How Many Blogs Are too Many for One Person to Handle?

Hello, my name is Luciano and I am a workaholic: I own and operate way too many blogs. More than any sane person should. But I am finally starting to accept and understand that too much is too much. There's a limited number of hours in a day, and a limited amount of work my body can perform before I end up on the ceiling trying to eat the light bulb... I hav[...]

Blogging Anniversary: 10 Years of Self Employment & What I Achieved

Wow! September 2018 marks my 10th anniversary as a professional blogger. 10 years of paying the bills and everything else only from my blogging work. 10 years of highs and lows, of amazing successes and horrible failures, 10 years of growing as a person and learning so much. 10 memorable years that I love and hate at the same time. So many mistakes, so many[...]

How to Start a Travel Blog for less than $100

Starting your Wordpress travel blog can be extremely easy and extremely cheap at the same time. Actually, I am going to teach you today how to start an amazing travel blog for less than $100 as an initial investment! And no, I haven't missed any extra zeros! That's an extremely low investment, considering the fact that you can end up making thousands of d[...]