Best Hotels in Budapest Near the International Airport

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in Europe and I am sure that anybody who visits will instantly fall in love with it.

But sometimes you don’t need to be in the city center, but in a hotel close to the Budapest Airport. And if you’re in that situation, I’m here to help with the best options available.

Budapest as a city – a place where I spent several months already and you can read about one of my monthly experiences here – is beautiful, vibrant and can offer anything you can dream about.

The great thing about the city, though, is that it offers some nicely priced hotel deals, especially when you’re looking to stay near the airport.

When you choose to book your accommodation near the Ferenc Liszt International Airport it puts you a bit farther away from the city center – which is where all the fun stuff happens, but you’re still a pretty short car ride or metro trip away from the main attractions.

Plus, if you’re only spending the night to catch a flight next day or you simply want to be close to the airport, the options we are recommending below are perfect.

We’ve selected hotels to match all budget options: from really cheap ones (but still of good quality) to more expensive places where you’ll be treated like royalty and spend your time there in complete luxury.

So check out the rates for all the hotels below and pick the one you like the most, and which also fits your budget.

For your convenience, we’ve listed them from the cheapest to the most expensive at the moment of writing, but there can still be special deals on them and variations in prices – another reason to just check all that you like to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible!

So without further ado, let’s check out below the best hotels in Budapest near the airport (aka the Ferenc Liszt International Airport)!

Hotel Ferihegy

Just a stone’s throw away from the Budapest airport, hotel Ferihegy is usually the cheapest accommodation you will find in the area.

But despite the low price, it is a decent and clean three star hotel offering basic accommodation for a night or more.

It’s not too fancy, but not shabby either, so you’ll still be able to rest well over the night.

The rooms are usually quiet and even though small, they serve their purpose, which is keeping you well rested in a clean, decent environment.

The hotel also offers an airport shuttle service (for an extra fee), making everything extremely simple when it comes to getting from and back to the Ferenc Liszt Airport. You can even rent a car from the hotel if you plan to stay a bit longer and have extra transportation options!

When you book your room at Hotel Ferihegy, you also get a good breakfast included in the price, making the entire deal a lot better.

The breakfast is nice, including some Hungarian specialties (usually cold cuts) that are really delicious.

Again, nothing fancy, but nothing to complain about either. Plus, since the hotel is specifically aimed at people who fly often, you can serve the breakfast starting at 4AM and all the way up to 10 AM.

Although there’s not a lot to see or do around the hotel as its proximity to the airport means it is pretty far away from the hustle and bustle of the old city center, you still have a nice outdoor space where you can relax a bit under the sun (except for most of the winter – brr!)

With a friendly staff and good WiFi internet, this hotel is a good choice if you have a limited budget and/or you want to be very close to the airport. There are better options on our list for sure, but you can’t go wrong with this one either.

ibis Styles Budapest Airport

Having opened its doors in 2018, this ibis-owned hotel is the closest you can get to the Budapest airport: just a couple of minutes of walking away from the main terminal building, it basically allows you to wave at pilots flying away from or into the city.

And you shouldn’t worry about the noise either: all the rooms in this extremely modern hotel are soundproofed, so you won’t even know that you are right there, near the airport’s building.

Plus, since the hotel itself has been opened so recently, it’s extremely modern and has an amazing design, with high quality furniture and appliances.

Everything is brand new and looking great: a joy to stay here. My personal best bonus: the beds are perfect!

It’s true that it’s a bit more expensive than the others on our list so far, but it offers a lot for the money.

You even have screens showing you flight information near the reception desk and other treats to surprise you here and there! Really cool if you want to be right by the airport and the best choice in my opinion.

Even more, you get an excellent breakfast included in the price, the breakfast itself costing a lot of money if you were to get it extra, so great value here!

The staff is friendly and speaks English and the internet is blazing fast. A really good choice, trust me! You will absolutely love this hotel.

It’s true that it’s pretty far away from the city center – since it’s basically glued to the airport, but if you want to be closer to the old city, you have other options on this list.

But if you’re only spending the night waiting for a connecting flight, or you really want to be near the airport for just a few nights, you can’t get a better option!

Airport Hotel Budapest

We’re moving to 4-star hotels now for those who are looking for more luxuriant accommodation and have a bit more to spend for their stay.

The Airport Hotel Budapest, despite its uninspired name, is actually pretty spectacular by all means.

The building itself is really impressive: modern, but still keeping a bit of that traditional Hungarian flavor, which makes it even better. But the rooms are what really matters and let me tell you something: they are amazing!

Large and beautiful, with high quality furniture and perfect beds, with great pillows and comfortable mattresses, they are really good!

You will wake up well rested and in a perfect shape. And if you still want to get in better shape, you can head to the hotel’s gym or jump into the Jacuzzi for some extra pampering.

Even though the price of the hotel might seem a bit high, after doing the math, you’ll realize that it’s actually a steal: breakfast is included in the price and it’s really good.

Not perfect, but definitely good with many high quality options to choose from. Also, the airport shuttle is included for free in the price (at least at the moment of writing this review – make sure to double check!). All these extra goodies make it a fairly priced option in the end.

And even though it’s proximity to the Budapest airport makes it be farther away from the city center, it’s situated in a good spot with stores and restaurants within walking distance.

You have a huge shopping complex nearby, with supermarkets, restaurants and all sorts of other businesses crammed together and I am sure you’ll love that as well.

So all in all, for those looking to add some extra class to their stay, this hotel offers great value for the money and is absolutely great! Highly recommended!

Hotel Stacio

Last, but definitely not least, we have this impressive hotel that makes you feel like royalty thanks to its beautiful garden and even more impressive pond, as well as the quality of the rooms and services offered.

It is the farthest away from the city, but this means it’s in a very, very quiet area: an oasis for rest and relaxation. (unless you need to commute daily to the old city center, because you have quite a ride ahead if you do!)

But if you’re just looking for an amazing place to spend one night or more, far away from the city itself, but close to the airport, this is it. Just look at more photos using the booking link below and you’ll know what I mean!

The rooms are spectacular, with high quality furniture and top accessories. The beds are huge and comfortable, the pillows soft and squishy and the mattresses of a perfect firmness. The rooms themselves are well equipped and good looking.

There is a pool inside the hotel which can be used all year long, as well as a wellness center and gym. The gym itself is awesome for those interested, with top quality equipment.

The hotel also offers a free airport shuttle service (at the moment of writing – make sure to double check!) and the breakfast is included in the price.

The hotel’s restaurant is really good and you will be very satisfied with the food served here, so overall you will leave this place feeling both happy for your experience and sad that you’re leaving..

And despite it being located so far away from the city, it still has some entertainment and shopping options available nearby: all of them recently opened, and ready to meet the demands of visiting guests.

So all in all, if you don’t really care if you’re not close to Budapest itself, this hotel will be a great choice for you!


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You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a great hotel near the Budapest International airport and I am sure that no matter which one you pick, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the choice you have made.

Although the more expensive ones offer better overall quality, even the cheaper ones are good choices if you want to save some money and still rest well over night, in a safe and pleasant location.

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