This Is The BEST Thai Dating Website & App EVER (2024 Update)

I’ll have to admit it – there are plenty of great Thai dating websites and app on the market these days.

But today, I am here to share the best one. You will love it just as much as I do and you’ll realize that you need nothing else.

Thai Cupid is the name of the website that I always use when it comes to find women looking for a date in Thailand. I am talking about genuine, real ladies, not working girls or anything shady.

I mean – you can literally find a lady here (or more) that are willing to wait for you at the airport, as soon as you land in Thailand. Is that a good idea? I would say that it always is, no questions asked!

I’ve been there and I can say that it helps a lot. Basically, being in a relationship the second you land – AND with a local that will love to show you around.

Thai Cupid is the best dating website (or app) because it has plenty of genuine, real women and not the scammer-type you can find elsewhere.

So, what’s the best Thai dating website out there?

beautiful thai lady

Thai Cupid is the best online dating site in Thailand. Period! This is what I think, but also what many others believe after giving it a try.

It is a premium dating website that pays a lot of attention to the safety of their customers. Profiles are constantly verified, with scammers and fake ones removed.

Plus, all the real ladies here are actively looking for a relationship, so you take out the wondering and guessing out of the whole deal.

A real gem today when other mobile apps might seem like the better choice. Trust me – this old school gem works better than anything!

Keep in mind, you don’t need to use every online dating site in existence if you have enough girls and leads in your phone. Right?

Why overwhelm yourself?

Thai Cupid – Your #1 choice

Thai Cupid is one of the biggest players in the Thai dating market and the only website I use when it comes to dating in Thailand.

Make sure to read my full, 3,000+ word Thai Cupid review to learn everything about it or simply trust me and click the link below to join now:

With over a million members and over a dozen years of experience in the industry, Cupid Media (the owners of Thai Cupid) know how to put together a dating site that has something to offer for everyone.

Read: hundreds of active profiles any given time. Priceless!

It’s absolutely reasonably priced, too, with cheaper monthly plans for those who buy a few more months extra.

Depending on how much you’re planning to be in Thailand for, even a month’s worth of a subscription can prove to be a gold mine.

Thai cupid home page
Website’s homepage in 2024

Truthfully, Thai Cupid is the only online dating site in Thailand you’ll need. I have the full review linked to above, so I will only go through the main Pros and Cons below.

All I have to say is that I usually get just one month of Premium a couple of weeks before getting to Thailand, start messaging the ladies there and there’s at least a handful of really high quality women waiting for me when I land.

Can’t beat this any way!


  • Thousands of beautiful Thai girls (speaking of ACTIVE profiles)
  • Girls are eager and easy to meet
  • There are plenty of “good girls” on it if you want something a bit more serious than a ONS
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lower male competition (HUGE bonus!)


  • It does cost money
  • There might still be some gold diggers and scammers, despite the active screening from the site admins – just practice regular caution.

You can sign up for Thai Cupid here.

Yes, it is true that I could list 25 websites and consider them “the best” but the truth is that you only need this one.

The really good ones cost you money, but based on my research and exploring, you really get the best bang for your buck (literally in most occasions!) from Thai Cupid.

There are TONS of amazing ladies here, all looking for a relationship and all of them definitely interested in foreigners.

No need to spend on premium fees on a dozen websites when this one gives you more ladies that you can handle. It’s that good and I never had any reasons for complaint using it.

I usually start the messaging process some two weeks prior to my arrival. This is more than enough to find at least a dozen ladies that are willing to meet you.

Next, simply pick your favorite(s) and continue with her or them. Women in Thailand are beautiful and amazing.

I don’t want to say that this is risk free, but it’s pretty safe. Thai Cupid does its best at screening profiles and only keeps genuine ladies on their site.

My Thai Dating Strategy

beautiful thai woman

Let’s say I’m going to spend three months in Bangkok. Pretend I arrive in Bangkok January 1st.

This means I would have signed up for Thai Cupid somewhere around December 15th.

I would have paid for one month. I’ll go full-bore on this account until it expires on January 15th.

At that point, I’ll make sure I’ve messaged all of the hottest girls I wanted to on that website.

Many of them will have already given me their phone number and I will have them on various other apps to keep the fire burning.

Read my full guide to Thai girls to become an expert.

Best part? I wouldn’t tell them all that I’ll be arriving in Bangkok on Jan 1st. Some know I’ll arrive a month later, some – two months later.

This way, I have a full list of girls waiting to meet me and excited to know they’ll be “the first” that I’ll see once there.

Sure, we can argue that this isn’t the best approach for those looking for meaningful relationships and it’s a bit of cheating in the first place, but right now I’m young and looking more for fun rather than settling down.

You can use a similar strategy if you’re looking for a more longer term relationship, but sign up for a few months.

Take it slower and all will go well. It always goes well. I never had any complaints. Perfect strategy!

Wrapping up

Online dating is truly all the rage these days. Nearly every girl in Thailand has used it at some point or another. Naturally, this attracts a lot of players to the market.

When I say players, I mean online dating sites themselves and not just men looking for these ladies.

Of course, this comes with the usual risk. Scamming sites, internet hucksters trying to take your money, and fake profiles or simply time wasters.

This is why I choose to go not only for a premium website – as there’s almost 0 risk involved – but Thai Cupid in particular.

I’ve tested it over and over again and had no problems. Forget about the free options out there and the extremely popular apps (like Tinder) and trust me that going old school with a traditional website will give you unbelievable results!

And if you want to get into the more touristy stuff after signing up, read about the best time of the year to visit Thailand, my guide to Teaching English in Thailand or learn the Dress Code for Thailand Temples.

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