What to Expect When Dating a Kazakh Girl [FULL Guide]

When you date a Kazakh girl, you should generally expect to be treated very well. Far, far more like a king than a frog.

Dating abroad has a vastly different culture than you would find in a Western country. For girls around Asia, getting a good guy is a life goal. They strive for this, and then they strive to keep him.

They are far more interested in longer-term relationships as opposed to a string of one night stands, whose names they can’t even remember.

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When you date a Kazakh girl, it’s like flying first class on Cathay Pacific. Dating a western girl in comparison is like flying in economy on Ryanair. Yes, I like that comparison!

Here are a few things you can expect when dating a Kazakh girl. Let’s start off with the good ones…

A Kazakh Girl Cooks

Kazakhstan women understand that one of the keys to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

We are really not very diverse creatures. Hot meals, good and sweaty personal life, and an overall pleasant demeanor will take a girl quite far.

Foreign girls in general, whether they’re from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, or Mongolia, all understand this to some basic extent.

A Kazakh girl, after the first few dates, will likely hint at cooking for you. And trust me, she really will.

You’ll practically be ready to wife her up after she spends a few hours painstakingly preparing her grandmother’s Plov recipe (rice pilaf with onions, carrots, and lamb/beef).

plov kazakh girl

No such thing as having a Lean Cuisine on the menu when you have a Kazakh woman around, trust me on this.

Pro tip: If you are a cook yourself (you should be, as it’s an easy way to get girls over!), don’t hesitate to teach her some of your favorite recipes.

Especially if you’re keeping her around long term. It’s a great way to show leadership, and obviously has a huge benefit for you over a longer period of time.

She Will Make Life Easy…Usually

There’s a good saying out there:

A good woman can contribute to your life in many ways and make it better.

A bad woman can absolutely destroy it.

This is true, but I’d add one more thing on to that, as well: a good woman cannot make your life as good as a bad one can destroy it, no matter how good she is.

What this means is that as a man, you are largely responsible for your own destiny. Let’s face it man, you’re in Kazakhstan. This is not exactly a tourist hub. You’re likely a guy who has his life together, so keep it that way when dating a Kazakh girl.

If you find a good one, she’ll add things to your life that will make it easier. You can work online while traveling more productively, your usual day-to-day bullshit when living abroad will be alleviated, and she’ll just make life pleasant with happy and positive energy.

beautiful Kazakh girl

But, there is a trade-off to that – which leads me to…

A Kazakh Girl Expects You to Be the MAN

Kazakhstan is not a place for pussies to go.

You are going to be expected to try very hard for the opening few dates. Remember what I said about going for a first kiss in my article about Kazakhstan women?

When dating a Kazakh girl on a more long-term level than a first date, the same principles are going to apply. She simply does not want a weak man. She’s going to want you to make decisions, to lead her, and to have zero hesitation in doing so.

She will continue to test you periodically throughout your relationship to see if you are holding up your end of the bargain. If you’re not, she’s not just going to dump you on the spot, but she will become increasingly nagging to you and unhappy with you.

There is, however, a fine line.

Ask, But Make the Final Call

Kazakh girl with tattoo

You should value her opinion, to an extent. But ultimately, it needs to be you making the final say on things in the relationship.

When to drop the playboy lifestyle and become exclusive. When to take a trip. When to move in together.

You know, those kind of things.

You can ask her what she feels like for dinner. If she hems and haws, just pick a place. If she says she doesn’t care, just pick one. No hesitation. That is how you be a man and make a Kazakh girl respect you.

Speaking of respect: It’s probably the most important thing in regards to dating. A girl who doesn’t respect you is a girl about to dump you. And once you lose it – it’s hard as hell to get it back.

Kazakh Girls: My Ultimate Guide

It’s easy to look at Asian ladies and develop extreme yellow fever. But some of us have a lust for the European-Slavic look, too.

Wouldn’t you be excited if you could get a bit of both in one package? Well, now you can – introducing Kazakh girls. They’re that hidden gem that, once found, makes your life a lot more purposeful.

It’s funny, despite all of the hype surrounding Asia, Kazakhstan is just completely ignored.

Sure, it’s harder to get to.

Sure, it can be a bit rough around the edges.

And sure, it does get really cold there at times.

But Kazakh girls are this incredible blend of Russian queens and Asian princesses. Slavic cheekbones, long legs, all with the beautiful skin that most Asian girls have. What’s not to LOVE about Kazakh women when you have that kind of combination?

