Batam, Indonesia City Guide [Nightlife and Girls!]

While Batam, Indonesia isn’t the paradise that Jakarta and Bali can lay claim to be, the small island certainly offers a few opportunities for the aspiring traveler.

Come to Batam for a quick escape from Singapore or Malaysia.

Don’t make a big trip out of it like I tried to. One week here is more than enough, and you’ll be able to meet some sweet Batam girls. There are just better Asian destinations.

If you’re here for some reason, let’s break it down and help you get the most out of this small city.

Batam, Indonesia Quick Facts

Population: 1.1 million people

Weather: It’s a tropical island. Expect high humidity and temperatures between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The Rainy season runs from November to April.

Safety: You shouldn’t have many issues with security in this city unless you mack some high society Batam girls and someone gets upset 😉

Travel Tips & Information

Batam Temple
Make sure to visit a temple while in Batam!

MUSTS: While you can find stunning beaches around the island, my favorite activity in Batam was visiting the fisherman’s village or area.

Some called it the “backwaters” or something to that effect.

Seeing how the locals really live and checking out the old-school houses over the water was a great time. Highly recommended if you want to get away from the glitz and glamor for a moment.

Apartment Prices: You’ll want to stay around Batam Center Mall and Nagoya. These areas offer ideal logistics for digital nomads, as nightlife and modern amenities will be nearby.

Apartments in these areas run $500-1,000 per month and often come with full amenities. Weekly rates for $200 are available.

Hostel Dorm Prices: There’s not much of a backpacking scene here. You’ll want to use AirBNB or a hotel.

Batam Girls: Where to Find Them?

Nightlife in Batam, Indonesia: Now we get to the good stuff. Batam girls and how to meet them. While you can find some decent nightlife in Batam, it’s not crazy like Jakarta or Bali.

There’s just not enough people and tourists to make that work. I only went out one night while I was here and I wasn’t overly impressed.

The issue is most of the nightlife is centered around bar girls (like in some areas of Thailand), and it can be hard to find regular, genuine girls. If you’re looking to try, here are the spots we recommend:

  • Noname
  • The Last Pub
  • Sulivan’s Rock Club
  • Pacific Disco

Price of a Beer: $3-10

Price of a Bottle: $40-300

Online Dating in Batam, Indonesia: If you’re spending a little time around this island, then online dating is probably the best way to meet Batam girls.

The cutest Indonesian women I met here were online, but there weren’t very many of them for me to brag about. It all depends on how much time you spend there.

You’ll need to use a combination of Tinder and Indonesian Cupid to line up enough dates to feed the needy. Don’t waste any matches or contacts. If you do, you could go home empty handed.

Chance of Hooking Up in Batam: 7/10

Batam girls aren’t that difficult. It’s just there aren’t that many of them. It’s definitely harder to get hooked up here than in almost any other spot in Indonesia.

But it’s still doable. This is Southeast Asia still! You’ll want to use online and night game to ensure you meet some ladies.

More Information About Batam, Indonesia

batam indonesia beach

Language Barrier: While Bahasa could come in handy, it’s unlikely you’ll need it. English is fairly well spoken in Batam due to the industry in the city.

Work Available?: Lots of work in the oil industry. However, I don’t recommend basing up here by any means. This isn’t a place to spend that much time, in my opinion.

Taxi/Uber: You’ll want to stick to Bluebird Cabs in Batam. I found they worked best.

Bachelor Budget Needed: $1,400-1,900

Batam, Indonesia Overall

Batam is fun for a few days to a week. If you’re a digital nomad, passing through could be fun.

If you’re in Singapore, then a weekend trip may be exciting. Unless you’re working here, I wouldn’t recommend basing up in this place as there are more popular ones out there. But visit it and decide for yourself.

P.S: Indonesian Cupid is a MUST here. View Batam girls for free by clicking here.

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