Oslo Travel Guide for Men: Best Areas to Meet Women, Costs & More

With just under 5.5 million people living in Norway, you might be surprised to hear that Oslo is pretty large. Over 600,000 people reside in the country’s capital.

And today we’re talking about Oslo. I am sharing a full travel guide that’s aimed mostly at men traveling here, as we’ll focus on the best areas in the city to meet women, how to best approach them, but also costs and much more.

After all, Norwegian women are some of the most stunning in the world and you’ll find the absolute best in Oslo.

Things to know about Oslo, Norway before visiting

Night time in Oslo

Oslo, being both the economic and governmental center of Norway, is also the main hub for trade, banking industry, and shipping.

Being strategically situated, it is also an important location for maritime industries and trade within Europe.

This fact is quite clear as you see the high-quality of public transportation, infrastructure, and housing while traveling throughout the capital. Yes, the cost of living is also equally high, but you’re paying good money for a good life. Plus, salaries in Norway match up the high costs too.

And something else has to be said now. Norwegian women are famous for their beauty, and Oslo will offer endless opportunities to date one during your visit.

IMPORTANT: Online dating is big in Norway. I've always used it when I visited the country with amazing success. International Cupid is the site I recommend for this - you'll find plenty of genuine chicks from Oslo looking for a date. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the capital, and what it has to offer!

Where to Stay in Oslo?

There are two main areas you should consider when searching for accommodation in Oslo – Sentrum (Center) and Grunnerløkka.

Oslo, Norway - Old center

1. Sentrum – The center of Oslo offers the majority of the attractions, nightlife, and cafes and restaurants.

If you stay within the center, you will have easy walking access around the city, and can easily grab a metro if you wish to head off to a further destination outside of the city limits.

As expected, prices in the center are the highest when compared to other neighborhoods, but you will save on having to buy a late night taxi to travel back in the later hours when the buses and metro stop working at 12AM.

For an amazing apartment right in the heart of the city, I recommend Frogner House Apartments. You can see how amazing this place looks below:

Frogner apartments

2. Grünerløkka – This is considered the more artsy and hipster area of Oslo, with many cafes and pubs located all around.

There are also some student dormitories located in the area, which means cheaper alcohol, food, and a younger crowd. And, of course, cheaper accommodation.

The neighborhood is an easy 15 minute walk to reach the central Oslo station by foot and offers a good selection of hotels and apartments.

My recommended place to stay in the area is Maya Apartments, which offers decently priced accommodation and great value for the money. Check out one photo below to know what to expect:

maya apartments oslo

Main Tourist Attractions in Oslo

Being the country’s capital, there are plenty of things to see and do. I know that you’re focused more on the ladies, so I won’t gotoo much into detail about the actual attractions.

But there are some things that you should see, no matter what – and I am listing them below:

  • Akershus Fortress – Walk along the water and enjoy the view of the city
  • The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet – Great view from the top of Oslo.
  • Vigelandsparken – Great spot in the summer, per local, advice, to relax on the lawn as it’s packed and full of younger locals. Hint: Great spot to meet some locals!
  • Museums: Viking Ship Museum, Natural History Museum, Fram Museum, and the National Gallery

Logistics in Oslo

Oslo Streets

Oslo is a very walkable city, and it’s not necessary in most cases to use public transportation to get around.

Taxis can be very expensive, and you want to avoid using them at all cost unless it’s a must. (Unless, of course, you’re on an unlimited budget – if so, go ahead and have fun!)

You have slightly cheaper alternatives with ride-sharing options: Uber and Lyft are viable options here, but even these are really expensive – like everything else in the country.

If walking is not your thing, then you can easily rely on the public transport system. From buses to metros, everything looks good and functions flawlessly in Oslo, making the need for a car (or a taxi) unnecessary.

Tip: Whatever you do, do not visit Oslo on Easter weekend! The city is completely empty for the most part during the day, as many locals empty out of the city and flood into their cabins in the mountains to partake in drinking and skiing while the city remains mostly shut down from Thursday until Monday morning.

If you have to visit during this period, it’s highly suggested to hookup with a local in order to get the invite to join the party up into the mountains, to partake in the drinking and fun – you won’t be missing out on much in Oslo itself. 

Prices in Oslo

Prices in Oslo

This certainly isn’t Eastern Europe. Even countries in Western Europe will appear cheaper when you compare the prices.

And since Oslo is the capital of the country, expect the prices here to be the highest in Norway.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

Breakfast (1 person) – $30
Dinner (mid-range, 1 person) – $40 – $60
Liquor (higher-end bar/club) – 1 shot $15
Beer (higher-end bar/club) – $10
Cigarettes – $15 / pack
Chicken (2.2lbs. / 1kg) – $22
Cheese (2.2lbs / 1kg) – $15
Assorted Fruits (2.2lbs / 1kg) – $5

For a more in depth look at all costs, do check out my article dedicated to the cost of living in Norway.

