Czech Women Guide: Traits, Dating Culture & Where to Find Them

There’s no denying that Czech women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. When you visit the Czechia, you’ll be impressed with the beauty of the women there. And obviously, you’ll want to start dating them.

But what do you need to know about the dating culture, as well as the ladies here before you start moving onward with your date?

This is what we’re going to talk about today – a complete guide to women in Czechia.

How to meet Czech women

I’m not going to send you hunting in night clubs and bars – although that is obviously a thing that works.

Instead, I’ll help you find genuine ladies from the comfort of your own couch. You don’t even have to be in Czechia yet!

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beautiful czech girl

Even more, since it’s a premium website, it has dedicated staff that verify that the profiles are indeed real so the chances of finding a scammer are minimal.

Not to mention the fact that, as a man, you have an important statement to make when you join such a website: you say “I know what I am looking for and I afford paying a premium to find what I need.”

The women do love to know that you are indeed capable of supporting yourself and not a bootstrapper.

So the best way is to start a relationship with a Czech woman even before getting there. Take advantage of the lower competition and get the most of my recommended website. You’ll absolutely love it!

Czech Women: What Are They Like?

Unlike many other women all over the world, the Czech women are actually known to be unspoiled and a lot more traditional when compared to their Western counterparts. They are a lot more grounded as well.

They don’t believe in fairy tales. Instead, they try to be very focused on what they want and they work very hard to achieve their goals in life.

They never take no for an answer, though, and are very strong-willed, despite their more traditional approach to life and relationships.

Of course, you will find Czech girls and Czech women that aren’t like that at all. You just need to figure out the traits and style of each woman before you start dating them.

The main idea here is that you need to understand and respect the women in Czechia and their personality.

Many women in the US are bored housewives, but the Czech women are focused on strong family values and they love to live a good life. They are very hard workers and they do all in their power to protect their family.

They have a sense of independence and they aren’t afraid of working hard to achieve their goals. That on its own makes women here more than impressive.

Tereza Fajksova
Tereza Fajksova, beautiful Czech model (former Miss Earth)

Not to mention that they are very friendly and they always try to do all in their power to achieve their goals.

Despite the fact that they are very strong-willed, both Czech girls and women still have their feminine qualities.

They need to be tough in order to cope with the current times, but inside the hardened shell you will find gracious and lovely women.

They need to be powerful when they deal with the outside world, but at the end of the day they are still amazing, one of a kind women that you can’t find anywhere in the world. This is why so many people adore women from the Czech Republic.

The Personality of Czech Women

As you can imagine, the women in Czech Republic have quite the personality.

However, they are not as strict as you might imagine them to be. As mentioned above, since they have to cope with the current times, they offer an interesting blend of modernism and traditionalism, although the latter seems to be more dominant.

This is why you will see that women here are OK with dating older men, for example. They just don’t have a problem with it, as long as it works for the couple and everybody’s happy.

You will find quite a lot of couples like these, which means that you can easily date a younger woman here with no judgment.

Of course, if you’re 80 and she’s 20, you will still get the stares and it’s pretty obvious why she’s with you. But generally, being 10-15 years apart (maybe even a bit more) is not considered too strange – although it’s not the norm either.

I’m not trying to say here the Czech women are gold diggers or looking to date older men for various advantages – I’m just saying that it’s not an uncommon thing here, but still not as popular as it is with women from SE Asia, like those from the Philippines or Thai women.

Another thing that most Czech girls and women alike have in common is the fact that they are not afraid of their own body. On the contrary – they know they have it well in this area, and won’t shy away, trying to hide it, which is always a pleasure to the eye.

confident czech woman

Usually, this can be a major problem in the western world, but it seems that Czech people and women in particular do not have this type of issue.

This is great for them as it provides the values and help that they need in order to move forward with their life.

Not to mention the fact that women here are absolutely beautiful and they have nothing to be ashamed of!

Keep in mind that Czech women aren’t known for drinking that much, despite some stories you might have heard. Sure, you will meet the random party animal, but most end the night at the second drink.

In this regard, they are not as heavy drinkers as their counterparts from Scandinavian countries, like Danish women, for example.

Dating women in Czechia

When you date a woman here, she will be more interested in what you have to say rather than the drink or meal you want to offer her.

Basically, expensive drinks won’t really cut it when you date a lady here, so try to keep that in mind. As I said, their are not gold diggers, so fortunately they have other valor rankings.

Being able to show her that you can indeed support yourself or that you’re doing well financially can be an advantage in most cases, but do it subtly.

Don’t expect to just go there and “buy” them with fancy drinks and restaurants and gifts. Those are the gold diggers and you want to stay away from them… relationships with them will not end well.


Real Czech women are independent and at least relatively stable financially. Even if they’re not, they are very confident that they will be soon.

So although you being OK with money sends some good signs, it’s not the only thing that matters.

On the contrary, if you’re being an ass about it and like to show off excessively, you will most likely push all the genuine girls away.

There are indeed many gold diggers here who will be attracted by such a behavior. But they’re obviously not long term dating material. Most of them will act up and not offer much in return even on the short term.

So my honest recommendation is to choose the regular, real Czech girls and women instead. They are the amazing ones that you’re looking for – and “regular” still means “very attractive” here!

Don’t forget – you can easily find these on International Cupid, my #1 recommendation in this area.

When you date women in Czechia, try to play hard to get a little. Women here love to pursue a man they’re attracted to. It’s also a bit different to the way they treat and are treated by the locals – you can read more about men in Czechia here.

So, you shouldn’t try to share everything about you. Show that you care about her, but try to let her pursue you. It might seem counter intuitive considering the Western approach, but it works and you will be glad you did this.

Also, Czech girls and women like men that are dressed well. Even if that means sporting the latest sportswear (which is still very popular in Eastern Europe as a casual type of wear), you have to show her that you do care about the way you look and dress.

They like to see you try new stuff and they are not monotonous girls, so try to keep that in mind. It might not seem hard at first, but most of the women here will be very demanding in regards to their style.

beautiful czech woman

You shouldn’t be forced to smile here. You need to be natural. Women in Czechia are known to be natural and that’s why they want their partner to be just like that.

Smile as much as you can, be friendly and passionate – but don’t consider it a must. Do not be superficial, they don’t like that at all.

Avoid being too animated, not all women here love it. Try to tone things down, it’s a lot better for both you and her as well. Plus, you will both enjoy the experience and that’s what really makes things worth it in the end.

Take your time, don’t rush and try to show her that you really care about her. A Czech girl wants you to be natural and you should try to keep your distance at times if she wants that.

Women here had to go through communism (if not them, their parents), so it takes a time until they open up to you. They are very similar to girls from Slovakia, on this matter.

But when they do, you will see a lovely and friendly person whose presence will change your life. Try to use all these ideas when you do Czech dating, as they are indeed worth it!

Finally, check out my experience with eating out in Prague. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you to take your first date on a cheap Asian restaurant, most of these places are actually really good for the job – and they don’t cost a fortune.

And it doesn’t have to be Prague either – although that is indeed the most popular destination in the country. However, I consider Prague overrated, so you can safely look at other cities too.

Probably, in those smaller cities, the competition is lower too, so more advantages for you!

Wrapping up

If you have anything to add about the beautiful ladies in Czechia – maybe some tips for people looking to get into a relationship with one, or any personal stories – don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below!

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