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Physical Appearance of Kazakh Girls

Kazakhstan woman appearance

The girls of Kazakhstan have a very diverse physical appearance; a mix of Asian and Slavic genes.

Let’s start with the Russian side of the equation. About half of the population has the Russian look:

  • Diverse range of hair: blonde, brunette, black, and even some redheads
  • Diverse range of eye colors: grey, blue, green, hazel
  • Bigger eyes
  • High cheekbones
  • Plump/sultry lips
  • Long legs
  • Pale skin

On the other side, half of the population also has the Asian look; also confused as Mongolian appearance.

  • Short/slanted/squinty eyes
  • Dark hark color
  • Brown eyes
  • Short height
  • Darker skin

At the same time, it’s not a black and white science. Many of the Asian-looking girls will have the Russian facial structure.

Many of the Russian-looking girls will have dark hair anyways. All in all, it’s a beautiful combination of some of the top genes in the world.

Let’s use a former Miss Kazakhstan, Zhanna Zhumaliyeva (say that three times fast), as an example of a Kazakh girl who has it all.

Miss Kazakhstan


  • High cheekbones on the Russian side? Check.
  • Dark skin on the Asian side? Check.
  • Slim, model-esque Russian body? Check.
  • Beautiful bronze Asian skin? Check.
  • Nice plump lips from Russia? Check.
  • Dark, sultry eyes from Asia? Check.

Okay, I can admit: she’s obviously the cream of the crop as far as Kazakh girls, but my underlying logic is sound – Kazakhstan women are the best mix of European and Asian you’ll find out there. If you were to breed a champion mutt – Kazakhstan would be the place.

And I mean that in the nicest way possible!

Personality of Kazakh Women

Kazakhstan woman

Much like all girls in foreign lands, Kazakh girls simply exude femininity. They’re fortunate, because on both sides of them there are a lot of traditional values instilled in the culture. Obviously, we know all about Asian girls on this site.

However, I’ve also traveled to the depths of Eastern Europe. Slavic women (i.e. half of Kazakh heritage, really) are some of the most traditional and down-to-Earth in the world.

They treat their men like kings.

You can expect the girls in Kazakhstan to make a real effort in their appearance. Having them show up to dates in high heels, nice dresses, and full makeup isn’t out of the question.

In fact, if you get one of who shows up in sweatpants and cheap Converse—I’d be inclined to walk away. The whole reason you’d travel to a place so far out there, like Kazakhstan, is to date high-quality girls.

Don’t waste your time on those girls who clearly would like to take on the more Western aspects of our world’s culture.

One final note: Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to describe what this all means. In short, it’s essence. You can’t put it into words… because it’s beyond words.

But when you meet some Kazakh girls, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. They simply have this beautiful essence about them, both emotionally and physically, that makes you feel like a man. They love being a woman and want to love you as a man, too.

And THAT is a beautiful thing.

Dating Culture in Kazakhstan

flag of Kazakhstan

It’s important to note that Kazakhstan is primarily a Muslim country like Indonesia. About 70% of the population practices Islam.

Some websites will claim that you need to be Islamic to date Kazakh girls, and nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is important to recognize it.

Letting a religion get in the way of you going after you want is just silly. After all, most girls claim that “love is their religion”. Don’t be afraid to go after the girls who are of Islamic faith.

However, with those religious beliefs usually comes a far different impression of how the dating culture should work in comparison to the rest of Asia.

Both Muslim culture and Slavic traditions dictate a more traditional courtship process. Kazakh women aren’t quite like Thai girls, whom I’ve referred to many times to as pizza girls – getting one is as easy as having a pizza delivered to your door.

In Kazakhstan you can generally expect to have to go on a couple dates before things become intimate.

This tends to be true in Europe, too. Girls in places like Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia have seemingly airtight “3 date rules”.

Traditions & Relationships

It’s going to be expected for you to pick up the tab. Dinners, drinks, etc. – they’re on you. The bright side of this is that if you buy the food, you can bet that a Kazakh girl is going to be thrilled to prepare it for you.

This is traditional – generally speaking, the high-powered and high-paying jobs in Kazakhstan tend to be dominated by males.

In addition, if you’re coming from the West you’ve also got some geoarbitrage on your side.

You don’t need to be doing anything extravagant, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to pick up the tab on most occasions. She’ll do her best to pay you back in her own way.

From my experience of dating both Asians, Slavics, and Kazakhs, relationships are easy. You just need to be firm, decisive, and do what you want. Continue working towards your goals and she will find you very attractive.