Women in Oslo: What to Expect

Women in Oslo

Now it’s time to get to the really interesting part (especially if you’re a single man looking to travel to Oslo!)

Scandinavian women, and specifically Norwegian women, have a very natural beauty about themselves.

Generally, the faces are a bit more round and have a very soft and gentle look. On average, the local Norwegian women have athletic and muscular bodies and can appear to have a few extra pounds on their build.

They definitely are slightly heavier than Slavic women in general, but there is surely no issue here with being overweight or obese. 

If you are into blondes, Norway and Scandinavia, in general, is the place to be.

What the Norwegian women garner in points for their facial beauty, they lose in femininity.

You will not see many girls in high heels or dresses like in Eastern Europe. Women in Oslo tend to dress stylishly, but with a more casual style including lots of jeans and dark tennis shoes.

They don’t look bad at all… but it’s not like they dress to impress anyone. Which is something to appreciate, I would say!

A thing that will make up for the lack of high heels and a focus on clothes that attract your looks is the fact that in Oslo, there is a predominant one-night stand culture.

I heard it from Norwegian women and men alike about how liberal the people of Oslo are when it comes to dating. I was able to attend my first after-party in Oslo. It is well established that you should invite a girl back for an after-party.

The “after party” is basically just a euphemism for an invitation to hook-up and it is the cultural standard for getting things on.

How to Pick Up Girls in Oslo

The easiest way to pick up girls in Norway is through International Cupid. This online dating website makes everything a lot easier: girls are looking for a relationship and you come in to fill the role. Win-Win.

Being an American in Norway is a huge advantage, and you should play the card every chance you get if you fall under that category.

How to pick up girls in Oslo

The majority of the time, locals were quite surprised that an American was visiting Norway and would ask some questions first about why you are visiting, what you think about Norway, and then break into the talk about New York, Donald Trump, and all other things American.

It’s clear that there is an infatuation here with American culture and it doesn’t hurt to try and take advantage of it.

Daygame in Oslo

There is huge potential for daygame in Oslo. Locals do not normally approach during the day, which gives you some room to play.

Johan’s Gate and Grünerløkka are both solid locations for street approaches. There are also a few malls close to Central Station which have an excellent quality of Norwegian women.

Another recommended location is just Northwest of Oslo Sentrum, known as Bogstadveien Street in Majorstuen. This is a popular shopping street with many brand-name stores, which even had a somewhat large crowd during Easter weekend.

Don’t feel shy and go confident with your approach. The girls here are very straightforward and, even though not necessarily used to daygame, they won’t shy away if they like you.

Nightgame in Oslo

Being so friendly and open toward one-night stands and casual hook-ups, Norwegians are really open to all sorts of nightgame.

But one problem might pop up here: the local, Norwegian men. They are tall and good-looking and usually in good shape, but a player with solid game can still do well in Oslo at night and won’t need to be concerned with the competition.

Clubs usually close around 3AM depending on the venue and, as I said before, it’s common to ask the girl to join you for the “after party” once the fun is over. On rare occasions, she might invite you herself… but don’t count on it!

Venues were limited during the holidays, but I did make an appearance at Jäger Bar, John’s Bar, and Lava Club. Jäger is apparently quite popular with the locals but has a bit too much of a hipster vibe for my personal taste.

John’s Bar wasn’t too full inside but would be worth a look if there was a larger crowd. There’s a long bar in the middle of the area, with tables surrounding the perimeter of the bar.

Lava Club was mostly packed with younger guys. This place seems to gather a younger crowd when busy but would be worth having a look inside nonetheless.


Languages in Norway

If you’re reading this, you should be fine in Norway. Norwegians boast one of the highest levels of English that I’ve encountered.

Unlike many other countries, you can simply stick to your normal way of speaking, including humor and wit, without having to change your way of speaking including speaking slower or dumbing down sentences.

Norwegians have full command of the English language, and you’ll probably even be surprised with some of the words they come up with when in a conversation with them.

I would go as far as to say that some Norwegian women can imitate an American conversation so much that it might not be easy to differentiate between speaking with an American girl vs. speaking with a Norwegian.

Seemingly, even the older generations are able to speak good English, and you’ll have no issues whatsoever in taxis, convenience stores, etc.

Learn a few words to impress, such as “takk”, “god morgen/god kveld” and” skol”. That’ll go far enough as English is widely spoken and nobody shies away from it if needed.

Wrapping Up

Oslo is a great, clean city with lots of parks, green areas, and malls to enjoy during the day with many night venues to hit during the nights.

Compared with other cities in Scandinavia where I’ve traveled, Oslo certainly has one of the highest standards of life, if not the best.

Social circle is important here and will get you invited to the local parties, on the guest list, and introduced to other local Norwegian women in the same circle.

Again, don’t make the same mistake I did and do not visit the city during Easter (and probably other holidays, too). Any other time would be perfect for larger crowds and easier mingling with locals.

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