International Cupid Review – Honest Opinion [Updated 2024]

International Cupid is a leading online dating platform for meeting like-minded singles outside your usual dating territory.

It’s my go-to platform whenever I am about to visit a new country, usually even if there are dedicated websites to that country (like Indonesian Cupid, Thai Cupid and so on…)

Today, I am here to offer an updated review of the platform and show you why it remains a top choice for travelers looking for some romance on the road – but I will also highlight the cons and my recent personal experience using International Cupid.

I will start unlike you normally do: with a conclusion, so you know exactly what to expect from the get-go (but still stay ’til the end for all the details!)

International Cupid is a great website for meeting people looking for a relationship. It has lots of profiles from all over the world, with a massive amount of female profiles from Europe, the US and across Asian countries.

For example, at the moment of writing this review, we have: over 1,000 active lady profiles from Romania, Brazil, Indonesia or Thailand (and many more countries), 289 active lady profiles from Bulgaria, and no less than 70 active lady profiles from tiny Iceland.

In other words – yes, International Cupid is an amazing dating platform with plenty of active ladies that are looking for a relationship. It has a solid representation from the entire world, usually with at least hundreds of ladies active on the platform.

Now let’s get more in-depth, if you aren’t convinced already and learn everything about International Cupid and why it is my all time favorite dating platform, trumping Tinder and any other more recent app.

How International Cupid Works

Unlike other Cupid Media websites that are focused on a specific region, International Cupid offers a lot more diversity and just focuses on connecting people no matter the physical distance.

I like this as I usually travel a lot from country to country. This way, I only need one account that takes care of everything. I never had ANY problems not meeting at least several great ladies on the platform that are great to chat with and eventually accepting to meet IRL.

international cupid homepage
The website’s home page at the moment of writing this review

What is more, you also get local girls along with the international ones (travelers or expats like yourself).

The site actually seems to be very popular with travelers so it’s a bit of a 2 for 1 deal, actually.

You can meet foreign girls from the comfort of our couch (or toilet, no judging!) but you can also find people that are in your region, or get some local dates while travelling.

All countries, as I already said and proved with my quick search, are really well represented here and even the smallest ones will have at least a bunch (usually a lot more) active profiles for you to choose from. Many have over a thousand!

Best part? You can meet all kinds of ladies there, interested in various levels of commitment.

The traveling ones are usually the quick to romance, no strings-attached types, while the local girls are usually more relationship-oriented.

No matter what you’re looking for, International Cupid is the place where you’ll find it.

International Cupid Review: The Girls

international cupid review beautiful woman

For the purpose of this review, I spent most of my time on International Cupid checking at different times to see how many ladies were online.

Every time I looked, there were always over 1,500 active ladies at any given time (from all over the world). At the moment of writing this article, there are 2,333 active ladies from all over the world.

For the sake of proving a point, here’s a screenshot proving my claim:

International Cupid Members Online ATM

Pretty cool, right?

You do have a lot of girls to choose from, and, as I said already, each country on the planet is EXTREMELY well represented. Here’s another screenshot I took of active Romanian ladies (as I am in Romania right now):

international cupid romania members
I censored their faces for privacy reasons – but you can see the amount of registered females in the upper left corner of the photo

The best part is that you get a nice mix of “drop dead gorgeous” type of girls and those that are really natural and genuine. So no matter what your type is, you will surely find a girl that ticks all the boxes.

Best part? They are all on a dating platform, actively looking to get into a relationship. So your chances of success are as close to 100% as they can be!

And with advanced profiles, constant verifications from the moderators and a bit of common sense, I can easily say that this website is among the most scammer-free you can find right now.

Click here to visit International Cupid

Extremely easy to use

I don’t think that anybody who had ever used a computer in their life will have any problems with International Cupid. It’s extremely easy to use, and offers all the information you want to know about potential matches.

