The Ultimate Guide to Latvian Girls

Today I am here to share with you a complete guide to Latvian girls. In other words, how to date Latvian girls without making a complete and utter fool of yourself (it’s trickier than it seems).

Because, yes, women in Latvia are a bit pickier and trickier to date than others in the area or in Eastern Europe in general.

The good news is that these ladies are really worth all the effort you put in – you’ll be offered a real treat if you do get into a relationship with one, so it make sense for them to be harder to get.

Which brings us to…

How to meet Latvian women?

With the world being where it is right now and with everything moving online, you shouldn’t be surprised that my top recommendation for meeting Latvian women is a website. A premium one you will love, so check it out below:

Not only that you will only find there no time wasters – instead, real women that are actively looking for a relationship – but you will also have a big advantage over other means of meeting them.

First of all, the competition will be much lower since not all men are willing to pay for the service. But since you do, you already send strong signals toward the ladies. This shows that you are ready to commit and can also afford to do so.

latvian women on International Cupid
Just a small amount of the ladies on the platform (blurred for their own privacy)

Since Latvia is not a huge country, you won’t get thousands of profiles to choose from.

There were shy of 140 ladies from all over the country when I last checked – but they’re all astonishingly beautiful, so you still have plenty to pick from.

As a bonus, since they’re on an international website, they also speak English, so just get in touch with them and see where it goes from there. It’s much easier online!

So Many Latvian Girls Out There!

guide to Latvian women

When you look at the statistics for women in Latvia, you notice that the country has one of the biggest gender imbalances in the world.

The female to male ratio is 58:42 percent.

That means there are 16% more women than men in Latvia.

The world average is 51.9% men. Most of the developed countries do have more girls than guys, but nowhere is the difference so big as it is in Latvia. Icelandic women come close, but the numbers are even more in your favor here.

Statistically speaking, your gender itself is an advantage. If you add well-educated, financially stable, and reasonably attractive to the package (and maybe not even all of these at once), your chances with Latvian girls increase dramatically.

Don’t let it get to your head, though, because…

Latvian Girls Are Very Proud – And Hot-Tempered

beautiful woman from Latvia

A girl might have been single for years and she would still be incredibly picky.

To be honest, they kind of have the right to – the average Latvian woman (like many Baltic women) is ridiculously attractive and I guess you get to be picky when you look the way they do.

Latvia is a traditional country and women have ‘old-fashioned’ mindsets.

They want you to do the chasing because they would not want to appear desperate.

The typical Latvian dating strategy would involve a lot of playing hard to get from her part. I would not want to encourage you to do the same but it might help.

She will expect you to shower her with attention and by all means, do it. Just remember to back down from time to time. Childish? Absolutely. Does it keep her addicted to you? Of course, 100%. But…

Don’t Be Arrogant if You Want to Date in Latvia

This one ties in with the hot temper. Latvian girls don’t appreciate being talked down to or played in the sense of you dating multiple people.

I don’t care what the pickup guru world tells you, don’t play games with Latvian girls because they will drop you if it comes to it!

beautiful Latvian girl near the Baltic sea

Here are a few dating no-no’s that might work elsewhere but definitely won’t do it for Latvian women:

  • Seeing multiple people at a time. Unless you two have specifically talked about an open relationship, assume that you are exclusive after the first date.
  • Making out or hooking up with people at clubs when you are already seeing a girl. Maybe in your book that does not qualify as cheating but it definitely is for her.
  • Looking and talking down to other people. The last thing you want is to be perceived as an arrogant, self-centered foreigner. Latvians are a proud nation, never forget that!

All of that being said, don’t be a doormat either.

Latvian girls appreciate a masculine man like a German man, for example and they will let you take care of them. The key is to always give her at least the illusion of power.

She doesn’t want to make all the decisions but she does want to feel important in the relationship every step of the way. Stick to being a decent human being along with a macho guy attitude and you should be fine.

Latvian Girls Are Definitely Into Foreigners

We have touched upon this in other articles about Eastern Europe – but guys here are not always boyfriend or husband material.

Meet Latvian girls on this website here.

Alcoholism and smoking are all too common, not to mention how normalized cheating can be.

That is actually a part of the reason why open relationships and seeing a few different girls at a time is such a deal breaker.

Most of the girls you will meet have been cheated on and they are extra cautious that it does not happen to them again.

In general, Latvian girls would not mind becoming expats for you. That’s a thing in the area, I guess, as Lithuanian women are the same based on my brief experience with them.

Not only are they interested in foreigners because they represent the exact opposite of what local guys are like (immature and unfaithful), but most women you meet will be fascinated to get to know another culture.

