Hungarian Men: What to Know when Dating One [Complete Guide]

Hungarian men are like no other in the world, in my opinion. They’re usually handsome, charming and they really like to take care of their women.

And today we’re getting a bit more in depth over everything there is to know about Hungarian men. We will talk about their personality traits, physical details, but also what you can expect if you start a relationship with one.

Before going in depth, I have to say that men in Hungary are usually very different from men from the United States.

I’m not saying this just because of their language or cultural heritage that sets them apart, but also their personality and behavior which is, as you will see, a bit on the more traditional / chivalrous side.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead, let’s learn more about men from Hungary below.

Men in Hungary: Their Personality Traits

man from hungary

I’ll start by saying that one of the most annoying things about Hungarian men – when it comes to relationships – is the fact that they’re generally reserved when it comes to expressing feelings to their partner.

But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have them for you – they just might have a problem in expressing them.

Sure, it doesn’t mean now that if a Hungarian man treats you badly or is cold towards you and non-responsive, he’s really into you. Just pay attention to everything he does to see if he really cares.

What I mean is that, generally, they aren’t the type of guys that will go out of their way just because you’re “their girl.”

You need to prove yourself worthy of them first – if anything else, it’s your job as their partner to make sure you are always on top of things and taking care of them, as well as caring about them!

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Apart from this, it’s good to know that men from Hungary are generally very hardworking individuals – both when it comes to their career, but also relationships.

Expect them to give you space and time to spend alone (not with other men, though!) and to be very understanding of your needs.

It doesn’t mean they don’t care about their significant other, but rather that they simply understand the value of making an effort (both ways) when it comes to love. You can learn how they work as a whole by reading my previous article about the Hungarian culture.

Now, if you’ve me a man from Hungary, you know that – despite their lack of desire to express their feelings – they are really charming and charismatic and know to say the right words to impress you

They are simply that type of guys who just “know” what to say in order to win your heart – which is actually very different from other cultures where men have this silent way about them or sometimes even try too hard to get.

They’re also very family-oriented and care deeply about their loved ones. So even though the start might be a bit bumpy and cold, it will get better and better.

Men in Hungary: What They Look Like

The first thing you’ll notice about Hungarian men is their incredibly good looks.

hungarian man

They are tall, muscular and have what people call “a strong jawline.”  You will be surprised to know that almost all of them (if not all) play sports or go to the gym regularly – which helps a lot with achieving those perfect features!

They also have beautiful, clear skin that is mostly free of any acne or blemishes.  Some would even say they are “too good looking” because it can be intimidating to try and talk to them at first sight!

Don’t let the looks deceive you though – this is not a country where people worship beauty and no essence. Hungarian men might be more attractive than others, but they are also very modest and down-to-earth.

On the other hand, though, you should know that Hungarian women have a reputation of being some of the most beautiful in Europe also! They take pride on their appearance and spend hours getting ready for different occasions – which means you’ll have to do the same in order to stand a chance.

However, it’s worth noting that many Hungarian men have a particular, difficult to explain attraction to foreigners, so use that to your own advantage!

Hungarian Men in Relationships: What to Expect

The first thing I want to clear up is that Hungarian men are not easy. They might appear to be when you first meet them, but trust me when I say that it’s a bit more complicated in reality.

hungarian man portrait

They are very loyal and faithful to their loved ones, which means you can expect them to treat you with respect, love and care all the time – as long as you deserve it!

If not? They will shut off in a blink of an eye even though they might have been acting nice beforehand.

They want women with personalities and who can be strong when it’s needed, but also sweet and feminine.

Yes, it’s a bit of a balancing act: you have to learn to stand your ground and show him your independence, but still allow him to be the knight in shiny armor that comes to the rescue every now and then. It’s not a big deal!

Being in a relationship with a man in Hungary can be difficult at times, but it’s also rewarding in the end. Make sure that you do your part and he will surely do his. No doubt about it!

Hungarians will not hold back when it comes to giving you small gifts, bringing you flowers regularly and paying for the bill after you go out. They also like to take you out on romantic dates and whisk you away for a weekend in the mountains!

If he’s around 30 years old, then prepare yourself – because it’s time for serious talks about marriage. Hungarian men believe that they can’t really know who their life partner is before at least this age (yes, even though most of them are in their early 20s).

They are very devoted and loyal once you get them to commit, which might not be insanely easy – but it’s worth doing for sure.


You know now how a Hungarian man looks like, what his personality traits are, but also what it means to be in a relationship with them.

Hungarians might seem tough and intimidating at first sight: they look like the “perfect” men, have strong personalities and know how to get their way.

However, if you manage to break that shell or rather – convince him to show you the gentle side he has – then your life will be so much more interesting and fulfilling!

There’s nothing to worry about with Hungarian men: they are strong, but also loving when it comes to their family. They can come across as rude at times, but in reality just want what is best for everyone around them.  

Do you have any extra things to share about Hungarian men? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Hungarian Men: What to Know when Dating One [Complete Guide]”

  1. I’m married to a Hungarian guy, he’s absolutely handsome, charming, caring, loving my feelings and my wants always come before his, I feel I’m blessed for having meet him, what a sweetheart he is, I love him dearly.

  2. My husband is American, but of Hungarian descent. It is amazing how well this article describes him, even though he lived his whole life in America! The Hungarian way pushes through our culture here. He is very unique and unlike most American men, and now I see why. The Old Country of Hungary is still alive and well in their men. What a perfect husband he is and has always been; gorgeous, physically beautiful, ultra masculine, yet gentle, loving, fiercely devoted and loyal to family and me, and puts me first in everything! He works in Construction, and yet is a poet, a musician, a vocalist, a writer, a provider to our 5 children and me. He is the perfect man.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Angela! I am really happy to hear that the article was spot-on and that you are together with such an amazing man.


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