The Ultimate Guide to Romanian Women

Romanian women are beautiful, and feminine. What is there not to love? I bet that’s why you ended up here on this article. Because you know they’re hot, and you want one for yourself. Shame on us, we’ve done articles on most Eastern European girls except for Romanian women.

But better late than never, here you have our guide to meeting, dating, and mating with Romanian women.

Looks And Maintenance of Romanian Women

Eastern Europeans get a reputation for being high-maintenance,and it’s not all myth. Romanian girls are no exception.

The average girl in Romania probably spends twice, if not thrice as much time on her looks as her Western counterparts. And she sure as heck spends a much bigger part of her income on beauty.

Go in prepared and you will not be surprised when she looks a tad (or like a lot) different without makeup than she did when you first met.

The Ultimate Guide to Romanian Women - Looks
Romanian girls often have slightly darker complexions than their neighbors in the northern parts of Eastern Europe.

But Is It All Lies With Romanian Girls?

A common complaint among men is that makeup is somehow false advertisement. While you are as entitled to your opinion as Romanian women are to their beauty routine, that is pretty much BS.

First off, girls do makeup, dress nicely, and wear extensions for other girls.

Yes, it is “for themselves” as well (although I am yet to meet a woman who dolls herself up at home)…and it is also for guys.

When it comes to Romanian women, though, they do it because it’s about showing status. You are welcome to reflect on how the poorest nations have the most affinity for showing off and living beyond their means. But my point here is different:

Romanian Women Are Not Professional Husband Hunters

Unlike what some Eastern European dating websites would have you believe, Romanian girls are not desperate for finding a man. They are not opposed to the idea, either, in fact nearly all want a family and the sooner, the better. But unlike other nations, Romanians are not as concerned with the gender imbalance and the lack of high-value men.

Going back to looks and maintenance, that is just how things are done in Romania. Girls don’t just go out in their sweats (no, not even to the gym – you change there and you better have yoga pants, not those baggy sweatpants). They don’t go to an event without makeup. Nails and hair are always done.

It is the societal norm if you will. Basically, no girl wants to feel like the odd one out.

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Romanians And Foreign Dating

But since they are all so forward and independent, and not bothered about finding a husband as much as Ukrainians or Russians…what’s your edge when it comes to seducing a Romanian girl? Two things:

  • Stability – which is supposed to include both financial freedom and being mature enough to handle a relationship.
  • Show-off value – Remember how I mentioned Romanians enjoy showing off? Well, a foreign boyfriend/husband is very much barging material. This is your edge.

A Very Romanian Relationship

So Romanian women might not be super desperate about finding a husband before 25—but they are all about being in a relationship.

The whole Romanian culture is mostly about longer-term, stable relationships. People get paired up in serious, committed couples very young—and they pretty much do everything together.

Shopping, going to parties, working out, vacations—everything is better with a partner.

I think this is a consequence of people jumping into relationships young, but Romanian women will not miss out on life just because they now have a boyfriend. She will not give up Friday night at her favourite club but she won’t say it’s ‘girl-only’, either.

In fact, women in Romania rarely go to the club completely unaccompanied. So, expect your future Romanian darling to bring you to a lot of her favourite bars and clubs. Of course, this is person-specific. Clubs are not everyone’s scene but…

The Ultimate Guide to Romanian Women - Relationships

Partying With Romanian Women

Romanians love their nights out, much more than Westerners. Those social awkwardness jokes that rule Western Twitter and Instagram? Romanians don’t really get them. In fact, a trip to Romania might feel like going into a 90s high-school movie, even if you are way past that age.

Women, especially young women, are all about status and popularity.

Although this is most visible in high schools and universities, it continues well into their adult years. Looking, feeling, and being the popular girl never goes out of style. Which is exactly why everyone (or 99.9% to be fair to those who are Romanian and a bit antisocial) goes to clubs. A Romanian party will have people within a much larger age range than you would imagine. There will be women in their 40s and teenagers, too.

In other words:

Beware The Minors

Dating younger women is acceptable, dating too young of girls can be illegal. Romanian nightlife is surprisingly minor-friendly. Hardly anyone gets carded for drinks and face control at discos is about weeding out the drunk, not the minors. Although you may think that because you are way over 15 you can know if a girl is a little too young to be in a bar…you really don’t.

The high-maintenance thing is true for teenagers, too.

Romanian women of all ages enjoy heavy makeup and risqué dresses for going out. Which is why you need to be extra careful, to an extent. Online dating is safer in that sense. There are many niche-dating sites for you to meet a gorgeous girl.

In bars and discos, just be a little extra careful and if in doubt, ask her age.

Meeting The Parents

So in the previous paragraph, I was warning you about the dangers of random hookups…suddenly I am on meeting the parents. Yes, that is how the actual meeting will feel.

Way too soon, way too serious than you were expecting.

Dating for just a couple of weeks is enough for her to ask you to meet mom and dad. Since she probably lives with them, it might even happen earlier.

Romanian women are much more relaxed about introducing you to their family. People, in general, are much more family-oriented and family-loving around here. There is no ‘Maybe I should call mom… in a couple of weeks!’ Girls especially tend to live with their parents until they are married. Even if they go to a different city for school or work, they visit regularly and are very close to their entire extended family. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Romanian women are not ones to shy away from introducing you to their parents. The usual rules for impressing them apply. Look polished, bring a gift, and avoid politics. Also, expect copious amounts of food to be served. Romanian mothers take pride in feeding their children (plus anyone they bring in their home).

Gold Digging, Minorities, And The Living Standard

There is no going around the fact that Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. A problem people often mention is there is a very small middle class. You are either wealthy or very poor. That is not entirely true. Yes, maybe by Western standards most families live below the poverty line. Not all of them are starving, though. Life is much cheaper in Romania (a cool surprise for Westerners). Even if your date makes in a year what you make in just a couple of months, that doesn’t mean she is in financial trouble.

That being said, there is still a poverty problem in Romania. The country has a huge Roma community, largely unintegrated and sometimes openly discriminated against. These are also the least well-off people (in the general case). Roma neighbourhoods tend to have a higher crime rate and the living standard there could truly be shocking. And, along with poverty, all forms of prostitution and human trafficking arise. I know this is supposed to be a fun article on the joys of dating Romanian women but you just can’t ignore these issues.

What This Implies For You

First off, that you should not look down on people. That is just a general life tip. But it’s also Romanian women’s biggest pet peeve. Just because they are from a less developed country doesn’t mean they spent their childhood starving or that they would marry the first foreigner that comes their way just to get away.

At the same time, be a bit extra cautious. Gold diggers, aspiring sugar babies, or straight-up prostitutes are abundant in Romania. Escort websites are especially unsafe to use. Not only are they pretty much prostitution (speaking about Romania), but there has been some controversy around their role in human trafficking. These are very real issues for women in Romania. Don’t underestimate them. A bit of common sense would be nice, too.

It’s not an unsafe country as long as you’re not being an idiot.

Other than that, have fun meeting and dating Romanian women.

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