian man

Men in Bulgaria are known for being romantic, caring and full of life. They are respectful to women at all times, which is always a good sign!

It’s also important to note that Bulgarian men have great manners when it comes to dating – they will never be late for dates or forget an anniversary with you. This goes without saying that they’re punctual in general as well.

They love their families very much and often include the family into the dating scene early on so everyone can get along with each other nicely. So don’t be surprised if it’s him who makes the first step in meeting the family.

Bulgarian men are also known for their kindness and humbleness, as well as being quite funny.

They have a good sense of humor and can be really charming when they want to be, usually trying their best in the company of ladies they like.

So if you’re getting all these signs from him, you have all the reasons to be happy. Most likely, he’s really into you!

Of course, it’s not all roses and unicorns, and some Bulgarian men can be a bit traditional in thinking, still considering the man the head of the family.

Some are also known for their lack of loyalty – they do look good and offer good company, so it makes a bit of sense. In other words, it’s not really easy to convince them not not cheat while in a relationship.

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Bulgarian Men: What do they look like?

bulgarian man personality

Bulgaria men come in all different shapes and sizes, with the average height being between 170-180 cm. So they are generally not as tall as other Europeans – like the men in Scandinavia, for example.

They are also known for having lighter hair colors than their fellow Eastern Europeans, but you should still expect many of them to be dark-haired, with dark eyes and that traditional Eastern European look… very similar to Russian men, for example.

They usually like to take care of their bodies and they are pretty active and go to the gym or at least practice some sort of sport. Football (as in soccer) is big in Bulgaria!

They also care a lot about their general appearance, always looking to wear the latest clothes and shoes. It’s not uncommon here for them to want to flex and overdress so never take their clothes (or even expensive cars) as a real estimation of their net worth.

Yes, I know that there are memes about men in the region wearing nothing but sports clothes (and they DO love their Adidas trainers and gym suits), but even with those, they manage to look casual and cool somehow.

But generally, they all like to dress well, no matter if we’re talking about designer clothes and accessories, or a very expensive track suit.

You have to remember that women in Bulgaria are usually paying a lot of attention to their looks, and investing a lot of their time and money to be as presentable as possible, so most of them kind of expect the same from you.

They do tend to love the Barbie doll type of girls more than natural beauty – but if you check out the guide I mentioned above (this one), you will still be able to put them under your spell, no matter what your style is.

Bulgaria Men: Love & Relationships

bulgarian men in relationships

Bulgarian men are very gentlemanly and will always treat women like a princess. They’re very caring and protective, which is great for most women, although those who prefer to be more independent could find their behavior a bit strange.

When dating a Bulgarian, you should expect the man to make all of the first moves. He will be interested in you more than you are in him, and as a result, you’ll see them trying hard at all times. It’s just how things are here.

They’ll sweep you off your feet with their charm and they know how to make a woman feel like she’s on top of the world (or at least that’s what most women say).

You should also expect a Bulgarian man to respect his mother and the rest of his family members – so if you don’t like them or get along with them, it could be a problem for him and you as a couple in the long term.

Men from Bulgaria are very passionate lovers who enjoy making their significant other feel special, cherished and desired.

They do tend to put an emphasis on the physical side of things, which isn’t necessarily bad – but again, it depends on your personality and approach to life and especially relationships.

Since Bulgaria is generally considered a poor country, they will do their best to impress you with their wealth (even those – or especially those – who are not particularly wealthy).

They will take you out dining at expensive places, buy you expensive gifts… do all these things that cost them more than they afford, just to show you that they’re that much into you.

While this is good at first, if you’re considering a longer term relationship, it doesn’t hurt to have a chat with them and tell them that they don’t need to spend more than they actually should just to impress you.

I personally found this trait cute, but it’s definitely not a good thing in the long term if you’re considering financial independence and the well-being of the family.

But I think we’re getting well ahead, right?

So, back to Bulgarian men and dating – nothing to worry about! They’ll do their best to be the knights in shiny armor, offering the best they can (or can’t really) afford.

They are perfect boyfriends – even though they might be a bit too possessive at times and jealousy is also part of the package.

Bulgaria Men: Do They Make Good Husbands?

regular bulgarian man

Yes, most definitely! The vast majority of men from Bulgaria are very devoted and loyal husbands, who will do everything in their power to make you feel safe and happy with them by your side.

Bulgarian men have that stereotype of being macho and domineering to the point where you’re expected to do what he says without questioning him about it, but that’s just a stereotype.

They’re also known for being sweet – they’ll go out of their way to surprise you, cook for you or even clean up around you.

Before you say “ew” – remember that this is their general behavior, not everyone’s. If your man does something like this for you, he loves and respects YOU more than anything else in the world.

And if you want to know even more about the country and the people living here, make sure to continue by reading my guide to Bulgarian culture.


A Bulgarian man will be the perfect boyfriend for any woman who wants to feel special, desired and loved. They are very passionate about what they do – including their relationships.

They have this charm that’s hard to resist at first sight… but even if you don’t fall in love with them right away, once you get into a relationship with a Bulgarian man, you’ll never want to leave him.

They’re very caring and devoted men who will do everything in their power to make sure that the woman they love is happy and satisfied with them by her side.

There are bad seeds out there – just like everywhere in the world – but most of the men here, especially those raised in the cities, are modern and nice to have around.

Now over to you. Have you had any experiences dating men from Bulgaria? Share your thoughts and tips for dealing with them in the comments section below!

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  1. Ive been in a situationship with a Bulgarian guy for more than a year now, I don’t know what he needs to commit in our relationship. It always takes days for him to communicate with me again. Does he really love me? He’s not easy to understand,maybe we’re not really meant for other , but after all, i always adore him.

    • If he takes days to communicate he’s not worth it and you deserve better . No one is worth waiting for time moves so fast . Keep your options open until he shows you better.

  2. I’ve been in a relationship now for about 4 months he’s almost everything that you wrote here. Expect I would hope he would never cheat. He’s wonderful to me. So far so good!

  3. I bet this was written by a man lol, Bulgarian men usually expect you to cook and clean and take care of the house chores while they sit and watch TV or play videogames.


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