Understanding Mongolian Culture: A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve talked a bit about Mongolian culture and how it’s not exactly conducive to meeting girls in the country.

But I wanted to dive a little deeper and undercover a bit more about this wonderful nation that usually and unfortunately goes under the radar.

As one of the least visited countries in Asia, it can be hard to find decent information about Mongolia before you visit.

As such, I visited without knowing much about Mongolia other than the whole descendants of Genghis Khan stuff. And, boy, there’s so much more to know!

Mongolian Culture 101

There’s a whole lot more to Mongolia than all that jazz. So let’s dive in. Here’s what you need to understand about Mongolian culture before your trip:


Overall, Mongolia is not that religious of a country. This country isn’t like Indonesia, where Islam plays a huge role in daily life.

Buddhism does find it’s way into society in some respects, but for the most part, there’s no concern. Respect is more important that religion in the country.

Liberal Nature

Mongolia flag

I found the people of Mongolia to be pretty “normal” overall. Mongolians are not liberal, but they weren’t especially conservative, either.

You’ll find women in Mongolia who are somewhat liberal in their views, while you’ll also find traditional girls that seem to have conservative values, too. A nice mix, I would say!

Always Be Polite

While Mongolian people are not that religious or liberal, they do place a lot of value on respect and customs.

By respecting Mongolian culture and traditions, your stay in the country will go a lot better.

While learning each and every custom isn’t possible for a short trip, you can get a quick rundown on Mongolian culture by asking a girl you meet to help you out.

For example, I met a girl on Asian Dating in Ulaanbaatar.

We had a few drinks and then went back to my place for more fun. At home, we started chatting about my travels and comparing Mongolia to other Asian countries. And somehow we ended up on the topic of Mongolian culture.

She told me some crazy stuff about the culture. Things like showing your wrists to someone can be considered rude and how many Mongolians just show up to their friends and families houses unannounced, as it’s not considered rude.

Of course, you won’t upset anybody if you announce your visit or if you unknowingly show your wrists (people there do understand that you’re a foreigner and you might not know all the subtleties of the Mongolian culture), but it’s always good to do your best and learn at least the most important things about the country you’re visiting.

They Love Russians

I was surprised to learn that the Mongolians hold a special place in their heart for Russians. Some even speak Russian.

As Soviet-Russia was a communist ally to Mongolia, many older Mongolians refer to Russia as, “our big brother Russia” or something of that nature. Younger people don’t seem to hold the same views, but overall – there is a love for Russians in Mongolia.


Drugs are a big no-go in Mongolia.

While places like Bali and Thailand are filled with “fun,” drugs, and rock’n’roll – Mongolians are not fans of drugs.

If you’re caught with any illegal narcotic in the country, you may end up in prison. The police in Mongolia do not mess with this so make sure to stay away from these and never risk it.

No Body Awareness

My first few days in Mongolia, I was in for a rude awakening. Literally.

I was walking through the streets, malls, and markets and people were continually crowding my space. As I was buying some fruits, someone stepped on my toes. I was shoulder checked numerous times, and I’m not a small guy.

Don’t take offense to this.

It’s just part of Mongolian culture. If you’re in public spaces shopping or walking around, don’t expect the Mongolians around you to offer much space.

The Fighting Factor

Mongolian warrior

Mongolians like to drink. And if history has taught us anything, Mongolians also like to fight. The combination of these two factors plays a role in Mongolian culture.

To put it frankly – you shouldn’t roll out solo in this country. As a foreigner, you could end up in a bad situation, especially if you’re hitting on girls.

Mongolian guys have no issue starting a confrontation, especially if he thinks you’re “taking” his girls. Kudos to them for being so protective to their women, but it can get a bit scary sometimes.

The Mongolian Girls & Culture

Mongolian girls are a rare breed. Some of the tallest, biggest women in Asia – you’ll see some stunners in Ulaanbaatar, for example.

Many of the attractive, educated girls in Mongolia will be relatively liberal and interested in you as a Western guy.

Use this to your advantage. Just remember to take Mongolian culture into account before you take your trip.

Mongolia is one of the few Asia countries that a little extra precaution can go a long way. Because of this, I recommend you use online dating.

Tinder and Asian Dating are the places to start, the latter one helping me meet a really nice Mongolian lady that I absolutely loved to be with during my relatively brief stay in the country.

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