I would not go as far as saying that you are exotic to them. However, the foreigner status definitely adds a layer of interest and it makes you much more desirable.

Looks Matter (And So Do Manners)

Latvian girl at the beach

If there is one word to describe Latvian girls, it would definitely be classy. The same goes about women from Estonia, who have the advantage though of being in a slightly more travelled-to country.

Women in Latvia love to flaunt their beauty, but they are nowhere as showoff-y as other Eastern Europeans. Their style is a unique mix of Western casual and Eastern feminine.

They are very modest compared to what you see at clubs elsewhere but they do love themselves a pretty dress or some skinny jeans.

Generally, Latvian girls go by the ‘only show off one thing at a time’ rule. Either a short skirt or cleavage or a low back, not all of them at once.

Style and class go beyond what you just wear of course, and people in Latvia are living proof.

Old-school manners like opening the door for a lady are not outdated here. It is simple courtesy and you would be seen as rude if you don’t do it. Another one would be who pays the bill at the end of the night.

Hint: You.

She would appreciate it much more than you think. Oh, and of course, try to be presentable.

The girls try to look attractive and modest at the same time, you should at least put some effort into looking classy as well as acting so.

Scammers At Clubs

Going to the club to meet a cutie is pretty much universal anywhere you go, right? Well, right but there is a catch when it comes to Latvia.

Riga is one of Europe’s capital for adults visiting for fun. There are a lot of guys coming in, expecting to do nothing but drink and meet pretty girls.

Locals have caught up to the trend – and now the clubs are full of ‘scammers’, a.k.a. some truly dangerous people.

It’s easy to spot them, fortunately. These scammer girls are real gold-diggers and they stand out from the crowd.

Remember what I told you about the ladies here? That they are classy and won’t go too hard on showing their beauty off?

Well, the gold-diggers are the exact opposite: mini skirts, cleveite, super high end feel to her, tons of makeup and she’s either alone there or with just a couple of likewise girls.

These should be warning signs from the starts (although still some regular girls might dress and act like that). But if she approaches you or is quick to “fall” for you, then you have additional signs to be worried about.

Stay away from the gold-diggers! They only spend time with you until they dry you out of your hard earned cash, then move on. And they can drain pockets like there’s no tomorrow!

Latvian Women Are Hard-Workers (Who Still Love The Occasional Treat)

latvian woman working

Latvian girls have grown up with some great women around them. They are definitely business-woman material and being in one of the countries with the fastest internet in Europe helps too.

Chances are, both her mother and grandmother (plus all the other women in her life) have successful careers and have encouraged her to pursue one. Feminism, in the way we know it in the West, is irrelevant to these women’s lives.

Balancing work and a family is as tough for them as it is for anyone but there are no preconceptions about where a girl’s place is.

On one hand, this means there are hardly any unpleasant feminazis in Latvia and that women have the freedom to build a life they love. On the other, it creates a lot of conflict in terms of what should come first.

Different girls will have different answers to questions like ‘Should I secure a career before I settle down?’ or ‘Would I drop my job if my children need me to be a stay-at-home mother to them?’

Unlike Russia and Ukraine, where family comes first for virtually everyone, some Latvian girls do say they prefer to wait longer before committing to a relationship.

One thing for sure, though: they are all hard workers and they provide for themselves. This extends to small things as well.

For instance, I bet you whatever you want that your Latvian girl has money for a cab at all times.

She might be out with friends, have a designated driver, plan to stay over after a hook up etc. Still, she will always have that plan B just in case something falls off.

Latvian girls are masters of making themselves a priority and they will not put up with a situation that makes them uncomfortable.

Which is a good thing, because she will be very straightforward with you about her thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

At the same time, girls will be girls. The occasional gift or treating her to dinner will not hurt her ego. Once again, be a gentleman and a decent human being and you will be all good.

Finally, Don’t Forget To Be Yourself!

Literally the most cliché piece of advice in the book.

But still, Latvian girls can be very intuitive. They smell gamers and fake people from afar. Molding yourself to what you thing her expectations might be will not get you anywhere.

Besides, playing someone you are not is exhausting. So relax, be yourself (you are a confident, cool, and put-together guy, right?), and have a good time in Latvia.

As usual, if you have any thoughts, tips, or stories to share about Latvian girls, leave a comment below.

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  1. Wow, as a woman of Latvian descent who never lived in Riga, this entire description was 100% accurate, which really surprised me. It makes me wonder if there are strong genetic components to the personality side, as well as all of the physical traits listed (all of them but the height for me).

    • Happy to hear that I got it all right with Latvian women. I think that we are the way we are because of the society we grow in – and this is why we can still generalize, even though there will always be exceptions – personality or height-wise, haha.


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