Yes, I know that most of us just play the numbers game and check them out after the lady responds, but the truth is that International Cupid offers some of the most advanced and in-depth profiles on the market.

Sure, they are optional and not all of the ladies fill up all the details… but most of them do.

Also, when you perform a search, you can get VERY specific with what you’re looking for, from the city they’re in to their appearance, cultural values and lifestyle. It’s really like browsing through a store’s catalog and picking just what works best for you.

The Premium Factor

Probably the biggest con for International Cupid is the fact that this is a Premium dating website. As in – you should pay in order to get the most out of it.

But don’t rage quit on me know: read on to see how you can turn this into your advantage!

Although sign up, search, and even sending messages are all free functions, you can’t really use the site as a non-paying male member – this is the truth.

beautiful eastern european woman

The way International Cupid works is you can text other people, but at least one of you must have a premium account.

Finding ladies who are paying for an account is like searching for the needle in a haystack – I didn’t find any, to be honest and I am not surprised.

After all, that’s the least you can do to prove her you’re serious about it: play the game and pay the monthly fee. It’s worth it!

Not to mention the fact that you don’t really leave a nice impression if you go there like a bootstrapper, waiting for the lady to pay to meet you. This is still something that doesn’t happen today for 99.9% of the male population.

By choosing to pay for membership, though, you do show these ladies that you indeed mean business and you’re not there to waste their time. (Bonus points for the fact that membership is actually pretty cheap!)

There are thre premium options for International Cupid: Gold, Platinum and Diamond (with the latter being added a bit more recently).

A Gold account on International Cupid means you can:

  • Communicate with both free and premium accounts and send an unlimited number of messages. In other words, you can talk to anyone on the site – both via messages or through the live chat.
  • See no ads (although they are not that many to begin with).
  • Hide your profile and photos if you want to.

The Platinum membership is just a bit more expensive, but in my opinion it is worth the extra buck.

As a Platinum account holder, your profile comes up first in searches and is featured throughout the site. Dating is a numbers game and this simple detail can increase your matches drastically.

The translating service is also exclusive to Platinum members. It doesn’t seem like a lot but considering the number of girls with poor English you wouldn’t be surprised at how much it eases communication.

Finally, you also get some sweet extra search and matching options. In other words, you can look for girls by their bra cup size or waist. Superficial? Yes. But then again, I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t come in handy.

There is also the Diamond Membership which is perfect for the real players out there. I have to admit that it is the most impressive and I saw increased response rates after using this, even instead of platinum.

This might not work in all countries – especially the richer Western ones – but in Eastern Europe, Africa and SEA, having a Diamond Membership basically doubled my success on the site.

Apart from all the benefits offered by the Platinum membership, you get Priority Messaging, you Rank above all members, your profile gets highlighted AND you get Priority Customer Service.

What matters the most is that priority messaging, which means that you will simply get more replies back from the other users.

The best part about the membership options is that they do get cheaper if you purchase multiple months in advance.

One month is relatively expensive, but if you pay for a premium membership for 12 months, the price per month is equal to that of a couple good coffees. Definitely worth it!

International Cupid Review: Worth The Buck?

Apart from the frugal-friendly price, though, I do believe International Cupid is a great place for online dating.

The variety is excellent, sometimes much higher than niche dating websites, but you can still find a girl within your type. The profiles are authentic. They have an excellent, multi-layer security policy, protecting your privacy and also keeping scammers at bay as much as possible.

You still have to use common sense, but generally, it’s the safest online dating platform I have seen in a while – aeons ahead of most free options out there.

But what I actually loved about International Cupid is how there was someone for everyone.

There were the adventure chicks, looking for fun and nothing more, and also the gorgeous ones that were ready to start a family. You can really find somebody that shares your goals and vision for the relationship.

That’s priceless.

Do you agree with my International Cupid review? In your opinion, what is the best place to start a romance with a foreign beauty? I would love to hear your thoughts down below.

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