If you give in to her every whim and desire things tend to fall apart. Don’t be like the gentlemen who take Thai bar girls back to their home country, marry them, and then lose it all. Treat her like a human being, not like a princess whose feet you must kiss.

4 Things that My Kazakh Girlfriend Did that Stunned Me

I think that it is pretty clear by now that Kazakh Girls are absolutely amazing. But to put even more fuel to this fire, here are 4 things that the girl I dated while in Kazakhstan did for me – things that absolutely blew my mind. Great girls!

#1: Can I Cook For You… In Advance?

Compared to the west where you’d be lucky to get a girl to cook you a Lean Cuisine, this one will stun you.

Beshbarmak Kazakh food
Expect Kazakh food to always be yummy

One night, my girl had a night class. Usually, we’d eat dinner by 7pm, but in this case her class would be taking up her time until 8:30pm. She knew I wouldn’t want to wait until so late to eat, so she asked:

“Can I cook you a dish 80% of the way, and then I will put it in the fridge? Then when you want to eat you will just need to turn on the oven and put it in for another ten minutes and it will be ready.”

This is absolutely mind blowing. Really impressed me and I made sure to return the favor (but that’s not the topic of today’s article).

#2: Can I Cook For You… For The Next Few Days?

Similar to #1, my Kazakh GF was going to be busy for the next couple days with family commitments and knew that she wouldn’t see me. She was genuinely concerned with my ability to identify foods in Kazakhstan supermarkets, so she asked…

“I am going to cook you two kilograms of your favorite food, you can eat it for the next couple of days when I will not be around.”

Well, ask isn’t the right word, in hindsight. It was much more of a, “Hey, I’m doing this whether you like it or not.”

That is the one area where Slavic or Asian (or in this case Eurasian) girls tend to “take control”. Most of the time, they want a strong and confident man who makes all the decisions and is the man – except in the kitchen.

That is their domain and they won’t hesitate to make sure that you know that. Fortunately, I have no reasons to complain about this. The food she made was amazing!

#3: Did All of My Laundry

At one point, she had a key to my apartment. While I was out and about, she snuck in, picked up all of my dirty laundry, and took it all the way to her home to wash and dry it (I didn’t have a washer in my unit and was being forced into using the laundromat).

When she returned in the evening, she had all of my clean laundry. She hung it up to dry, too. Then the following day she folded it and put it all away for me. I didn’t even know how to react to this back then, but it was obviously amazing behavior on her part.

#4: Painstakingly Searched for an Apartment

Most of my fellow digital nomads will easily be able to relate to this. That moment when you are just fed up with the prices of AirBNB rentals. Month to month they tend to get very expensive, especially during the summer months.

(NOTE: For shorter trips in Kazakhstan, it’s probably easiest AND cheaper to stick to hotels.)

Unfortunately AirBNB is sometimes your only option. Especially in a smaller, more off-the-grid place like Kazakhstan. The likeliness of finding a non-AirBNB option with someone who speaks English and that you can trust is basically zero.

Especially if you have little-to-no knowledge of the local language.

Well, my Kazakh girl did an incredible job of hunting through newspapers, obscure websites, and asking around to find me a better quality apartment during the peak months of the year.

In the end, it saved me well over a thousand dollars (over the course of time I stayed there). Sometimes when I go back I still try to rent this specific apartment.

She went above and beyond to make sure I had a good home, warm bed, with good and secure internet, and didn’t get ripped off. Again – mind blowing!

Hopefully these personal experiences of mine will help outline the quality of girls in Kazakhstan and how much they really care and how involved they can get. You surely won’t see this in many parts of the world.

Dating a Kazakh Woman: Conclusion

If this article doesn’t have you researching how to get to Kazakhstan quickly (don’t worry, I’ll have an article out soon about HOW to do it), I don’t know what will. Make sure to plan it out by seeing how to get than Kazakhstan visa quickly.

Being in a relationship of some sort with a woman from Kazakhstan can be a tremendous experience.

She will make life easier for you by taking care of cooking and other domestic duties (laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.). Most of the time, as long as you are still giving them attention, they tend to be a bit less demanding of your time and energy, too.

They understand that sometimes men need to work and focus on business to pay the bills.

Of course, if you are not a strong man, she’ll let you know – and potentially make your life miserable.

Like I’ve said many times before, dating in a place like Kazakhstan or Russia is simply not for the faint of heart. It can beat down even the most experienced player.

But man, if you can handle it – the rewards are plenty!

If you have questions about what it’s like dating a Kazakh girl… leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Do you have any tips to share about Kazakhstan?

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